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Common Baxi Boiler Problems Repairs and Issues

Common Baxi Boiler Problems and Repairs

This guide should give some reassurance if some of the most common issues occur to your Baxi boiler. Hopefully, we can help guide you in the right direction if this does happen. Baxi Boiler Prices

When a problem occurs with your Baxi boiler, it could leave you with no heating and hot water. No family wants this to happen.

Most issues will need a Gas Safe heating engineer to come and access the problem.

If the issue seems a minor problem and you have your manual with you could have a read and see if you could make any small changes to the combi boiler or system boiler before calling for the heating engineer.

If you have regular problems, perhaps look into what the best combi boiler is on the market that suits you the best as a replacement.

This is when you hope to have a warranty on your Baxi boiler, which covers you for parts, labour and boiler service.

We always recommend taking out a warranty on any boiler and always stick to guidelines to keep the warranty valid. If you have a boiler over 10 years old it may be a good idea to see how much a new boiler costs as it will be a better investment in the long term.

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Baxi Boiler Banging or Gurgling noises:

Any noise coming from your boiler should not be ignored. The noise could be a sign of trapped air, which usually is not a big issue.

A signal that your burner is broken would be a banging noise, which is rather loud and alerting.

The term “Gurgling” is usually a familiar noise that happens if your radiators need bleeding; this is not a severe issue.

First things first would be to bleed your radiators. If the banging noise is still happening, you then would need to contact a heating engineer.

Baxi Boiler Leaking & Dripping Water:

First things first with this problem is to call a Gas Safe registered engineer who will come out find the leak and repair the issue if possible or replace one the internal parts if rusted from the leak.

Usually, this problem is from having your water pressure too high, the pump seal is causing lose pressure, damaged pump seal or a pressure valve has worn over duration or is broken.

This fault can cause low pressure, which will result in a shortage of hot water. If it is a more serious problem it may be a better idea to get a new boiler replacement quote


Baxi Low Boiler Pressure:

Low boiler pressure is a boiler fault which occurs regularly from all boiler brands as well as Baxi.

This boiler repair could be solved as easy as re-pressuring the system, or it may be that the system has a broken pressure relief valve or expansion vessel. boiler not working

This fault can cause a lack of hot water.

Firstly we would recommend a Gas Safe engineer unless you have your manual available, and you would feel happy to have a go at resolving this problem yourself.

If you choose to have a go with advice from your manual:

If the pressure is what it says the boiler should be, contact a heating engineer.

Baxi Boiler Will Not Ignite:

The boiler will not ignite can then cause the boiler to lock out.

This usually happens if a problem occurs with the mains gas, gas valve supply, or another damaged part.

This problem is common with Baxi boilers

  • Firstly test another gas system in the house to check it is not the gas mains, which is the issue.
  • If the gas supply from the mains is the issue, then contact your Gas supplier company.
  • If the mains is not the issue, contact a Gas Safe heating engineer to fix the problem immediately. They will check your whole system thoroughly and replace or repair any faulty internal parts.

Baxi No Hot Water Available:

This problem requires a Gas Safe engineer. Your engineer will do what is the safest and long-lasting thing to do for your Baxi boiler.

When the central heating system is switched on, but you have no water flow of hot water available, this error code usually means a part is faulty.

The fault code showing is usually the diaphragm washer, diverter valve, low pressure, or back lock filling loop.

Boiler Central offers a range of boiler cover plans if you need any repairs.

Click here to view their cover plans.

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