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How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost? UK Prices and Quotes 2024

Boiler Service Costs Guide with UK Prices For 2024 and How To Book Online

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To ensure that your boiler is in good working condition and will continue to function for the foreseeable future problem free, it should be you should get an annual gas boiler service, or every 12 months by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer.

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When it comes to boiler service cost, you may think is it worth it? However, over time gas boilers can start to become lazy and your hard-earned money may be lost on expensive energy bills due to an inefficient boiler, probably more so than the annual boiler maintenance visit itself.

What is a gas boiler service?

inside combi boiler service

A boiler service is a routine maintenance check-up that is performed by a suitably qualified heating engineer on a boiler to ensure it is working safely and efficiently preventing costly repairs or maintenance during the lifespan of the boiler.

A boiler service typically involves a qualified Gas Safe engineer inspecting and cleaning the internal components of the boiler, checking the boiler’s safety features, and making any necessary adjustments or repairs. However, if you have an oil boiler you will require an OFTEC registered engineer or similar.

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How much does an average boiler service cost?

In the UK, an average boiler service cost £100, and this accounts for the fact that boiler services can cost as little as £80 in some areas while servicing in cities like London can run as high as £125.

Take a look at our quick price guide:

Boiler Service TypeCost
Gas Boiler Service£100
Oil Boiler Service£120
LPG boiler Service£110
tools for service

To get the best deal, you can always request a quote for a boiler service from as many engineers as you like and the Gas Safe heating engineer should follow the same procedure regardless of how much you pay.

Simply compare the gas boiler service cost between each engineer, take a quick look at their reviews as you want to ensure that they are reliable and then book a day that suits you.

Simply click book a boiler service now to get a fixed price online now for a boiler service. You can simply choose a day that suits you, and arrange for a Gas Safe engineer to attend at your home.

If you use our recommended company a boiler service cost £90 if you choose to set up a service plan.

Do you have an old boiler and are getting it serviced to try and revive it? Why not take a look at the latest new boiler costs to see how much a new A-rated boiler will cost that can save you up to £580 per year on your gas and energy bills?

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Why should you get a boiler service?

get a boiler service to lower energy bills

Regular gas boiler servicing is important to maintain the safety of the boiler and its efficiency as a poorly maintained gas boiler can be a safety hazard, as well as cause it to become inefficient, which can lead to higher energy bills.

Many manufacturers recommend an annual gas boiler service to maintain the warranty on the boiler which is important as this is what ensures that if anything goes wrong with your boiler during this period you will be entitled to free repairs.

You will also avoid call out charges and maintenance fees and in worst case scenarios, if your boiler becomes beyond economical repair, you can get a free replacement boiler.

Main reasons to get a boiler service

The cost of boiler servicing may appear to be expensive but it serves a number of important purposes, including:

  • Keeping your boiler warranty valid
  • Ensuring your boiler runs efficiently and lowering energy bills
  • Identifying any issues or repairs before they become major problems
  • Prolonging the lifespan of your boiler

If a one-off payment every year seems too much, why not consider a service plan that will pay for the yearly maintenance of your boiler, as well as any potential issues and the cost of any replacement parts.

Get boiler cover plans online – click here > or to ensure that you get the best deals compare boiler cover online to get the lowest boiler service prices and best service available,

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How much does a combi boiler service cost?

Luckily as a combi boiler is the most popular type of gas boiler in the UK, a combi boiler service cost the same as any other. Most combi boiler manufacturers design their boilers to be easily accessible from the front to make servicing quick and easy for a Gas Safe engineer.

If you want to arrange a combi boiler servicing, then why not book one online now? Getting your combi boiler serviced regularly will ensure that your gas bills are lower and there is less chance of you needing boiler repairs.

What is included in the cost of an annual boiler service?

If you are paying for a boiler service, you may want to know what you are getting for yor money. The cost of a boiler service by a Gas Safe engineer will include the following:

Gas boiler servicing checklist

  • Visual check of your boiler
  • Gas pressure and flow are correct.
  • Flue and combustion are checked using a flue gas analyzer to ensure the boiler is burning the right mixture of gas and air and that the flue is not blocked.
  • Electrical connections are inspected for cleanliness and good condition.
  • Fans and other key components are checked for efficiency.
  • Seals are inspected for integrity.
  • Electrodes are checked for good condition.
  • Safety devices are examined for proper operation.
  • The condensate trap and pipe are checked for blockages.
  • Water and gas pipework are inspected.

As you can see this list is likely more extensive than you first thought as gas and oil boilers are pretty complex units which means an engineer is dealing with gas, water and electricity all in the same unit.

Are you considering if the annual boiler service cost is worth it? Why not break up the payments with a service plan? Take a look below at boiler service plans for combi boilers, system boilers and regular boilers in the UK.

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Spread the cost of boiler servicing with pay monthly plans

If you want to spread the cost of a boiler service, you can do this with a monthly service plan.

Boiler service plans vary from business to business in terms of price and level of service. A monthly boiler service plan is a maintenance agreement that allows homeowners to pay a monthly fee for regular boiler servicing.

This includes an annual inspection, cleaning, and any necessary repairs or replacement parts. The purpose of this plan is to keep the boiler running efficiently and safely and to avoid costly breakdowns or repairs.

You can get a boiler service plan for as little as £8.99 per month with one of our recommended companies.

Who should you call for boiler servicing?

It is better to shop around to get the best deals, as a gas boiler service cost more if performed by one of the “big” companies, typically because of their higher labour costs so it is always good to compare boiler service costs online.

Get a boiler service for less here when you sign up for boiler cover or service plan

These businesses typically offer service plans, which can be more cost-effective if something needs to be fixed because some service plans include labour and parts for any necessary work.

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Boiler cover with service prices

Boiler cover plans, also known as boiler insurance or breakdown cover, provide repair or replacement coverage for boilers in case of a breakdown or malfunction. These plans include an annual service and inspection, coverage for parts and labour during breakdowns, and sometimes additional features like emergency call-out service and accidental damage coverage.

The primary goal of a boiler cover plan is to offer peace of mind and financial protection to homeowners in the event of boiler issues.

How much is a boiler cover and service plan?

There are a variety of different levels of boiler cover that include a free boiler service. Here are some examples from our recommended provider:

Standard Boiler cover £13.99 per month

Boiler & Controls, Carbon Monoxide Test, Boiler Replacement Helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Boiler, Central Heating & Controls £21.99 per month

Carbon Monoxide Test, Boiler Replacement, 24/7 365 Emergency Helpline, Helpline Based in the United Kingdom, Free Annual Boiler Service, Central Heating System

Complete Protection £26.99/month

Boiler and Controls, Carbon Monoxide Test, Boiler Replacement 24/7 365 Emergency Helpline, Helpline Based in the UK, Free Annual Boiler Service, Central Heating System, Electrics, Gas Supply Pipes, Drainage, Roofing & Security, Pest Removal, Lost Keys

Annual boiler service and central heating cover costs

Home care products can help keep your boiler, central heating, and hot water running smoothly year-round, providing added peace of mind and protecting you from costly unexpected repairs. Additionally, for those who cannot afford a yearly payment, service plans are available on a monthly basis.

These plans offer 24-hour call-out and fast repair service, which can be especially comforting during the colder months. Keep in mind that, as with any service, higher payments generally result in better service.

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Free annual boiler service quotes

If you are looking for quotes for an annual boiler service then you should be able to get them for free online and by calling local engineers. You should never be charged for a boiler service quote.

When you compare boiler service quotes, ensure that you don’t pay over £125, and we can give you a free quote now of £80 for a service, or £60 with a service plan for your service in 12 months’ time if you use our recommended service company.

Are gas boiler service costs worth it?

Yes, absolutely a gas boiler service is worth it. You may think that a gas boiler service is just another expense that is added on for no reason, but actually, the whole process ensures that your boiler is working properly and is as energy efficient as possible.

A gas boiler that has not been serviced is more likely to break down and also cost you more in gas and electricity, as well as new parts.

Also, if you have a new boiler, then to maintain any extended warranty, boiler manufacturers stipulate in their terms and conditions that their boilers must be serviced as often as every year by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer or equivalent.

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Can you service a boiler yourself?

Unless you are fully trained and Gas Safe registered you can not carry out a service on a gas boiler. It is illegal to do so and also very dangerous so there is no point in risking it for the sake of what in the grand scheme of things is a small cost. Rather than service your own boiler, call out a qualified engineer to do it for you so that you don’t run any risks and can have peace of mind that it will be completed correctly.

Can a yearly boiler service increase house value?

While it may not directly affect the assessed value, it positively influences potential buyers’ perceptions and their willingness to pay. A well looked after boiler ensures improved safety, reliability, and energy efficiency, making the property more attractive to buyers. , homeowners may try other home improvements to add value to their home in the UK, Apart from just regular servicing.

What happens during a boiler service?

During your boiler service, the engineer will run some visual checks, and some diagnostic checks and also clean the boiler to ensure it is all working properly. Why not read our boiler service checklist for exactly what happens during service and what to look for.

Ideal Logic C30 combi boiler

Your local heating engineer will check the external and internal components of your boiler, making sure that everything is in proper working order. This will likely include removing the boiler casing and examining the heat exchanger and other parts that may be damaged or broken.

They will then likely check the boiler pipes and the boiler flue to make sure there are no blockages or any holes that could cause harm such as carbon monoxide leaks.

Everything should also be recorded by the engineer for future reference so that if there are any faults or defects then the manufacturer can be sure that they weren’t there prior to the service taking place.

Find out here why summer is the best time to get a boiler service in the UK

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Why should I get it serviced every year?

Getting your boiler serviced annually will mean that you are constantly on top of any potential issues your boiler and other gas appliances may have, whether this is a leak that can cause carbon monoxide poisoning or your natural gas leaking out of its tank, it can all be fixed by Gas Safe registered engineers.

What can affect boiler service cost?

Getting regular servicing done for your boiler is important, but the pricing can differ depending on a number of different factors. One of the bigger ones is what model of boiler you have, as bigger models may increase the upfront cost of the service with there being more to examine and maintain.

Viessmann Vitodens 050-W combi boiler

With older boilers, you may find yourself having to constantly repair them and you might find yourself spending tons of money on service costs for your annual service. If this is the case, getting a replacement boiler is likely the best course of action.

It will probably have fewer costs involved in the long run and you’ll have a boiler working at maximum efficiency, so it will be less likely that you will need to call a Gas Safe registered engineer every time your boiler breaks.

What types of boilers need servicing?

Another factor that can decide service cost is the type of boiler that you have, as certain boiler types may have more or less to service than others. For example, getting your oil boiler service may end up being more expensive than services for combi boilers as there will be a tank fitted for the oil storage in oil boilers.

You can see what the best combi boiler on the market is right now if you would like to potentially save money on your boiler service.

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Is boiler servicing cheaper in summer?

You might find that boiler servicing costs increase during colder parts of the year like Winter as the demand for heating and hot water goes up. This means that many people will likely want to get their boiler serviced so they are prepared for the cold.

Although this doesn’t directly affect the boiler service cost, not having a boiler warranty or boiler cover could mean paying extra for parts and replacements when you have a broken boiler. Making sure you have boiler cover can help you save money long-term, as you won’t find yourself paying extortionate fees for this service and can actually get free repairs.

Is boiler warranty important?

Having cover for your boiler isn’t required, but it is in just about everyone’s best interest to have it, as it can save you tons of money on needless expenses regarding your boiler’s maintenance.

When getting your boiler serviced and you find that there is something wrong with it, having boiler cover will help pay for almost all the repairs or replacements that are required. However, most boiler manufacturers will need you to get annual service for your boiler so that you keep your warranty valid. A lot of boiler warranties can be from 5-7 years, but some manufacturers allow extended warranties of up to 10-12 years, which will cover the majority of the boiler’s lifespan.

You will also find that having this warranty and getting regular service will help you save money in other areas as well, such as on your heating bills and utility bills because with an inefficient boiler, you will be paying these fees without actually getting the most from it due to your ineffective boiler.

Which boilers need servicing?

All boilers should be serviced once a year, especially those under warranty because an annual boiler service is required to keep the boiler warranty valid.

Most manufacturers, including Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, Ideal, Vaillant, Baxi, and Alpha, require a service every year for the duration of the warranty.

Here is a list of top manufacturers annual boiler service guides:

Check out this recommended boiler service plan to protect your heating system and boiler all year.

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Does a boiler service cost more in London?

If you live in London or the surrounding areas you will be fully aware that the cost of living is much higher than in the rest of the UK, and the cost of a boiler service in London will be higher due to the higher hourly rate of Gas Safe registered heating engineers in the area. Expect costs of around £125 for a boiler service in London

How much is a British Gas boiler service?

Vaillant ecoTEC plus combi boiler

British Gas are the largest boiler service provider in the UK right now and along with its installations team are the choice of many homeowners in the UK.

A British Gas boiler service will cost £110 or more depending on where your live or if you have British Gas HomeCare which can lower the boiler service costs unless it is included

How much is a Homeserve boiler service?

Homeserve is the next main competitor in the UK with a large workforce on hand to carry out annual boiler services across the UK. A Homserve boiler service will cost around £100 if you don’t have their boiler cover too, if not more if you live in areas like southern England and London.

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