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Vokera Boiler Prices & Review

Vokera boiler prices

Vokera Boiler Prices, Installation Costs & Reviews 2024

Vokera is one of the UK heating industry’s most popular brands with its products installed in millions of homes across the nation. You may well be looking for Vokera boiler prices as they are known to be some of the cheaper boilers on the market

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However, thanks to constant innovation and a proven record of striving for improvement, Vokèra combi boiler prices and products are frequently regarded as being some of the best available.

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How Much Does A Vokera Boiler Cost?

Vokera boiler prices start from around £490 making them right in the budget boiler category. These low-cost heating solutions are perfect for small to medium-sized homes in the UK with limited space.

Our team of heating specialists have done the research and are here to give you the inside scoop on Vokera. In this guide, we will cover the following areas including new boiler costs:

  • Who is Vokera?
  • What boilers do Vokera manufacture?
  • Vokera boiler prices
  • Vokera boiler benefits
  • Our verdict on Vokera boilers

Who is Vokera?

Vokera is an Italian boiler manufacturer that has been serving the UK heating industry for over 35 years.

Since the 80s, Vokera has been focused on providing energy efficient boilers and heating solutions to its customers through its broad range of products.

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What Boilers Do Vokera Manufacture?

Vokera produces a variety of boilers to be used for all sorts of scenarios. Below are some of their most popular models:

Vokera Vision

Vokera’s Vision range is produced in both combi and system configurations with energy outputs ranging from 20 to 30 kW.

Read our full Vokera Vision 25C review to learn more.

Vokera Compact

Vokera’s Compact combi boiler is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a space-saving heating solution. Thanks to their small size, these boilers are able to be installed in a wide variety of homes with ease.

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Vokera Boiler Prices

Excluding installation costs, a Vokera boiler can be bought for as little as £449, model-dependent. These are some of the cheapest combi boilers on the market and that’s where the Vokera range excels in terms of value for money.

Discover all of Vokera’s boiler prices here:

Vokera Combi Boiler Prices:

Vokera’s combi boilers are some of the cheapest on the market. However, these low prices are by no means an indication of bad quality. Vokera’s least expensive combi boiler comes in at £449, with an average price of £716 across the whole range.

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Vokera System Boiler Prices:

Vokera’s system boiler range is by far their most fleshed out; multiple models and output ratings ensure that they are able to be used in a wide variety of settings. These are also some of the cheapest system boilers on the market, with prices beginning at a mere £480 and ranging up to £3,610 without installation.

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Benefits of a Vokera Boiler

There are some great benefits of having a Vokera boiler installed in your home. From competitive pricing right up to a simplistic installation, a Vokera boiler can make a great addition to your central heating system.

Competitive Pricing
Some of Vokera’s boilers are much cheaper than other alternatives on the market. This is particularly great if you are on a budget. You can also get these boilers on finance to spread the cost if you so choose.

A-Rated Efficiency
All of Vokera’s boilers have received an energy efficiency rating of A.

Simple Installation
Many heating engineers praise Vokera boilers for their simplistic installation. This is of great importance for those looking to quickly swap their existing boiler for a boiler replacement while minimising downtime.

Our Verdict on Vokera Boilers

Sometimes, a low price can be a signal of bad quality or poor craftsmanship, but this is certainly not the case with Vokera. In the same category as Ferroli boilers and other budget ranges like Main boilers, these boielrs have their place.

Although not as feature-rich, many of Vokera’s boilers start at prices below £1,000, whereas their competitors’ products usually start well in excess of that.

This quality is further backed up by a warranty scheme that can last up to 10 years, as long as you get an annual Vokera boiler service. If you’re looking for a no-frills, budget-friendly boiler, we strongly urge you to consider a Vokera boiler before selecting a higher priced alternative.

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