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Glow-worm Boiler Prices, Costs & Reviews For 2024

Glow Worm Boiler Prices, Installation Costs & Reviews for 2024

Glow Worm is a boiler manufacturer with over 80 years of experience in the heating industry, and you’ll be glad to know that Glow Worm boiler prices are some of the most competitive in the UK

Although slightly less popular than other more common brands, Glow-worm’s products are by no means sub-standard, so with a range that spans combi, regular and system configurations, Glow-worm boilers are more than capable of meeting your heating demands.

In our guide, we compare the latest Glow Worm boiler costs with and without installation. This is so you can get the best deal and the right boiler at the right price.

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Who Is Glow-worm?

Glow-worm is a UK-based boiler manufacturer that has been in operation since 1934. With facilities in Derbyshire, Glow-worm is one of the only brands in the market to develop its products inside the UK.

In 1992, Glow-worm claimed to have possessed around 40% of the heating industry’s market share, whilst also being the first company to popularise the condensing boiler at good prices.

Why buy a Glow Worm boiler?

Initially, Glow Worm was one of the largest installers of boilers in the UK but since then, the company is now part of the Vaillant Group, a leading manufacturer of heating and ventilation systems.

Although Glow-worm’s popularity has dwindled in recent years, its products are still regarded as being some of the best boiler available in terms of energy efficiency.

Range of choice

Glow-worm boilers are known for their reliability and efficiency in the UK, and they come in a range of sizes and styles to suit different properties and heating requirements. The company produces different types of boilers to enable them access to the whole UK market.

These include combi boilers, which provide hot water and heating on demand, and regular boilers, which require a separate hot water storage tank.

Great Features

Some of the features that are commonly found in Glow-worm boilers include digital displays, wireless thermostats, and compatibility with renewable energy sources such as solar panels. The company also offers a range of accessories and controls to help you manage your heating system more effectively.

Easy to install

Glow-worm boilers are designed to be easy to install, and the company provides a range of training and support resources to help installers get up to speed with the latest models. The company also offers a comprehensive warranty and servicing package to ensure that your boiler stays in good working order over the long term.

Overall, Glow-worm boilers are a popular choice for homeowners and installers in the UK, thanks to their reputation for reliability, efficiency, and ease of use.

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How Much Is A Glow Worm Boiler?

Glow Worm boiler prices start from £500 and are among the lowest in the UK. Glow Worm make all the different types of boilers and their gas boilers are compact and great for most homes in the UK.

When buying a new boiler, it is essential to consider all available options at the time of purchase as well as cost. To help you make an informed decision, Green Central has conducted an in-depth review of the Glow-worm boiler brand & products to provide you with the information you need, including:

  • Who is Glow-worm?
  • What boilers do they manufacture?
  • Glow-worm boiler prices
  • Glow-worm boiler features
  • Our verdict on Glow-worm boilers

What Boilers Does Glow-worm Manufacture?

Much like its competitors, Glow-worm offer an extensive range of regular, combi and system boilers in various configurations. Many of them come with long warranty periods of up to seven years, in addition to Quiet Mark certifications due to their low noise.

Glow-worm Energy

Glow-worm Energy

Glow-worm’s Energy range provides a mixture of both high energy efficiency and heating capabilities. Available in either 25kw, 30kw or 35kw outputs, this boiler makes a great addition to smaller properties due to its compact size – Read our full Glow-worm Energy 25c review.

Glow-worm Ultimate₃

Glow-worm Ultimate₃

Larger households with higher energy requirements may wish to choose a boiler with a slightly larger heat output. The Glow-worm Ultimate3 is a great choice for larger families with multiple bathrooms due to its more competent heating abilities – Read our full Glow-worm Ultimate3 review.

Glow-worm Betacom

Glow-worm Betacom

The Betacom range of boilers is better suited for smaller homes or even apartments with less occupants. This budget-friendly option has a formidable heating output that is suitable for multiple simultaneous showers, but mostly excels at powering a smaller central heating system –  Read our full Glow-worm Betacom 24a review.

What affects the cost of a Glow Worm boiler?

The cost of a Glow-worm boiler is dependent on various factors, including boiler size and output, type of boiler, efficiency rating, installation costs, additional features, brand reputation, and warranty and after-sales support.

The larger the boiler and the higher its output, the more expensive it will be. Combi boilers tend to be cheaper than regular boilers as they do not require a separate hot water storage tank.

High-efficiency boilers cost more than standard efficiency boilers, but they can save you money in the long term. The cost of installation can vary based on factors like installation complexity, location, and labor cost.

Certain Glow-worm boilers have extra features, such as wireless thermostats, digital displays, and compatibility with renewable energy sources, which can raise the cost. Brand reputation also influences the cost, with well-known and trusted brands tending to be more expensive.

Finally, Glow Worm boilers with longer warranties and better after-sales support may have a higher upfront cost but offer greater peace of mind in the long term. It’s essential to consider all these factors while selecting a Glow-worm boiler, as the total cost can differ significantly based on your specific needs and circumstances.

Glow Worm Boiler Prices

Starting at a low price of £560 without boiler installation, Glow-worm’s range of boilers is sure to include plenty of options suitable for many uses and budgets. They are similar to the other budget boiler ranges such as Ferroli and Vokera.

Discover the full list of Glow-worm boiler prices below:

Glow-worm Combi Boiler Prices

Glow-worm’s combi boiler range is by far its most extensive, and with that comes a slew of A-rated energy efficient boilers with outputs starting at 24kw.

You can see Glow-worm combis compares against the best combi boiler to decide whether this is a good suit for you or a good enough substitute.

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Glow-worm System Boiler Prices

Glow-worm system boilers range from 12kW through to 30kW output ratings. A 15kW system boiler will cost around £743, a mid-range 25kW system would be £815 and a high-end 30kW boiler will set you back £84.

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Glow-worm Regular Boiler Prices

There are only three models in the Glow-worm heat only range, but each has different output levels to suit most homes.

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Benefits of a Glow-worm Boiler

Glow Worm offers great boilers that are not only energy-efficient but super quiet whilst in operation; you can have them in your kitchen without even knowing they’re on.

Simple to install and with a wide network of Glow-worm boiler engineers across the nation, there are many reasons to consider this great company.

Manufacturer Warranty

Most Glow-worm boilers come with a standard warranty of five years, with some models extending to upwards of seven years. The industry-standard these days is 10 years boiler warranty, so bear this in mind. Like most warranties, you should get Glow-Worm boiler service to keep it valid.

Compact Sizes

Some of the regular Glow-worm boiler range is purpose-built and small enough to fit in a standard-size kitchen cupboard which is ideal if you have a smaller home and less space and take less time to fit the boiler. Just because they are compact doesn’t mean they are any less powerful too.

Quiet Mark Certification

Many Glow-worm boilers come equipped with a Quiet Mark certification that proves their ability to not disturb your daily life with operating noises so there will be no issues in putting this boiler in a kitchen cupboard or room that is frequently used by occupants.

Smart Thermostat Compatibility

The entire Glow-worm boiler range is compatible with modern smart thermostat systems such as Nest and Hive. This allows you to keep track of your energy usage and ultimately save money.

Our Verdict on Glow-worm Boilers

Glow Worm’s boiler prices are very competitive considering the boilers they manufacture. Although its warranties are on the shorter side of the market, its products like the Ultimate 25c combi scream quality and will fit right at home in both small and large households.

Having reviewed the brand’s customer satisfaction ratings, we see that Glow-worm has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot. Some customers consistently praise the company for its diligence, customer service, and prompt service appointments.

From a competitive price to an impressive feature set, its products rival the most expensive brands in the industry and, as such, we can confidently recommend any of the boilers within Glow-worm’s range.

If you want to see how much other boilers cost, then why not check out the new Viessmann boiler prices which are some of the most competitive in the country. There is also our Worcester Bosch boiler prices guide too for those who want one of the legendary Greenstar range.

How much does a Glow Worm boiler cost with installation?

If you are looking for a new Glow Worm boiler then you will likely need to get your boiler installed by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer. The cost of a Glow Worm boiler with installation will start at around £1,850 depending on which model you choose, and this will include the boiler and fitting with all parts and warranties registered.

Where can I get a Glow Worm boiler quote?

Getting a Glow Worm boiler quote online can be difficult as not many online installation companies sell Glow Worm boilers, however, if you fill in our contact form you can request a bespoke Glow Worm boiler quote from one of our recommended installation companies. They can quote you for a Glow Worm replacement or another boiler brand to get the best prices.

Is Glow-worm The Brand For You?

If you’re looking for a quiet and compact boiler for your home, Glow-worm is sure to have something for your needs.

Make sure that you get the best price possible by using our free comparison tool. Green Central can retrieve a fixed price in just 20 seconds. Simply answer some questions about your current heating situation and we will scour the market to get you an incredible price. Compare and save today.

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