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The Ideal Vogue Max 40kw Boiler Review

The Ideal Vogue Max 40kw Combi Boiler Review

If you are looking for a reliable condensing unit that looks amazing, then the Ideal Vogue Max 40kw is the central heating system for you.

The Ideal Vogue Max Combi boiler brand is yet another remarkable example of precision boiler engineering from Ideal and a boiler you should definitely be looking at if you are due an upgrade.

The Ideal Vogue boiler itself is aesthetically wonderful, which is something that can be said about all of Ideal’s boilers, but this one seems to hold something special.

While the Ideal Vogue Max 40kw has all of the basic functions and ease of use that most have come to expect from an Ideal boiler, it is built using premium components, the Ideal Vogue Max 40kw boiler range just has something else.

Maybe it’s the stylish composite design, or maybe it’s the small kitchen cupboard fit, and sleek look that makes it look perfect in any home.

Whatever it is, it’s easy to see why so many people opt for the Ideal Vogue Max 40kw when it comes to choosing a boiler.

If you are considering an Ideal Vogue Max 40kw for your home, the aim of this article is to give you an in-depth look at the boiler and hopefully it will be able to help you make an informed decision as to whether or not this is the right boiler for you and your home.

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Will The Ideal Vogue Max 40kw Combi Be Suitable For My Home? ideal boiler

The great thing about the Ideal Vogue Max 40kw is that it’s suitable for homes of every size.

While the boiler isn’t the smallest of the Ideal range, it can comfortably be situated in homes from 1 to 6 bedrooms and beyond.

Now, while it may be suitable for every home, it would be ideal for a family home with more than one bathroom.

Having a higher 40Kw output makes it the perfect choice if your home has a second bathroom or en suite. If you think this is too much, why not try the baby brother in the range the Vogue max 32kw.

The Ideal Vogue Max 40kw really does meet the demand of larger homes, but if you are looking for something that will suit any home, then this is it.


Heating Controls ideal controls

As with the rest of the Vogue range of boilers, you get the trademark easy to use heating controls and also the multi-visibility, 3.5 inch backlit LCD display.

The LCD colour display shows full plain text and graphics and has a built-in support mode for fault codes. Wireless thermostats are great for keeping bills down and so are smart thermostats. These new technologies such as Hive or Nest are great for tracking your boiler use.

Customers have the option to add further controls such as different thermostats and an Ideal Weather Compensation kit (frost protection).


How Big Is The Ideal Vogue Max 40kw?

The Ideal Vogue Max 40kw weighs in at a surprisingly light low lift weight of 30.7 kg, and it measures at:

Width – 445 mm

Height – 740 mm

Depth – 330 mm

What home is the Ideal Vogue Max boiler suited

ideal heating logo

As was briefly touched upon earlier, the Ideal Vogue Max 40kw is best suited to larger houses with more than one bathroom.

Of course, as we also said, this does not mean the Ideal Vogue Max 40kw boiler would not work just as well in a smaller home.

The great thing about this boiler is that it is a combi boiler, so if your kitchen space is limited or you don’t have room for an external water tank, the Ideal Vogue Max 40kw is one of the best choices for you.

We will say, while this boiler can be placed in homes of all sizes, there are better options available for smaller houses and bungalows that would give not only more space to play with but also a better overall efficiency rating.


How Long Is The Warranty On The Ideal Vogue Max 40kw?

The warranty on the Ideal Vogue Max 40kw is 10-year warranty as standard, but if the boiler installation is by an Ideal Max Accredited installer and heating engineer, that warranty carries over to 12 years. This is a great warranty for peace of mind.


Energy Efficiency

What comes as a big surprise with this boiler is the energy efficiency rating, this boiler has an A rating of 93%, which for a standard boiler is impressive, but for a 40KW boiler, it’s remarkable.

The Ideal Vogue Max 40kw has an ErP rating of A for both heat and hot water.


How Much Does The Ideal Vogue Max 40kw Cost? energy efficiency

In general, the price brackets for Ideal boilers fall around the same cost, and the Ideal Vogue Max 40kw is no different.

The Ideal Vogue Max 40kw has a typical price of around £1250, and you can expect to pay anywhere between £500 – £1000 for installation. You can however pay monthly for this boiler with boilers on finance. 

As with any Ideal boiler you are sure to get a lot for your money and a boiler you can rely on.

With an Ideal boiler, you get everything from ease of use to peace of mind with the long warranty period.

Essentially, when you buy from Ideal, you get an A-rated boiler that not only looks incredible, it also offers performance that is hard to match.

Would you like to know more about the Ideal boiler service? To learn more, click this link.

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