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Best 30kW Combi Boilers And Prices (Updated 2024)

The top 5 30kW boilers for your home.

worcester 4000 30kw

You probably already know that your home needs a 30 kW boiler if you’re here, but it’s not until you start looking for a new boiler quote that you suddenly realise how many options there are.

Selecting a manufacturer, model, and size are all necessary before you can ensure that your home will have enough heating and hot water.

Use this free tool to find your perfect 30kW boiler – Click here

We’ve already done the grunt work for you. We combed the market and considered every alternative before settling on our top five 30kW combi boilers.

Best 30kW combi boilers to buy in the UK

Here are the candidates which have made our shortlist if you need to know who made it right away:

RankCombi boiler
1Worcester Bosch 4000 30kW
2Viessmann Vitodens 050-W 30kW
3Worcester Bosch 2000 30kW
4Viessmann Vitodens 100-W 30kW
5Ideal Logic C30 30kW

So let’s first determine whether a 30kW boiler is the best option for your house before looking more closely at our top five.

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Do you need a 30kW boiler for your house?

The output of a boiler determines its size, which is expressed in kilowatts (kW). Even though each home has slightly different needs, the higher the kW will need to be to supply the more hot water and heating you require.


Avoid the temptation to purchase a larger boiler than you require – read our guide here for more information on boiler sizing.

Despite the fact that this used to be advised, boiler efficiency has significantly increased, so there is no longer a need to spend money on a larger system than you actually require.

For a house with 10 to 15 radiators, a 30kW combi boiler will be ideal. When there are between 15 and 20 radiators, 30kW is a good option for a heat-only or system boiler.

Use this free tool to find your perfect 30kW boiler – Click here

The top 5 30kW combi boilers:

1. Worcester 4000 30kW combi boiler

worcester bosch greenstar 4000 30kw

One of the most reputable and superior boiler brands in the UK is Worcester Bosch.

They are renowned for the excellence of their products, which feature cutting-edge technology and astoundingly high levels of efficiency. There is no exception for the Worcester 4000 combi.

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 is Worcester’s replacement for their best-selling Greenstar I and all signs point to it becoming one of their most well-liked models as well.

Everyone wants the best combi boiler for their home, so the Worcester 4000 is a good choice.

Use this free tool to find your perfect 30kW boiler – Click here

Key features of the Worcester Bosch 4000

Quick tap

Water and energy can both be saved by using Quick Tap. After turning on a hot water faucet, you must wait for the water to get hot, which could take up to ten seconds.

Simply turn the hot water tap on with Quick Tap, then turn it off again right away.

After twenty seconds, turn on the tap because the boiler now recognises your need for hot water, and you will be met with an immediate supply of hot water.

High rates of effectiveness

The Greenstar 4000 is one of the most environmentally friendly boilers currently on the market thanks to Worcester Bosch’s extensive efforts.

It can modulate at a ratio of 1:10 to do this. So when the need for heating is low, a 30kW boiler can reduce to the equivalent of a 3kW boiler.

Two key advantages of modulation exist. It reduces wear and tear on the boiler, extending its working life, and firstly saves energy, which lowers energy bills.

Intelligent filling system

For your central heating system to work effectively, the right proportion of air and water is essential. If the pressure is low, you’ll typically need to attach a fillip loop and add water to raise it to the proper pressure.

The boiler pressure is continuously monitored by the intelligent filling system, which takes action if the pressure drops below the desired level. The internal filling valve opens and tops off the water level when the water level needs to be replenished.

Future proof boiler

A natural gas/hydrogen blend will be added to the gas network by the UK government by 2025. As a result, it is crucial to confirm that your new boiler can run on this new combination of energy sources.

Your boiler replacement will endure the test of time because the Greenstar 4000, like all Worcester Bosch boilers, can already operate on a 20% hydrogen blend without any modifications or additional technology.


A generous guarantee of up to ten years is provided by Worcester Bosch.

  • 7-year standard guarantee
  • Add a Greenstar System Filter (8 years) as well.
  • Install a Greenstar System Filter – 10 years for an additional fee.
  • Boiler Central currently offers a 12-year warranty.
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2. Viessmann 050-W 30kW combi boiler

The 050-W combi boiler is one of Viessmann’s top-selling models even though it is the company’s entry-level boiler. Thanks to its functionality and design elements, it can compete with models that cost much more money.

Key features of the Viessmann 050-W 30kW

Inox-Radial stainless steel heat exchanger

viessmann vitodens 050-w 30kw combi boiler

The Viessmann Vitodens 050-W has a stainless-steel heat exchanger that is patented by Viessmann, making it significantly more corrosion-resistant than boilers with an aluminium heat exchanger.

If leaks are caused by heat exchanger corrosion, Viessmann backs this up with a ten-year guarantee.

Compact design

Despite the fact that combi boilers eliminate the need for water tanks and cylinders, space in our homes can still be limited. The Viessmann 050-W is sized to fit inside a kitchen cupboard at just 700mm in height, 400mm in width, and 300mm in depth.

Choice of controls

While many people are switching to using an app on their phone to control their heating, Viessmann acknowledges that not everyone should do so.

Consequently, the 050-W gives you a range of choices. The boiler’s control panel and touch buttons can be used to control the system if you want to do that.

The 050-W is compatible with both Nest and Hive, so you have the choice of using smart technology instead. Additionally, if you already have Alexa, you can use voice commands to manage your heating.

Weather compensation

When weather compensation is installed, your boiler balances the heat being used and lost from your home.

As a result, the temperature remains constant rather than fluctuating, causing the heating to turn on as the room gets colder.

Now that a sensor has been mounted on an exterior wall, the boiler is alerted as soon as the temperature starts to drop so that adjustments can be made to maintain the ideal temperature.

According to Viessmann, using weather compensation can help you save 15% on your energy costs without doing anything at all!


Viessmann offers a warranty on the 050-W for up to ten years, but we’ve figured out a way to extend it to twelve years!

  • 3 years is the standard guarantee.
  • Seven years when installed by a Viessmann Trained Installer
  • Upon payment of an additional premium and installation by a Viessmann Trained Installer, 10 years
  • When Boiler Central is installed, the warranty can last up to 12 years.

View our Viessmann 050 review to learn more about this particular model.

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3. Worcester Bosch 2000 30kW combi boiler

It’s not surprising to see a second model on our top five list given the popularity of Worcester Bosch.

Super quiet operation

worcester bosch logo

Given that it is Worcester Bosch’s entry-level boiler, the Greenstar 2000 combi boiler is a well-liked option for flats and apartments.

Its excellent suitability for smaller living spaces is largely due to its exceptional quietness. This means that it can be installed without causing any disruption in the living room or bedroom.

The Worcester Bosch 2000 actually produces such little noise that it has earned a Quiet Mark certification.

Compatible with Bosch EasyControl

With Bosch EasyControl, controlling our heating is incredibly simple. Through an app on your smartphone, this wireless system enables you to set heating controls and adjust the temperature.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about heating an empty house if you arrive home later than expected because you can simply change the time the heating turns on.

Additionally, EasyControl makes it quick and simple for you to keep track of your energy consumption so you can calculate your savings.

High levels of efficiency

93% of the Worcester 2000 is efficient. This indicates that only 7% of the energy used to provide heating and hot water is lost. It receives an ErP A-rating for heat and hot water as a result.


Worcester Bosch offers a guarantee of up to ten years on the Worcester Bosch 2000 30kW boiler.

  • Standard guarantee – 5 years
  • When installed with a Greenstar System Filter – 6 years
  • When fitted with Boiler Central – 8 years

Use this free tool to find your perfect 30kW boiler – Click here

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4. Viessmann 100-W 30kW combi boiler

A boiler should be on everyone’s shortlist if it has been recognised as a Which? Best Buy for several years running.

Key features

Integrated Wi-Fi

viessmann vitodens 100-w 30kw combi boiler

When the Viessman Vitodens 100 W was updated 2 years ago, one of the key new features was integrated Wi-Fi.

It gives homeowners more control over how they manage their heating and gives them remote access to a designated heating engineer.

That implies that the engineer will be notified instantly if there is a fault. They will then be able to log onto the boiler’s system to determine the precise cause of the issue.

It might even imply that they can resolve the issue without visiting your home.

MatriX-Plus burner

All of us want to use less fuel. It not only lowers energy costs, but it also lowers emissions.

Both of those objectives are accomplished by the new Viessmann burner, which carefully matches heat production to your requirements.

Lambda Pro Plus combustion control

Despite having a constant supply of gas, its quality and operational conditions can change.

No matter what happens with the gas supply, you will always have a dependable source of hot water and heating thanks to the Lambda Pro Plus combustion control.

Additionally, the Lambda Pro Plus lowers emissions, resulting in less frequent system cleaning.


On Viessmann boilers, various levels of warranty are available, just like with other manufacturers. That could be five to twelve years of coverage for the 100 W.

  • Standard warranty – 5 years
  • When installed by a Viessmann Trained Installer and when paying an additional premium – 12 years
  • When purchased through Boiler Central, a 12-year warranty saves you £500, which offsets the new boiler cost you initially pay.

For more information have a look at our Viessmann 100 review.

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5. Ideal Logic C30 30kW combi boiler

Ideal is renowned for its cutting-edge technology, so the Ideal Logic C30 has earned a spot in our top five.

Key features

Built-in frost protection

ideal logic c30 combi boiler

Frost protection built into the Ideal Logic C30 is one of the features we really like. As a result, there is no need to be concerned about boiler issues as the weather gets colder.

This is because the C30 will automatically change its settings to prevent the freezing of the water in its system.

Energy efficiency

With a 94% efficiency rating, the C30 uses less energy and costs less money.

The C30 is a fantastic choice for dependability and sustainability because it has an A rating for water and heating energy efficiency.


Not only do we think highly of the C30; it has also received two Good Housekeeping Awards and a Queen’s Award. Additionally, it is supported by the Energy Saving Trust.

This indicates that it has not only undergone an external evaluation to confirm that it satisfies UK regulatory requirements and industry-agreed energy performance criteria, but also that it complies with the Energy Saving Trust’s energy efficiency standards.


We recommend requesting a quote for a new boiler right away so that you can see what’s currently offered by Ideal because extended warranties may no longer be offered.

  • Standard warranty – 7 years
  • Heat exchanger when fitted with an Ideal System Filter – 10 years

30 kW combi boiler prices

Most of the best 30kw combi boilers are mid-range combis therefore expect the 30kw combi boiler prices to be around £2,300 on average. Here is a quick price guide for the cost of a 30kW combi boiler in the UK from our top 5 list.

Combi boilerCost
Worcester 4000 30kW£2,395
Viessmann 050-W 30kW£2,350
Worcester 2000 30kW£2,250
Viessmann 100-W 30kW£2,590
Ideal Logic C30 30kW£2,250

Read more about the cost of a new boiler here in our expert guide.

Best 30kW combi boilers to buy: Final overview

So those are our top five picks for 30kw. Each one is a fantastic option for providing hot water and heating that is both highly effective and energy-saving.

The Worcester Bosch 4000 narrowly edged out the competition on our shortlist thanks to its cutting-edge Quick Tap system and industry-leading quality and efficiency.

Of course, we all have slightly different needs, so we advise requesting quotes for new boilers.

It takes two minutes and just needs you to enter a few details about your heating needs. Then, your personal shortlist of ideal boilers will be shown to you.

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