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Electric Combi Boiler: Best electric combi boilers 2024

Best electric combi boilers in 2024

Boilers powered by natural gas keep the majority of homes in the UK warm and cosy. Many, however, are not, and this could be because they don’t have access to the gas network or because they believe electric combi boilers are more environmentally friendly.

In terms of future-proofing your home, electric combination boilers are even more appealing when used in conjunction with solar panels.

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best electric boilers

There are additional reasons why a house might have an electric boiler rather than a gas or oil one, but they all accomplish the same task.

If you need a new boiler and currently use an electric combi boiler for your central heating and hot water, we’ll look at and contrast some of the top electric boilers available.

We will also weigh the benefits and drawbacks of switching from a gas boiler to an electric boiler if you currently have one, as well as the different types of electric boilers available.

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How do electric combi boilers function? What are they?

Best Electric Boilers

It’s a device that heats water for your home is an electric combi boiler. It gives you hot water for your faucets, showers, and any other outlets you might have in addition to your radiators. They are suitable for almost any home and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Boiler with an internal electrical heating element

Similar to how an electric shower or kettle functions, so do electric boilers. They contain a heating element that, when needed, is heated up using electricity. When a faucet is opened, cold water from the mains runs through the boiler and is heated by the element, which is now red hot.

The only difference is that the water used to heat your radiators won’t be fresh; instead, it will simply be recirculated around the central heating system.


Electric boiler variations

As with most boiler types, there are various types of electric boilers to meet various household needs. Electric combi boilers and storage electric boilers are the main 2 types.

Some homes will require more water, and some homes will have fewer square feet. Let’s examine the various types to determine which is best for your house.

Immersion heaters should not be confused with electric boilers. While not the only heating source, immersion heaters heat water in a similar manner.

Best electric combi boilers

best electric combi boilers

From the same appliance, electric combi boilers deliver instant hot water to both taps and radiators. The electric combi boiler immediately warms up and provides hot water when a tap is turned on or the thermostat is turned up.

Since there are no separate hot water cylinders, electric combi boilers are best when space is at a premium. Some of the electric combi boilers are 99% efficient and very simple to install!

All of these things might seem good, but they are not so good when multiple outlets are used at once and electricity costs more to heat water than gas does. However, you can reduce this additional cost by using solar panels!

Best electric storage boilers

System boilers and electric storage boilers are similar in many ways. They have a boiler that heats the water, and they also have a separate hot water cylinder where they store the hot water until they need it.

These are particularly beneficial for commercial use or homes with higher hot water demands.

There are some storage boilers that do not require separate tanks because the hot water cylinder is integrated. Electric storage boilers are significantly more expensive than combi boilers.

Best immersion heaters for electric boiler

best electric system boilers

If you want to use solar power during the day, immersion heaters can be used in conjunction with a standard boiler to help heat water. Immersion heaters are not boiler units. When not needed, an immersion heater can be turned on and off independently of a boiler.

If used properly to provide hot water, this can assist you in saving money on gas and electricity. They can be expensive to operate when used solely for this purpose, so it is not recommended.

Electric boilers – Are they any good?

They, like everything else in life, have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of installing an electric combi boiler in your home.

Obviously, the cost is the most important consideration, but if you are seriously considering one, you should be aware of all the facts to avoid problems in the future!


Reasons to Purchase an Electric Boiler:

Electric boilers will gradually replace gas boilers as they are phased out.

This could be the reason you’re researching the best electric boilers. If not, you should be aware that natural gas boilers are being phased out to help combat climate change. If you want to get ahead of the competition, these boilers could be the solution you’re looking for. Other alternatives to gas boilers can be found here.

Electric boilers are solar compatible

If gas boilers are phased out, you will require more electricity. Solar panels are the most popular renewable energy source in UK homes. All of the best electric combi boilers are solar-powered.

Electric boilers have a 99% efficiency rating.

electric boiler efficiency

Electric boilers are said to be up to 100% energy efficient. We believe they are 99% efficient due to the low number of moving parts and lack of noise, but not 100% efficient. From this perspective, they are very environmentally friendly. In comparison, gas condensing boilers can achieve up to 95% efficiency.

Installation costs are low.

Because the boiler does everything on the inside, it is simply wired to the mains and connected to the water pipes. Because there is no external flue for gases to escape, there is no reason to install them on an outside wall and create a hole in your wall. This also means that it can be installed almost anywhere in your home where it is safe to do so.

If you lose access to the gas network.

If you don’t have gas in your home and need heating, an electric boiler could be ideal. Almost every home in the United Kingdom has electricity. If you don’t have either, you might want to look into oil, LPG, or solid fuel boilers.

There isn’t any gas.

It is safer to use simply because there is no gas present. There is no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning or gas leaks. There’s no need for an extra carbon monoxide alarm to be an eyesore in your home.

There is no need for a yearly service.

Electric combi boilers, unlike gas and oil boilers, do not require an annual service. This alone can save you around £100 per year. The only time you should have to work on your boiler is if something breaks.

Due to the small number of parts used to construct an electric boiler, repairs are likely to be quicker and less expensive.

Extremely low operating noise levels

The heating unit makes very little noise due to the way an electric boiler works. This is ideal if you have limited space and will most likely have to install the boiler near your living space.

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Arguments against installing an electric boiler:

You may be thinking that electric boilers are too good to be true. And you’d be correct that they do have drawbacks. Let’s look at some of the reasons you might not want to install one.

Electric boilers are expensive to operate.

Despite their high efficiency, electric boilers are expensive to operate. The cost of electricity is much higher, and the amount of energy used to heat the water is far greater than that of a gas boiler. Don’t mix up high efficiency and low operating costs.

Your bills will most likely be higher. This is where solar panels would come in handy.

Solar panels are not inexpensive.

One of the primary benefits of an electric boiler is that it is compatible with solar panels. This is fine if you already have them or if you buy a home with solar panels built into the roof.

If not, expect to pay thousands of pounds in installation fees for new solar panels. The actual benefit would also take years to repay. The amount of electricity generated would also be insufficient to completely power most electric boilers.

Some electric boilers will struggle with hot water demand

Some electric boilers will struggle to meet the high demand for hot water.
Have you ever taken a hot shower with an electric shower? You may have noticed that as the water heats up, the pressure decreases. This is due to the amount of time the water must spend near the heating element in order to reach the proper temperature. This would be the case with an electric boiler if your home’s hot water demand was high.

If you’re still interested in an electric boiler, let’s look at some of the makes and models you might come across and give you our recommendations for the best electric boilers on the market.

Best electric combi boilers: Overview

Because of their compact size and efficiency, electric combi boilers are the most popular type of boiler. Let’s take a look at some of the best electric combi boilers currently available on the market. They, like the best gas combi boilers, produce both heating and hot water from a single unit. There is no storage tank for hot water.

The combi boiler from the electric heating company

This fantastic combi boiler from the Electric Heating Company is available in a variety of outputs to suit properties with up to three bedrooms and wet central heating.

The Comet electric combi boiler is simple to install and wires similarly to an electric shower. It also includes a 140-litre stainless steel duplex hot water cylinder to ensure you have enough hot water.

The Comet has outputs of 9kw, 12kw, and 14.4kw. It is designed to run at 100% efficiency, wasting no energy, and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Without installation, the Electric Heating Company Comet Combination Boiler costs around £2,800.

Heatrae Sadia Electromax – Electric boilers

This electric flow boiler from Heatrae Sadia has a built-in 180-litre stainless steel hot water storage cylinder that can supply hot water to both your radiators and taps at the same time.

The fact that this boiler can deliver high-quality water pressure to multiple faucets or showers at the same time is a huge selling point. It is available in two sizes, 6kw and 9kw, and is small enough to fit inside an airing cupboard. The Heatrae Sadia Electromax is covered by a two-year warranty. This best electric boiler can be used to heat the floor.

Without installation, the Electromax electric combi boiler will set you back around £1545.

Elektra C – electric combi boiler

Because it is wall hung, the Elektra C electric combi boiler is ideal for smaller homes and apartments. With a 12kw output, it provides instant hot water up to 50 degrees and central heating up to 75 degrees as needed. For within reason, this super-compact combi boiler can be installed anywhere in most homes. This electric boiler can be used to heat the floor.

The Elektra C combi boiler costs around £1,400.

Best electric system boilers

If you require an electric system boiler but also require the capabilities of a gas system boiler, you can purchase an electric boiler with a separate hot water cylinder.

This means that the hot water will be kept separate in a large insulated hot water tank and will be ready to use whenever you need it.

This is ideal if you require a large amount of hot water at once. Right now, check out the best electric system boilers.

Electric heating company – Slim Jim

We have chosen this electric boiler and cylinder duo due to the fact it covers everything that you will need.

A compact boiler designed to be hidden and quiet, along with an excellent large insulated hot water tank.

You don’t need to have 2 large units taking up loads of room in your home so we believe this to be a great option.

The slim jim runs at 100% efficiency, is easy to install and has a 2-year warranty.

You can buy this Electric Heating Company Slim Jim and cylinder package for around £1,600.

What is the price of an electric combi boiler?

Electric combi boilers range in price from £600 to £3,000. A smaller combi boiler suitable for a flat or one-bedroom home costs around £600, whereas a powerful electric combi boiler with a hot water storage tank costs around £2,000. These prices do not include the cost of installing an electric boiler.

Prices for electric combi boilers

Check out our quick boiler price guide. Prices will vary depending on output (Kilowatts/hour), as with gas boilers. The greater the Kw/h, the greater the cost. If you want a hot water cylinder, that will be an additional cost.

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Electric boiler vs gas boiler – Which should you choose?

Choosing one of the best electric boilers is great, but you should keep in mind that an electric boiler may not be the best boiler for your home.

When all factors are considered, a gas combi boiler may be more cost-effective in terms of boiler price, boiler installation, and boiler operating costs. All new gas boilers are now hydrogen ready, allowing them to avoid the 2025 gas boiler ban.

Electric boiler advantages

  • Energy efficiency rating of 99%.
  • Great if you have no mains gas supply – no fossil fuels needed in your home.
  • Can be used with solar panels and solar storage batteries.
  • Low boiler installation costs
  • Low running costs with regards to maintenance
  • Extremely quiet due to very few moving parts
  • No boiler flue so doesn’t have to be installed on external walls
  • Electric combi boilers provide instant heating and hot water from the same unit

Electric boiler drawbacks

  • Because electricity is much more expensive per unit than gas, energy bills will be higher.
  • Essentially, you are utilising fossil fuels from the power station.
  • Electric combi boilers will struggle in larger homes.
  • Solar panels only work with electric boilers during the day.
  • Most electric boilers have a two-year warranty.
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Who is qualified to install an electric boiler?

Because water and electricity are involved, you would ideally need a competent tradesperson who is confident in both but a qualified electrician.

They are similar to an electric shower in that they can be installed by a qualified electrician, but they also require plumbing experience to ensure that water pipes are properly and securely attached.

There will be no need for a Gas Safe registered engineer because there is no gas!

Costs of a new electric boilers and installation

Installing an electric boiler will cost between £500 and £1000, depending on the amount of work required. If you already have an electric boiler and simply want to replace it with a new boiler, the boiler installation costs will be lower.

The boiler installation costs will be much higher if you have a gas boiler and want to switch to an electric boiler. Electric boiler installation costs around £2,000 on average.

Compare new electric combi boiler quotes

If you are considering a new boiler and want to ensure that you get the best price, always get quotes from multiple companies.

At Compare Boiler Quotes, we strive to provide you with the best price on any boiler you require, including installation. Get a fixed price on new boilers online in 20 seconds right now:

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