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Baxi 624 Combi Boiler Review

Baxi 624 Combi Boiler Review

This Baxi 624 combi boiler review contains useful information to help you decide whether this is the best boiler for your household.

This mid-range combi from Baxi is the smallest boiler in the range with the lowest output.

Let’s take a look at how good it is and if it is suited to your hot water needs

Will the Baxi 624 combi boiler be suitable for my home? baxi boiler

It’s always a good idea for homeowners to explore different products and weigh up the pros and cons before making a decision.

Boilers are a significant investment, and it’s important to make sure that the makes and models you’re considering match your requirements.

The Baxi 624 combi boiler is designed for homeowners who are shopping for a unit for a small or medium-sized property with 1-2 bathrooms.

If you have a larger home, and the demand for hot water is high, it may be best to look at larger models with higher output as this boiler only has a 10.2 litres per minute flow rate.

If you have a 2 bedroom house or 3 bedroom house home and you don’t use a huge amount of water, this could be an excellent option for you.

The Baxi 624 is a great, energy efficient boiler option that’s been approved by the Energy Saving Trust, so if you choose this when you get your new boiler quote you can be sure that your gas and electricity bills will be as low as possible. 

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Heating controls baxi controls

The Baxi 624 combi boiler has a control panel, which features a series of dials and a display screen.

Using the smart thermostats and heating controls, you can adjust and set the timer to control your heating and modify hot water and central heating temperature.

If there are any issues affecting your system, you should notice lights on the display panel.

The icon that is illuminated corresponds to the type of fault.

The control panel dials include:

  • Display
  • Reset button
  • Central heating temperature control
  • Service diagnostic port
  • Domestic hot water temperature control
  • System water pressure gauge

If you want to control your boiler with your phone that is possible with this boiler as it is Compatibility with Baxi uSense smart controls and a smart thermostat. Alternatively you can use more universal ones such as Nest or Hive.

Size: How big is the Baxi 624 combi boiler?

Size is likely to be an important factor for homeowners searching for a boiler for a small house.

The good news is that this Baxi boiler is compact and sleek and would be a cupboard fit.

The Baxi 624 combi boiler only weighs 29.5kg.

The exact dimensions are 70cm (H) x 39cm (W) x 28.5cm (D).

Who is the Baxi 624 combi boiler best suited to?

The Baxi 624 compact combi boiler is ideally suited to buyers searching for a compact, efficient, affordable boiler for an apartment or a small-mid-range house.

If you own a flat, or you have a 2 or a 3 bedroom home and you don’t use a vast amount of hot water or have your heating running throughout the day, this boiler ticks a lot of boxes.

This model is suitable for homes with one or two bathrooms and it’s likely to appeal to couples or homeowners who live alone or with a friend or family member.

For high-demand households, for example, homes with multiple bathrooms and families with children, it’s best to consider a larger, more powerful unit.

How long is the warranty on the Baxi 624 combi boiler? 7 year warranty

When you’re shopping for a boiler, it is advisable to look at the warranties on offer.

Typically, it’s best to avoid cheaper models that only come with a 2 or 3 year warranty.

This Baxi 624 boiler boasts an impressive 7-year warranty, which provides peace of mind for buyers.

Before you make any final decisions, read the terms and conditions carefully, and make sure you understand the stipulations of the warranty.

Energy efficiency energy efficiency

Baxi boilers are known for their high efficiency, and the 624 model doesn’t disappoint.

This boiler is A-rated with a score of around 89%.

How much does a Baxi 624 combi boiler cost?

The price of a boiler is one of the most critical factors for the majority of consumers.

Before you decide which boiler to buy, it’s beneficial to compare prices and to search for a model that offers value for money.

The Baxi 624 combi boiler has an attractive price tag when compared to similar products from other leading boiler brands and it provides buyers with an opportunity to purchase a premium boiler at an affordable price.

Exact boiler quotes may vary according to the boiler installation companies you contact, but you can expect to pay around £750 for this make and model.

If you see a combi boiler you like but think that it may be too expensive, you can always pay monthly for your boiler using finance. 

It’s worth taking the warranty into consideration when comparing prices.

This boiler has a 7 year warranty, which could save you a substantial amount of money in the long-term.


Summary Baxi Boiler Prices

In summary, the Baxi 624 combi boiler offers a wealth of pros and very few cons for homeowners who are on the lookout for a boiler for an apartment or a small-mid-range house.

Another key tip when looking for a boiler would be to find a boiler with a stainless steel heat exchanger as this will prolong the life of your boiler.

This compact boiler which is a lightweight model fits comfortably inside a kitchen cupboard, it has an A rating for energy efficiency and it’s competitively priced compared to similar products from other premium brands. It also comes with a 7-year warranty, which is hard to beat.

Get a fixed price online now on a Baxi boiler at  the UK’s fastest growing boiler company. Click here to get a fixed price now online. 

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