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Ferroli Boilers Prices & Review

ferroli boilers prices

Ferroli Boiler Prices, Installation Costs & Reviews 2024

ferroli boiler

Ferroli boilers are known for being high-quality, reliable yet affordable products. For over 60 years, Ferroli has been supplying boilers to over 14 countries, putting its years of experience to good use through the boilers they develop.

While Ferroli’s product range is not as large as its competitors, the products they do offer have been tested extensively with an impressive build quality to match.

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How Much Is A Ferroli Boiler?

Ferroli boilers start from around £500 which makes them some of the cheapest boilers in the UK. The best way to get the best price is to always compare boiler prices.

Compare Boiler Quotes has done the research to provide you with the information you need, ensuring that your next boiler is a perfect fit. If you’re considering a Ferroli boiler, then keep reading to find out the brand’s prices for combi and system boilers.

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Who Is Ferroli?

Ferroli is an Italian boiler manufacturer that has been in operation since 1955. Its products are manufactured in Verona, Italy and sold all over Europe.

With UK operations officially commencing in 1988, the company has had a strong presence in the UK boiler industry with its products being trusted by consumers for many years.

The products have historically been positioned more towards the budget side of the market, purely due to their price. This is why many installers recommend and continue to use Ferroli boilers as opposed to more expensive models from major brands like Worcester Bosch, Baxi and Ideal.

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What Boilers Does Ferroli Manufacture?

Ferroli manufactures a range of combi and system boilers suitable for many price points.

Many of its products feature a standard manufacturer warranty in conjunction with additional features like smart thermostats and internal temperature management systems.

Ferroli Bluehelix Tech RRT Combi Boiler

One of Ferroli’s most popular boilers is the Bluehelix Tech RRT. Available in both system and combi configurations, these boilers come in a range of outputs to suit most homes in the UK – 24kw, 28kw & 34kw.


As a combi boiler, the Bluehelix Tech RRT will provide instant hot water to both taps and radiators when required. Those with smaller homes may wish to consider the 24kw model, while larger homes may benefit more from the 34kw model due to increased hot water demands.


The System version of the Bluehelix boiler features all the same output levels as its combi counterpart, whilst also being able to store increased amounts of hot water via a separate tank. This makes them a great choice for larger homes with multiple bathrooms or underfloor heating that demand consistent amounts of hot water.

To learn more about the benefits of combi and system boilers, see our article: Types of Boilers

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Ferroli Boiler Prices

Without boiler installation, Ferroli boilers start at an incredibly low price of £475. Considering that this price acquires an A-Rated boiler with 24kw of total output, we think this is an amazing deal!

Below is a full list of Ferroli boiler prices:

Ferroli Combi Boiler Prices:

A combi boiler from Ferroli costs between £475 and £595 without installation.

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Ferroli System Boiler Prices

Depending on the output, a Ferroli system boiler can cost between £575 and £740.

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What’s Included In The Cost Of A Ferroli Boiler?

There are many benefits to purchasing your new boiler from Ferroli. Its products have been tested extensively over the years, to the point where Ferroli has nearly perfected the budget boiler.

These are some of the reasons we suggest considering a Ferroli boiler:

Refined Product Line

By concentrating on a limited range of boilers, Ferroli can ensure that they are of the highest quality. This means that the Bluehelix Tech range can be manufactured and sold to customers at unmatched prices.

Energy Efficiency

Ferroli boilers feature the highest energy efficiency that can be expected in today’s market. This helps reduce both energy bills and environmental harm.

Ten Year Warranty

Ferroli boilers come with up to 10 years extended warranty if required. This is great news for customers looking for reassurance with their next purchase.

Modernised Thermostats

ferroli prices

Alongside voice and app controls, Ferroli have electronic touch smart thermostats that can control your new boiler with ease.

Will the Ferroli Boiler be suitable for my home?

Ferroli is a manufacturer that boasts a family of over 25 different boiler models. Their range covers both Combi boilers and System boilers, with equal levels of attention given to each.

The company’s core values of efficiency, affordability and reliability are visible across all models.

Popular brands under the Ferroli umbrella include the Optimax, maXima, Domicompact, Modena, iBoiler, and BlueHelix.

Many of their boilers are available in different kW outages, enabling you to match a product to your home needs.

While the largely compact boilers are not suited to the very biggest houses, finding a suitable solution for most residential properties is an easy task.

While Combi and System boilers function in different ways, they each enable homeowners to avoid the need for huge water tanks in the loft.

If you want quick access to hot water without the need for excessive usage, Ferroli is a great place to start.

Size – How big is the Ferroli Boiler?

Ferroli’s commitment to design is shown courtesy of compact units, many of which can fit comfortably inside a standard sized cabinet.

The biggest boilers in the range, those that carry the Energy Top label, measure 945mm x 445mm x 440mm.

While they are a little bigger than the most compact boilers, they won’t take up that much space. Even when the water cylinders needed for some models are accounted for, they aren’t big.

At the other end of the scale, Ferroli’s Modena range comes in at just 600mm x 400mm x 320mm. At just 28kg, it’s one of the lightest models on the market too.

Best suited to?

Ferroli boilers are high-quality products that are suited to modern and traditional homes alike. Homeowners and landlords alike can select them as a competitively priced and highly reliable solution to their boiler needs.

The sizes and outputs will have a telling impact on which type of property a specific model is suited to.

The most compact models are best suited to flats and properties where only one or two taps are needed at any given time.

The slightly bigger models are suited for small-to-mid-sized residential properties. Meanwhile, there are pros and cons to both system and combi boilers, depending on whether you want to store a little hot water or how quickly hot water needs to be delivered.

Cost of Ferroli Boiler Warranty

Like most boiler manufacturers, the standard warranties issued with Ferroli boilers will vary from one model to the next.

All models come with a warranty of at least 12 months, but some models, such as Bluehelix models come with 10-year warranties as standard. Therefore, it’s vital to check the situation surrounding your chosen model.

If the selected model’s standard warranty is a little shorter than you’d ideally like, it is possible to extend it to a 5, 7, or 10-year agreement as deemed necessary.

This will allow you to gain optimal peace of mind, especially as Ferroli are quick to provide parts and labour in the rare occasions that problems surface.

This is one of the many reasons why all owners should seek annual servicing after boiler installation.

Our Verdict on Ferroli Boilers Prices

We truly believe that Ferroli offers an impressive range of superb value boilers that are built to last.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to assess customer satisfaction ratings as Ferroli boilers are fitted significantly less often than more popular boiler brands. However, the company has achieved a 3.9-star rating on Trustpilot with over 64% of customers rating the brand as ‘excellent’.

For all of these reasons, we have no trouble recommending a Ferroli boiler and encourage you to consider the Bluehelix range as a potential candidate for your next boiler upgrade.

So, What’s Next?

To make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible on your next boiler, try our free price comparison tool to get a fixed price quote in as little as 20 seconds.

By answering a few short questions about your home, Compare Boiler Quotes is able to provide you with the best prices on the market for your next boiler replacement. Try it for yourself today.

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