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Potterton Boiler Prices & Review

Potterton Boiler Prices, Installation Costs & Reviews 2024

There is no escaping the fact that replacing a boiler can be an expensive endeavour. Potterton has ensured that its boiler prices are as low as possible whilst maintaining high standards.

From potential structural alterations to your home to the various labour costs associated with installation, getting a new boiler installed has many challenges but should be easy for a Gas Safe registered installer.

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How much does a Potterton boiler cost?

Potterton boiler prices start from around £550 depending on which model you choose. Now Part of the Baxi Group, let’s take a look at how much the rest of the Potterton range costs and how good their boilers are.

To make sure you make the best decision for your home, we at Compare Boiler Quotes have conducted an in-depth review of Potterton and its boiler prices. We will cover many aspects of Potterton in this guide, such as:

  • Who is Potterton?
  • What boilers do Potterton manufacture?
  • Potterton boiler prices
  • Our verdict on Potterton boilers
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Who is Potterton?

potterton boilers

Potterton is a UK-based boiler manufacturer that was founded in 1850. For centuries, it has been constructing high quality boilers that have been used in UK homes since the early 1900s.

Potterton was acquired by Baxi Heating in 1999, allowing many Potterton boilers to be fitted with high quality Baxi parts.

Although the boiler brand is not as famous as its competitors, many Potterton boilers can be found in new home installations today. Potterton are more in a similar brand to Main boilers who are also owned by Baxi & Alpha boilers who are up and coming in terms of value for money.

What Boilers Do Potterton Manufacture?

Potterton manufactures a boiler to suit every single scenario. From small boilers to be used in low energy requirements, right up to regular boilers with external water tanks, Potterton boilers are suitable for a multitude of heating needs and with regular Potterton boiler service, these boilers could last you over 10 years.

You will need to keep this valid with service though, so make sure you check the usual boiler service costs before you call to service your boiler so you know what it costs and what is included.

If you want to make sure you get the best combi boiler, then check out our guide, but in the mean time, here are some of our favourite Potterton boiler models:

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Potterton Promax

The Potterton Promax range of boilers comes in combi, system and regular configurations. Available in energy outputs ranging from 12 to 30 kW, the Promax range is one of Potterton’s most versatile and budget friendly.

Potterton Titanium

Potterton’s Titanium boilers are available in either combi or regular settings. These boilers are able to deliver some of the highest hot water flow rates in their price range, while still conforming to high boiler energy efficiency regulations.

Potterton Assure

new boiler quotes

Boasting all of the same benefits as the Promax, Potterton’s Assure range of boilers contains some of the most compact boilers on the market with dimensions coming in at just over 70cm tall. This allows the Assure boiler to be deployed in many settings with ease and a favourite for small properties where space is at a premium.

Potterton Gold

If cost is not an issue, you may wish to consider Potterton’s Gold boiler. As one of the brand’s flagship models coming in both combi and system options, the Gold boiler is capable of delivering instant hot water across its entire range of outputs; an excellent choice that competes with the very top rated boilers on the market.

Potterton Boiler Prices

Without installation, Potterton boiler prices start from £680 and range up to £2,500 depending on the model and output rating. Potterton are part of the Baxi family, so any warranty included in the cost of the boilers will be backed up by Baxi’s excellent customer services and aftercare. If you want to go direct to Baxi boiler prices to see the difference then you can compare them online now.

Discover all of Potterton’s boiler prices below:

Potterton Combi Boiler Prices:

Potterton has a few different combi boilers for you to choose from in its range. Prices for these combi boilers vary between £690 and £1,312, each available in differing outputs.

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Potterton System Boiler Prices:­

The Potterton system boiler range is competitively price for the quality of engineering and reliability. From the Potterton Gold System boiler at £562 right up to the top of the range Potterton Ultra at £1365, you can be sure there will be one in there somewhere that will suit your home.

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Potterton Regular Boiler Prices:

A new regular boiler from Potterton can cost between £562 and £725.

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Benefits of a Potterton Boiler

Potterton are a great boiler company offering brilliantly made boilers for homes in the UK.

The manufacturer produces a wide range of boilers with lots of different outputs to ensure you get the right powered boiler installed in your home.

All of its boilers are above the UK’s required energy efficiency. This means that they can save as much as £340 a year when compared to less efficient boilers.

Here are some other benefits that come with a Potterton boiler:

Baxi Ownership
Potterton boilers are part of the Baxi group. With their backing, excellent parts and years of experience, you can guarantee your boiler is covered in the unlikely event anything should go wrong or you see any Potterton fault codes by Potterton boiler warranty.

Rigorous Testing
All Potterton boilers go through intense testing procedures before leaving the factory. This ensures that your new boiler is able to cope, even when pushed to its limits.

Heating Controls
Some options to control the Potterton range of boilers include voice recognition and app-powered heating possibilities. Thanks to this, smart devices like Alexa and Google Nests are able to easily power your home’s heating and hot water.

Our Verdict on Potterton Boilers Prices

For reliability and value, you really can’t go wrong with a Potterton boiler. With over 100 years in the heating market, Potterton has been consistently proven to be a dependable manufacturer that will definitely be able to provide you with a super-efficient boiler for a price that suits you.

We have no trouble recommending a Potterton boiler for your next upgrade. However, be sure to check the market first to make sure you’re getting the best price possible.

Compare Potterton Boilers & What’s Next?

Never buy the first boiler you see. Make sure you get the best prices available by comparing boiler prices online through our boiler quote comparison tool.

All our prices are sourced from reliable heating engineers to ensure that your new boiler is installed without an issue. Simply provide your postcode and some brief information about your home to be met with amazing deals across multiple boiler manufacturers.

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