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Boiler Service Checklist For Gas Boilers in The UK

Boiler Service Checklist – Gas boiler servicing process & guide

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Do you know what is involved in a Boiler Service Checklist? Or are you unsure if an annual boiler service is required or just a waste of money?

Find out if you might benefit from an annual boiler service and gas safety checks with our Boiler Service Checklist guide.

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Annual boiler service prevents issues from developing when you least want or expect them. A lack of heating or hot water may seriously disturb your family’s lifestyle, especially in the winter.

An annual inspection will find tiny leaks or installation flaws. Early detection allows for their correction before they become more serious problems.

Afterwards, far more serious issues may arise from boilers that are left in poor condition for several months or years. Additionally, some issues may be life-threatening.

It’s wonderful news that there are obvious signs to determine whether a gas appliance is having a problem. You can find the full explanation, in this boiler service checklist guide.

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What is a boiler service?

boiler sizing guide

A boiler service is a checkup done by a Gas Safe registered engineer, who performs tests on your boiler to see if there is anything wrong with it.

A boiler service as often as every year can guarantee that your boiler and central heating system are working properly and working efficiently as possible. Depending on the appliance, the service often lasts less than an hour.

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What happens during an annual boiler service?

Our team of Gas Safe certified engineers can ensure your boiler is running at its best by providing comprehensive servicing. Our skilled engineers conduct a series of inspections to guarantee the correct and efficient operation of your boiler. A typical servicing includes a full list of checks performed by the engineer

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Is it time to get my boiler serviced?

time to service a boiler

Is your boiler experiencing issues? These are common indicators that a gas appliance may require servicing:

  • Frequent pilot light extinguishing
  • Increased need for boiler restarting
  • Constant pressure changes in the central heating system
  • Uneven heating in radiators
  • Hot water temperature fluctuations
  • Loud noises coming from the boiler
  • Visible soot or discolouration on the boiler.
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What is checked during a boiler service?

The typical boiler service checklist consists of:

The initial boiler visual check

  • The first step in a boiler service checklist inspection is to gather information from the client about any known issues or problems with the boiler and central heating system controls.
  • Then, a visual inspection is conducted to ensure that the appliance, its placement, and the central heating system comply with current regulations and the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • During the inspection, the engineer will check that the appliance is functioning properly, including the consumer controls and safety devices before making any repairs.
    • The flame is also checked to make sure it is working correctly (if possible).
    • The engineer will also verify that the electrical wiring is secure and adheres to boiler manufacturer specifications, including the lengths between combustibles and the boiler.
  • They will also make sure that the gas supply piping is installed correctly and has adequate clearance.
  • Finally, the engineer will visually inspect that the ventilation in the room where the appliance is located is adequate and follows the boiler manufacturer’s recommendations.

Instructions for servicing the central heating:

Just before starting the boiler

visual inspection
  • Before proceeding with any repairs, a thorough gas tightness test is conducted on the gas supply.
  • Next, the main burner is removed, cleaned, and inspected for damage.
  • The combustion chamber and boiler casing seals are checked for corrosion or damage and replaced if necessary, with the customer informed of any required charges.
  • The gas injectors are examined and cleaned, the pilot assembly, gas injectors, and spark electrodes are disassembled and cleaned, and the ignition leads are inspected and replaced if needed, with the customer being informed of any necessary charges.
  • The heat exchanger is inspected for leaks and soot and then cleaned.
  • The seals are then reinstalled, assembled and inspected, and any disturbed gas joints are checked for leaks.
  • A final gas tightness test is conducted on the gas supply. And lastly, a gas test is performed on all the gas before starting the boiler.

Checks for when the boiler is running

  • Once the boiler is running, the flame picture is checked to ensure proper operation and then checked again after five minutes.
    • The inlet working gas pressure is also checked and should be around 20 Miller bars.
    • The gas burner pressure is inspected or a gas rate test is conducted to determine the amount of gas the boiler is using and to ensure it is within the manufacturer’s specifications.
    • Adjustments are made if necessary.
  • A gas flue analyser or flue flow tests are used to inspect and test the flue for proper functioning and any potential issues.
  • The positioning, size, and termination details of the flue terminal are verified.
  • The system’s water level or pressure is checked and all the radiators and piping are bled.
  • The entire system is checked for proper heating and any defects, leaks, or other issues are identified.

Before checking

  • Fill out a service certificate, landlord certificate, or certificate of gas safety.
  • Apply the Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure as necessary, and if appropriate, give cautionary alerts or safety advice.

Servicing Instructions

To ensure the best practices, heating engineers should follow the instructions and guidelines provided by manufacturers for maintaining their products

The typical combi boiler service takes around an hour or less, but it may take longer, particularly if you have a back boiler with a gas fire. Even though a gas fire may seem like a simpler appliance, the installation process takes the same amount of time as it requires a thorough inspection of the flue and chimney system.

This comprehensive boiler service checklist shows the importance of yearly boiler service, helping you to avoid expensive and inconvenient boiler repairs in the future.

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What is the Price of a Boiler Service?

Most boiler services would typically cost £120 – However, Boiler Central have a cheaper boiler service for only £100.

If you have an old boiler a cover plan is much needed, as your boiler ages, your energy bills tend to get more expensive to run. We also recommend Boiler Central’s boiler cover plan that offers free annual boiler service, so you may save a lot of more money with them.

The potential expense of a boiler repair or a new boiler installation much outweighs the minimal cost of servicing a boiler.

Many individuals choose not to pay for boiler service in an effort to save their expenses, especially given the present state of the economy. This is risky, though, since the price of fixing your boiler should something go wrong might be far higher than the cost of servicing a boiler.

Are radiators included in a boiler service?

Unfortunately not, if you would want both your radiator AND boiler inspected, we insist you check Boiler Central’s “Boiler & Heating” cover plan for only £21.99. Heating aspects such as central heating is taken notice of in this amazing deal. If you had an old central heating installation, it may be time to have it serviced.

Does a boiler service include bleeding radiators?

Most boiler services vary, but as the name entails – It’s a “boiler service” if you’d like to include bleeding radiators, you’d need to book to service that separately.

One of the most frequent reasons why your heating system fails to adequately warm your home at times is because air bubbles are caught in the system. When this happens, the radiator needs to be bled. Air bubbles make it difficult for hot water to circulate properly, which causes radiators to not heat your home as quickly or at all.

Free boiler service checks with boiler cover plans

One way of protecting yourself from any extra costs throughout the year is a boiler service plan or boiler cover as mentioned briefly above.

These are monthly payment plans that cover you for any parts and labour required for any problems or boiler breakdowns, for example, would you buy a car without insuring it? No, therefore treat your boiler like your car.

Take a look here at an example of a great pay monthly boiler cover offer for your peace of mind. If you need a new boiler, ensure you compare boiler quotes online with us to get the best prices. 

Should I shut off the boiler before servicing it?

Although it is not required to switch off the boiler before service, it is a good idea to turn off the heating when the professional comes.

Can I service a boiler myself?

Never attempt to fix a boiler on your own. Contact one of our Gas Safe registered engineers if you believe your boiler needs a repair. They can assist you to verify that your boiler is efficient and operating correctly because they are the only individuals legally permitted to operate with gas appliances.

How long do I carry out my landlord gas safety certificate?

A Gas Safe qualified engineer is required by law to complete a landlord gas safety certificate every 12 months.

Boiler Service Checklist PDF

Boiler-Service-Checklist PDF

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