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Boiler Central Review, Prices & Installation Guide

Boiler Central reviews and boiler installation guide

A new boiler is required, your old, ineffective boiler recently failed you, but have you recently looked online for a new boiler installation?

worcester bosch boilers interest free

You can save a lot of money on your gas bills by switching to new boilers that are much more energy-efficient.

And with Boiler Central, they are offering an extra 2 years warranty on the best combi boilers, like the Worcester 4000 & Viessman Vitodens 050!

That 12-year warranty is available for the price of 10! They are still unbeatable on price, even if you compare quotes.

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If so, there is a good chance that your google searches have led you to a business called Boiler Central.

This isn’t a coincidence. This is because Boiler Central, which provides new boiler installations across the nation for less, is really beginning to make waves in the boiler installation industry.

Who is Boiler Central?

boiler central logo

Boiler Central is an established online boiler installation business

On their user-friendly website, you can get a fixed price on premium boilers from brands like Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Viessmann, Baxi, and more.

You can be certain that you are getting the best by only using installers who are Gas Safe registered.

Free boiler quote with a fixed price in under 20 seconds

viessmann vitodens 050-w combi boiler

You pay the price that is displayed. The website for Boiler Central is clever, simple to use, and determines which boiler is best for your home. By responding to 10 short questions and providing as little personal information as possible, you can complete this in less than 20 seconds.

You only need to enter the first portion of your postcode. This method has been used by Boiler Central to install thousands of boilers in residences across the nation. It simply works!

Along with the Viessmann Vitodens 050-w combi, you can purchase the most recent Worcester Bosch 4000 combi boiler, which is currently among the best-selling boilers in the United Kingdom. These 2 boilers compete against one another in terms of cost, effectiveness, dependability, and warranty, to see which is truly the best combi boiler.

Exclusive to boiler central, you can get an additional 2 years of warranty for free, giving you 12 years for the price of 10! Request a price right away!

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With no pushy salespeople at Boiler Central, take your time and save money.

Cutting out the middleman allows you to save money because there are no pushy salespeople to deal with, and as long as you provide accurate information about your boiler, home, and other components that we will cover later, the price you see online is the price you pay for the installation.

Boiler Central Reviewed

You can start your search for a boiler online one day, and with Boiler Central, you can have your boiler installed the following day!

The cost of next-day installation is not increased. However, selecting dates that are further out will allow you to save money.

If you don’t require a boiler right away, you can schedule the boiler installation for a few days later and potentially save up to £50!

Where does Boiler Central install boilers?

All over the UK’s territory, Boiler Central instals. Everyone has been included. You can be confident that Boiler Central will be able to provide you with the boiler you want along with complete installation and aftercare whether you live in London, Lands End, Llandudno, or close to Loch Lomond.

With a fantastic network of installers spread out across the UK, Boiler Central is able to install boilers in any location.

Gas Safe registered boiler installers only

Boiler Central uses boiler installers who are all registered with Gas Safe.

This indicates that they are capable of offering top-notch, secure, and dependable boiler replacement quotes because they possess the necessary credentials and have successfully passed the relevant industry tests.

What boilers does Boiler Central sell?

ideal logic combi boiler

A wide variety of boilers are available from Boiler Central. They provide everything, ranging from well-known and enduring combi boilers like the Ideal Logic 30 line to the brand-new Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 style combi boiler.

It is possible to arrange for the installation of a specific boiler. However, the selection on-site is sufficient to meet the needs of the majority of customers.

One of the most affordable boilers on the internet is the Vokera EasiHeat, which is part of their excellent price range.

The boilers that Boiler Central currently instals in the UK are listed below.

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Review of the order procedure at Boiler Central

People used to fully anticipate calling a boiler installation company and asking for someone to visit their home to assess their current heating situation.

If you were fortunate, you could purchase a brand-new boiler for a reasonable price. If you were unlucky, you might receive an inflated price as well as additional costs along the way.

No additional fees

There are no unforeseen new boiler costs when using Boiler Central. They have come to the realisation that only a limited number of factors can affect the price of installing a boiler. With their boiler installation survey, all of this is considered and calculated online.

The boiler installation survey

Depending on your situation, you only need to ask a minimum of 10 questions to receive a price for a brand-new boiler. There will be multiple choice options for every question. You will be asked the following questions:

  1. What kind of fuel does your boiler use?
  2. What type of boiler do you have?
  3. Do you want your new boiler in a different place?
  4. If yes – Where is your current boiler?
  5. If you want to move your boiler – Where do you want your new boiler?
  6. Which of these best describes your home?
  7. How many bedrooms do you have? 
  8. How many bathrooms do you have?
  9. Do you have any separate showers?
  10. Where does your flue come out of?
  11. Is the flue 30cm+ away from a window or door?
  12. Is the flue under any structure or roof?

You must enter the first part of your postcode, such as WF1, and then choose “get my quote” after answering the multiple-choice questions.

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After clicking “get my new boiler quotes,” a list of boilers that are suggested for your situation will be displayed.

To ensure that the list of boilers provided contains suitable boilers, it is crucial that you provide accurate information about your home.

alpha etec combi boiler

Budget or “cheap” boilers all the way up to top-of-the-line premium boilers will be on the list of boilers.

This is done to accommodate everyone. Why not, if you have the extra money for a top-of-the-line boiler that sings and dances? There are boilers that cost less if you have a limited budget.

If you want to make sure the boiler will be the right one for you, you can look further into each boiler. To make sure a boiler will fit in a cupboard, you might need to check its dimensions.

Choosing your boiler installation date boiler central reviews

You must choose the date of the new boiler installation after selecting your replacement boiler. After that, a page with a calendar will be displayed for you to select a suitable date. However, keep in mind that this is merely a booking date; Boiler Central must confirm it.

Although it is extremely unlikely, your installation date might change based on how busy the installers are. You should install your boiler on the day you choose if it is free.

Boiler Central: Thermostat review

Choosing how to control your new boiler and the heating in your home is the next step in the Boiler Central purchasing process. You have the following three options from which to choose:

FREE wireless thermostat – £0

Honeywell T6 thermostat – £199

Google Nest 3rd Gen thermostat – £199

Salus IT500 smart thermostat – £129

Hive Active Heating thermostat

The free wireless thermostat is just a set of standard controls that you can use all over your house to instruct your boiler when to turn on and off at specific times of the day.

Both of the £199 thermostats are smart thermostats. This implies that you can use an app on your phone to control your new boiler. If you are at work when the temperature drops, you can simply warm your home while driving home. Excellent for chilly winter evenings.

Read more: Best smart thermostats

How do I pay Boiler Central? boiler central revies

The entire amount can be paid with a card or PayPal. You can make a purchase and pay later. Additionally, monthly payments are possible. Simply select the alternative that best meets your needs.

Your details and paying for your new boiler

Therefore, paying for your new replacement boiler should be the last thing you do. You must now enter your information and select your preferred method of payment.

You don’t pay anything until the boiler is mounted on your wall and functional. Up until this point, your money will be pending payment.

Can I pay monthly with Boiler Central?

It’s likely that you won’t have the money on hand to buy a boiler outright if you’ve been unexpectedly caught off guard by one or more boiler breakdowns. If so, you can use boiler finance to arrange a payment schedule with Boiler Central.

You have the option to spread out the cost of the boiler over 2, 3, 5, 7, or 10 years! Your decision is yours. The payments are lower when the repayment period is longer, but you will end up paying more interest overall.

A brand-new boiler can be purchased for as little as £10 per month.

Boiler Central Reviews: Overview

The boiler ordering and installation market appears to have been completely cracked by Boiler Central. If you chose to purchase your new boiler from Boiler Central, you would be making a wise choice.

To find out if Boiler Central has the best prices on a new boiler, use our free tool below.

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