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Ideal Boiler Prices & Review

Ideal boiler prices

Ideal Boiler Prices, Installation Costs & Reviews 2024

ideal logic combi boiler

Ideal is one of the leading boiler manufacturers in the UK and has been producing top-notch boilers for many years.

Ideal boiler prices are super competitive and their Logic combi boiler is one of the most installed boilers in the UK

From ground-breaking new boiler technology being hydrogen blend ready to winning Which? Best Buy awards, Ideal boilers are the perfect choice for many homes. But are they right for you?

let’s take a look at how much an ideal boiler costs, learn about the brand itself and see if the latest Ideal boiler installation prices are within your budget.

Ideal is currently the #1 TrustPilot boiler manufacturer!

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Are Ideal boiler prices any good?

Ideal Heating is a British heating solutions provider that has been in operation for over 100 years.

Ideal boiler prices are very competitive and the company offers a wide range of boilers, including combi, system, and regular boilers, as well as renewable energy options such as solar thermal and heat pumps.

Ideal Heating boilers are designed to be highly efficient, reliable, and easy to use. The company offers a range of different models, each with its own set of features, depending on the size and heating requirements of your property.

To help you decide, we have created this ultimate all-in-one guide that will give you every Ideal boiler option and price range for those options. Ideal are definitely one of the best boiler brands in the UK right now.

This guide will cover the following areas:

  • Who is Ideal?
  • What boilers do Ideal manufacture?
  • Ideal boiler prices
  • Our verdict on Ideal boilers

Great Features

Some of the features that are commonly found in Ideal Heating boilers include digital displays, wireless thermostats, and compatibility with smart home systems such as Nest and Hive. The company also offers a range of accessories and controls to help you manage your heating system more effectively.

Fast installation

Ideal Heating boilers are designed to be easy to install, and the company provides a range of training and support resources to help installers get up to speed with the latest models. The company also offers a comprehensive warranty and servicing package to ensure that your boiler stays in good working order over the long term.

Wide range of boilers

In addition to its range of boilers, Ideal Heating also offers a range of support services, including technical support, customer service, and installation support. The company’s engineers are highly trained and experienced, and they can provide advice and assistance on all aspects of your heating system.

Overall, Ideal Heating is a trusted and reputable provider of heating solutions in the UK, with a long history of delivering high-quality products and services to its customers.

Who is Ideal?

ideal boilers logo

Founded in 1906, Ideal Heating has been developing heating solutions for over 100 years.

Manufactured in the UK, Ideal’s products are built to an extremely high standard and include many sought after features such as: smart temperature controls, high flow rates, and compact sizing options.

Along with Baxi boilers, these are one of the few British boiler manufacturers.

What Boilers Do Ideal Manufacture?

Ideal’s range of boilers cover the full market; from budget, low kW boilers right through to high-efficiency energy-saving boilers, there is certainly an option for everyone.

Here are some of our favourite boilers manufactured by Ideal:

Ideal Independent Combi Boiler

Ideal’s Independent range of combi boilers is perfect for homes with relatively low hot water requirements. These units are designed to fit effortlessly into pre-existing installations and can comfortably fulfil the energy requirements for small-medium sized homes.

Available sizes include 24, 30 and 35 kW outputs, each with A-rated boiler energy efficiency.

Ideal Vogue

Available in both system and combi configurations is Ideal’s Vogue range of boilers. These boilers offer all the same benefits as Ideal’s Independent boilers, in addition to a slightly longer Ideal boiler warranty scheme between 8 and 10 years.

Designed for larger homes with multiple bathrooms, the Vogue range is best suited for those with higher heating requirements – Read our full Ideal Vogue C32 review here.

Ideal Logic

Ideal’s Logic boiler is available in combi, regular and system configurations, promising unmatched value in the boiler market. The Ideal Logic C30 is on our best combi boiler list due to its all-around great performance & reliability.

The Ideal Logic boiler price will vary due to the energy outputs ranging from 12 to 40 kW, and depending on the model, this range of boilers covers a vast range of use cases – find out more in our Ideal Logic C30 review

Ideal Mexico

How Much Does An Ideal Boiler Cost?

Ideal boiler prices start from around £600 for their entry-level Logic boiler. Even their top-of-the-range Vogue Max boilers are only around £1,100 not including boiler installation. This makes them superb value for money. All new Ideal boilers are hydrogen-ready boilers and cost the same.

Ideal’s floor standing Mexico boiler is manufactured with a focus on high efficiency and low maintenance. It comes with a full two-year Ideal boiler manufacturer warranty and is available in outputs ranging from 15 to 36 kW.

What affects the cost of an Ideal boiler?

The cost of an Ideal boiler can depend on various factors such as its size and output, type, efficiency rating, installation costs, additional features, brand reputation, and warranty and after-sales support.

Ideal boilers which are A-rated can save on energy bills in the long term but tend to cost more to start with. The complexity of installation, labour costs, and location can also affect the installation cost.

It’s essential to consider all these factors while choosing an Ideal Heating boiler as the total cost may vary depending on specific requirements and circumstances. Furthermore, maintenance and repair costs can also impact the overall cost of the boiler over the coming years.

How much does an Ideal boiler installation cost?

If you are looking at comparing Ideal boiler prices fitted, then it is likely that you will need to employ the services of a Gas Safe registered heating engineer plus pay for any parts required. This therefore means that an Ideal boiler installation cost £2,200 on average in the UK.

This takes into consideration the Ideal boiler prices as well as the boiler installation costs. If you want to ensure that you get the best Ideal boiler deals, you can compare online now and get a fixed quote online in under a minute with no personal information given.

Ideal Boiler Prices

Without installation, Ideal’s boiler prices start from £650 up to £2,400, model dependent, with the lower amount being for their entry level boilers.

Below is a full list of Ideal Boiler Prices in the UK:

Ideal Combi Boiler Prices

Ideal combi boilers start between £650 and £1,349 depending on which model you choose. There is a wide range of ideal combi boilers all at different prices.

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Ideal Regular Boiler Prices

A regular boiler from Ideal starts from prices between £779 and £2,210 without installation.

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Benefits of an Ideal Boiler

There are many benefits to purchasing your boiler from Ideal’s fantastic range.

They have a great choice, wide range and their combi boiler prices are competitive with other brands on the market.

They also feature the highest energy efficiency boilers that you can expect in today’s market, so you can be sure your new heating system will save you money.

Here are some further benefits that come with an Ideal boiler:

Which? Recommended
Many of Ideal’s boilers are backed by Which? recommendations to provide customers with total peace of mind with their purchase.

After going through extensive testing procedures, Which? Have consistently recommended numerous boilers from within Ideal’s range, proving their ability to perform under strenuous circumstances.

We hear of little problems or faults with Ideal boilers and their simplicity is the making of them and they are still going strong after years of use.

Warranty Options
Depending on your requirements, an Ideal boiler can be bought with a warranty scheme ranging from 2 to an impressive 12 years.

Various Sizes
Some of Ideal’s boilers are also incredibly compact. This allows them to be installed in difficult places without requiring major structural work to your home.

Heating Controls
Much like many other bestselling boiler brands, Ideal’s boilers are fully compatible with advanced heating control systems such as Nest or Hive or Google Home and Alexa voice recognition systems.

Our Verdict on Ideal Boilers prices

If you’re looking for a top-performing boiler on a budget, then an Ideal boiler might just be the perfect choice.

If Ideal’s impressive customer satisfaction ratings tell us anything, it’s that Ideal’s heating products are both highly functional and cost-effective.

For all of the reasons discussed, we firmly believe that an Ideal boiler is an excellent investment for your next heating upgrade. Check out the main competition from Viessman boiler prices & Worcester Bosch boiler prices who make very similar boilers, but may have that little bit extra such as built-in Wi-fi.

Need Help Finding Your Next Boiler?

It’s always important to consider as many options as possible when upgrading your boiler. That’s why we invented our price tool.

Simply provide a bit of information about your home and existing heating setup and we can provide you with a fixed price in as little as 20 seconds.

Try it out and find an unmissable deal today.

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