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BOXT Boiler Prices & Review

Boxt Boiler Prices, Reviews & Installation Costs 2024

A Look at BOXT’s Revolutionary Service

Struggling to navigate the complex world of boiler replacements? You’re not alone. Traditionally, the process can be time-consuming and confusing. But what if there was a simpler, more transparent way to find and install a new boiler?

Enter BOXT, a revolutionary online platform launched in 2017 that’s transforming the boiler buying experience.

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Here’s how BOXT makes boiler replacement a breeze:

  • Effortless Comparison: Forget endless phone calls and confusing quotes. BOXT allows you to compare boilers from leading manufacturers directly on their user-friendly website. Easily filter options based on your needs and budget.
  • Transparent Pricing: No hidden fees or surprise charges. BOXT provides upfront pricing, including boiler, installation, and any necessary parts.
  • Seamless Installation: Schedule your boiler installation at your convenience through BOXT’s online platform. Their network of qualified Gas Safe registered engineers ensures a smooth and professional service.

BOXT goes beyond just boilers:

Looking to boost your home’s energy efficiency? BOXT also offers a variety of heating and home comfort solutions, including air conditioning installations and EV charging points.

How much does a Boxt Boiler Cost?

Prices for Boxt boilers begin at about £1,800, including installation, but you must use BOXT’s full boiler replacement service; you cannot simply purchase a boiler from them on its own.

It is our goal at Compare Boiler Quotes to make sure you are getting the best deal on your new boiler. As a result, we have done a lot of research on BOXT in order to give you useful data, such as:

  • Who is BOXT?
  • What boilers does BOXT install?
  • Costs of BOXT boilers
  • BOXT customer service evaluation

Who is BOXT?

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In addition to having a 45% stake in Worcester Bosch, BOXT is run by the former owners of the central heating company Help-Link.

With people confusing their names with boxed boilers, boxit boilers which is clearly easily done if heard on the radio or TV advert, it is still already an easily recognisable boiler brand.

By offering customers the most up-to-date knowledge and technology through their user-friendly website, BOXT hopes to give the boiler market a new perspective.

By deconstructing complex terms, offering essential details about new boilers, and providing flexible payment options, BOXT streamlines the boiler purchasing process.

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How much is a boiler from Boxt?

Depending on the installation type you need, a new boiler from Boxt can cost anywhere from £1,800 to a surprising £4,000.

With the aid of Worcester Bosch, BOXT is able to deliver and install a boiler at a very competitive price with the following features: a good warranty scheme of up to 10 years, annual service plans, and next-day installation.

It is simple to understand why BOXT has drawn the attention of curious customers for all of these causes. BOXT might be the solution if you’re in a hurry and don’t have central heating.

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What Boilers Does BOXT Install?

Since most homes in the UK are connected to gas mains, BOXT began and is still concentrating on replacing gas boilers in residences. Although BOXT does not make any of its own boilers, they do offer the necessary hardware, installation, and warranty services.

Boilers from all major producers, including Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Valliant, and Baxi, are available from BOXT in combi, system, and heat-only configurations.

boxt boilers instalallation

How Does BOXT Work?

It’s easy to use BOXT; all you have to do is visit the website and respond to a few straightforward questions (this will only take a few minutes). With these responses, BOXT is able to locate a boiler for you that they think will work for your home and needs and install the boiler the following day, which is great if you don’t have hot water or if your boiler is leaking!

boxt boiler prices questions

You can choose the specific day you want the combi boiler installed, once you’ve decided which one you want, a Gas Safe registered engineer can arrive at your location in less than 24 hours if the order is placed before 3pm and is eligible for next-day installation.

Be sure to research what the best combi boiler is out there, as BOXT will likely sell some.

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BOXT Boiler Prices

Prices for Boxt boilers begin at £1,600, including installation but they don’t just sell you a boiler by itself. You must purchase the complete fitting package for the boiler replacement.

You will be presented with the price once you have finished the BOXT quoting process. These three elements can cause price differences when selecting a boiler:

  • Size
  • The type of boiler
  • The model

Depending on your decision, BOXT will then present you with various options from any reputable and well-known boiler brand.

The costs of Viessmann boilers and Ideal boilers will be comparable, but we advise comparing your options for any new boiler cost from the top brands using our comparison tool:

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Additional Features

All BOXT boiler prices are set and come with some safety add-ons, including a free filter and high-quality fixtures and fittings. This may vary a little depending on the type of boiler.

A cutting-edge smart thermostat created and produced by Honeywell will also be provided free of charge to customers who choose to purchase from BOXT.


These costs also include a manufacturer’s warranty that covers dependable parts and labour for up to 10 years, in order to give you complete peace of mind, BOXT will make sure that this warranty is activated as soon as your boiler is installed.

While impressive, this warranty is not the longest on the market; instead, our chosen partner, Boiler Central, offers a 12-year warranty on Viessmann and Worcester Bosch boilers.

Boxt boiler price guide

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 25kW combi boiler£2,035
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 30kW combi boiler£2,095
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 25kW combi boiler£2,125
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 30kW combi boiler£2,275
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 30kW combi boiler£2,345
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 35kW combi boiler£2.435

The BOXT Boiler Replacement Quote Process

Each boiler replacement BOXT offers has the following features and is designed to be as efficient as possible so you can quickly resume using hot water if not working.

A Brand-New Free Filter
Some of BOXT’s rivals would rather offer less expensive boilers while reusing the old boiler’s filter during a boiler replacement, improperly flushing out the heating system and leaving the new boiler exposed, can result in a variety of issues.

Since BOXT naturally wants the best for their clients, they include a brand-new filter with every boiler replacement.

Every boiler installation provided by BOXT will also include a smart thermostat from brands such as Honeywell, Nest, or Tado, with a value of up to £199.99.

Once the smart thermostat is installed, you are able to track exactly how much you are spending, allowing you to save more than 2% on your energy bills.

A System Clean
A broken boiler may have boiler sludge as its primary heat exchanger. In order to flush the system and gather waste during a boiler replacement, it is always advised to use a new inhibitor.

When your new boiler is installed, BOXT will provide you with a system clean or powerflush if you ask. This gets rid of everything that has accumulated in your radiators, making sure that it won’t end up in your brand-new boiler.

Who makes Boxt boilers?

If you ware wanting to know how makes Boxt boilers, then the quick answer is no one. Boxt doesn’t actually make the boilers, they provide boilers from top manufacturers and boiler brands such as Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Vaillant & more.

Boxt simply provides the boiler replacement service of these boilers by delivering them to your home in a box and then organising a Boxt engineer or subcontractor to attend your home.

Boxt Payment Options

When it comes to purchasing a new boiler, BOXT provides a number of different boiler financing options, so that customers have the option of paying for their boiler in full upfront or opting for a payment plan with prices starting at just £12.00 per month.

payment methods boxt use

The majority of card types, including Visa Debit, Mastercard, and American Express, are accepted by BOXT online. The Divido platform, which powers all transactions on the BOXT website, ensures their security.

Boxt Boiler finance

Boxt finance for boiler installations is also available all online. You can get Boxt boilers on finance by applying for credit through Divido and choosing “pay monthly” at the checkout are the only steps required to pay on a monthly basis. The Divido website will then be opened, where you can submit an application for the credit offered by Shawbrook Bank (terms and conditions apply).

Here are a few of the Boxt financing options available for pay monthly boilers:

  • 5 or 10-year credit term at an APR of 9.9%
  • No deposit required (but you can put down up to 50% of the total price)
  • Early repayments
  • Once approved for credit from Divido, you will then be sent back to the BOXT website where you can complete the order.

Boxt Boilers and B & Q – What is the deal?

Did you know that B&Q carries boilers under the Boxt brand? Since then, they have teamed up to address the growing energy crisis and provide everyone with a better boiler, though we anticipate that the boiler’s price will increase.

However, you can’t be sure you are getting the best deals, and it’s unclear if boiler prices will be higher in comparison as a result of B&Q making some money along the way.

We always think it is better to shop for a boiler directly from the manufacturer and compare boiler prices online. It is much more efficient, quicker, and cost-effective.

BOXT Reviews and Complaints

Why not take a look at some of their online reviews if you’re still unsure if BOXT is the best place for you to buy your new boiler?

They have a 9.9 overall customer satisfaction rating, which is the highest of any boiler installation company currently listed on Trustpilot. This is especially impressive given that BOXT has only been trading since 2017.

Customers are encouraged to contact their customer service staff, who are available from 8 am to 8 pm, if they have any questions about their installation.

What price guarantee does BOXT offer?

BOXT pledged to attempt to outperform all comparable quotes. They guarantee to give customers a £50 Amazon voucher if they are unable to. We recommend putting that to the test now, with our online comparison tool:

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Do BOXT’s prices depend on demand?

Yes, depending on the installation day you choose, you might have to pay more than expected.

BOXT or British Gas?

The advantages of choosing BOXT over British Gas are that they are very different boiler installation companies.

Before the installation day, meet your installer.
Your installer shows up with BOXT right on schedule, just like clockwork. We recognise that having a stranger in your home might make you a little uneasy. You won’t need to worry, though, because you already met them on the BOXT website.

Before you complete your purchase, you will actually see a photo and a brief biography of your installer. Here, they share some information about themselves, what to expect on the day, and even which biscuit they prefer. In this manner, you can anticipate who will knock on your door. Therefore, you can relax and leave it to the expert; they’ll finish quickly.

Boxt Vs British Gas

However, if you received a quote from British Gas, they guarantee that the cost won’t go up once the work has begun, even if it becomes more challenging. The BOXT terms and conditions, however, stated that they could add on any extras they desired on the day and that you would be required to pay whatever additional fees they specified. British Gas is more widely trusted and well-known than BOXT despite charging more money than its competitors.

Boiler Central Vs Boxt

Boxt hasn’t had it that easy in the past two years with companies like Boiler Central quickly adapting to the online boiler installation model. Boiler Central are very similar to Boxt and it seems they are hot on their tail in terms of market share.

The main difference and thing you will notice are Boiler Central get much better reviews for their boiler installations than Boxt and are also matching Boxt’s prices. Take a look at Boiler Central here.

Iheat vs Boxt

When it comes to Iheat vs Boxt, the main difference is that Iheat is firstly a lead generation company that has decided to sell boilers using the same model as Boxt, whereas Boxt hails from the boiler industry and moved online.

If you want a boiler then you should ideally go to Boxt as they started out as a boiler company, and you can quickly see with regards to Iheats trust pilot reviews, that they struggle to maintain an effective boiler installation side with poor installations and customer service

Heatable Vs Boxt

Heatable quickly jumped on the online boiler installation bandwagon after Boxt’s online presence became known. The main difference here is that Heatable has quickly gathered an online presence and is in direct competition with Boxt.

Boxt however dominates the market with its brand recognition due to being the first to do this type of boiler installation service and Heatable still states they are a family run business.

Boxt has contracts with Eon and Google to install boilers and service the Google Nest smart thermostat, clearly showing how dominant they are.

BOXT Trustpilot

Even though BOXT might seem to be the best brand available, a quick review comparison and analysis shows otherwise. Most 5-star reviews are fake, and you can tell because most accounts only ever make 1 review in their account history, which is a review for BOXT. To find the reviews that are the truest to their service.

We recommend looking at the 4- to 1-star ratings as most 5-star reviews are either forced, fake, or made by fraudulent accounts. However, with so many fake reviews available, it can be challenging to distinguish between the small number of real reviewers.

The installers, who are essentially the foundation of BOXT’s success, deserve real appreciation for their work. The sales organisation that is ensuring they receive their profit is BOXT.

BOXT Complaints

On Trustpilot, we found a recent review –


  • “We had a new boiler and it re-located from the kitchen to upstairs. We experienced the following problems:
  • The boiler arrived damaged and needed picking up the next day.
  • Initial fitters did not fit the boiler correctly, poor workmanship. The flume held up by wood, a cracked plug socket was installed, the flooring cut poorly and big gaps, bricks not laid properly in pre-existing flume hole, the cabling left dangling and the holes were not filled well (not even filled).
  • We later discovered the filter hadn’t been fitted which decreased the warranty. The system hadn’t been flushed. BOXT were in agreement following being sent photographic evidence and was quick to rectify.
  • The second fitter came and rectified the issue, great guy and able to offer impartial advice on the issues.
  • Following this, we had a further 4 calls outs due to fault code on the boiler with the temperature. Meaning we were left without water or heating for days on end in between. I demanded that a new boiler be installed or I was given a full refund due to the issues encountered over 8 months.
  • Angela in the complaints department was quick to try and rectify this, however, because they deal directly with Worcester Bosht just added an extra hassle of getting engineers to come to the property, resulting in days off from work. Cold nights and cold showers.
  • All in all, I personally wouldn’t recommend.” – Mr H.

Should You Choose BOXT?

It is evident from the areas covered that BOXT is regarded as a reliable business that provides some of the best prices in the sector. They are supported by a sizable boiler company and some of the best heating engineers.

They also provide some of the best extras, such as a brand-new magnetic filter, a full system clean, and a smart thermostat. Therefore, we have no reason to advise against considering BOXT when it comes time to replace your current boiler.

We collaborate closely with Boiler Central, a rival of BOXT.

You will be automatically introduced to the brand if you compare with Compare Boiler Quotes and choose to buy from us.

Boiler Central provides fixed-price boilers with nationwide next-day installation, similar to BOXT. They also have an excellent Trustpilot rating. This makes Boiler Central a fantastic option for all of your boiler needs.

Still unsure? Shop around and compare BOXT boiler prices.

Look for a BOXT Discount Code to get extra money off a new boiler especially when the market for boilers is extremely competitive. Choosing your next boiler can be challenging due to the wide variety of brands and boiler models.

Try our user-friendly comparison tool, which will give you a fixed price in just 20 seconds, to make sure you get the best possible deal.

Compare Boiler Quotes is able to recommend a suitable boiler from a reputable manufacturer with a payment plan that suits you by asking you a few straightforward questions about your current heating system. Choose your fuel type below to compare and save right now:

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