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Moving Boiler Costs 2024: How much to move a boiler?

Life changes, and sometimes, what seemed like a good location for your boiler a few years ago may not seem like a great plan.

Or perhaps you’ve just moved into a new house, and you’re finding that the set-up just doesn’t work for you.

That’s when you may start to consider whether it’s possible to move your boiler to a new location, but also wonder how much is is going to cost to move the boiler in the first place.

Here at Green Central, you can get a fixed-price boiler quote in under 1 minute online.

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How much does it cost to move a boiler?

If you’re thinking of buying a new boiler and having it fitted in a new room, it can cost up to £1,500 to move a boiler.

This is mainly due to the labour required to move the boiler location and the extra pipework and materials required for the relocation.

What are the costs to move a boiler?

To help you understand what costs are likely to be involved, we’ve put together a list of the different elements that will make up the bill to move a boiler to a new location.

If you are unsure where the best place to install a boiler is then there are a few do’s and dont’s considering the gas regulations.

Pipework and fitting costs for relocation of your boiler

If the boiler is staying in the same room, then the cost of new pipework and moving the condensate pipe will be minimal. If, however, the boiler is to be moved to a location that is in a different part of the house, then new pipework will be needed.

Moving the gas pipe can be an expensive job, and so your gas safe engineer will look for solutions to avoid this being necessary but do be aware that this might not always be possible.

There may also be a need to relocate the waste pipe. This is likey if your heating system moves to an entirely new location in the home and it’s not feasible to extend the existing pipework.

Can I move the boiler flue?

You need to bear in mind that if the boiler flue currently comes out of the side of the house, but the new location requires a horizontal flue, then this will be an additional expense.

Moving the heating controls and thermostat

Now it might be that if you have a wireless control system in place that you may not need to make any changes to the controls for the hot water and heating.

However, if the boiler is being moved to the attic, and you usually make adjustments on the control panel on the boiler itself, that’s probably not going to be convenient in the new location.

What are the labour costs to relocate a boiler?

Labour to relocate the boiler will be charged on a daily rate usually around £300 to £400 per day for most plumbers in the UK. however this does vary depending on the location and company, for example, a cheap engineer in Birmingham can be £200-300 according to Boiler Choice. It’s worth asking before to get fixed costs on the cost for the labour to move your boiler.

What effects the cost of moving a boiler?

Type of boiler

Moving lightweight combi boilers can often be a one-person job. However, the relocation of heavy oil boilers is likely to need two people, and so this then pushes up the labour costs involved.

Likewise, if you have a system boiler that has a hot water cylinder that also needs moving, that may need more time to get the job done.

So if you do have an oil boiler or you’re considering swapping to a new boiler type, then the cost involved will be higher.

Planning permission

Planning permission isn’t usually needed to replace or install a boiler if all the work is internal. But, if you need the flue to be moved, then you do need to meet some requirements for it to be classed as permitted development.

In some parts of the country, such as national parks and the Broads, there are additional requirements on where the flue system can be located.

That means that the boiler relocation project may need extra work, which then results in higher costs.

Why move your boiler?

So now that you have an idea of some of the costs involved to move your boiler, it’s worth considering why you may want to go down this route, to begin with.

  • Storage Space. If your boiler is situated in a kitchen cupboard, but you’re struggling for storage space, moving the boiler to a new location will give you that much need extra cupboard.
  • Noise. If you have an old boiler that’s really noisy when it’s operating, then you might want to move it to somewhere in your home that’s going to cause less disturbance.
  • Aesthetics. Boilers are rarely something that you want to have out on display, so you may want to get yours out of the way. There might also be ugly pipework for everyone to see because of the boiler’s current location.
  • Faster water supply. If your boiler is located a long distance from where the outlets are, there could be a lengthy delay before the hot water reaches the tap. Moving the position of the boiler to one closer to where you need the supply could improve efficiency levels.

Where could you relocate a boiler in your home?

Move your boiler to the kitchen

The kitchen is often the most obvious place to move the boiler to. It’s got the mains gas and water supply already in place, and so the cost to move is often lower compared to other locations.

You need to know, however, that either your existing boiler or a new one is likely to be installed in a kitchen cupboard and if you’re already tight on space, you might not want to lose that area for storage.

Move your boiler to an airing cupboard

If you have a regular or system boiler, then the hot water cylinder is usually located in the airing cupboard. That’s because the heat that gets thrown out by the cylinder can be used to keep your laundry dry.

If you decide to move away from a regular or system boiler and install a combi boiler, then you will no longer get that heating benefit. One way around the loss of heating could be to have a small radiator installed within the airing cupboard.

Move your boiler to to a garage

The garage can seem like the perfect solution to get the bowler out of the house and into somewhere that’s more out of sight.

The problem with this location can be due to the drop in temperature during the winter months, which then creates the risk of the water in your boiler freezing.

To reduce this potential risk, it’ll be important to make sure that either your new boiler or your existing one, if you’re keeping it, has built-in frost protection.

Move your boiler to the bathroom

On the face of it, the bathroom could seem like a great place to move a boiler to.

But, tremendous care needs to be taken when an electrical appliance is in a room that by its very nature tends to be very wet.

Now, it’s not a definite no, but the boiler relocation will need to be situated to ensure distance from taps and the bath or shower.

Move your boiler to the bedroom

Moving a boiler into your bedroom is a possibility as long as the boiler is what’s classed as being ‘room sealed’.

So that requires the air going into the boiler comes from outside, and then that leaving the boiler is also expelled outside. This then removes the risk of a potentially fatal carbon monoxide leak.

One other consideration is noise. The last thing you want is to be woken in the middle of the night by your boiler.

However, if you take a look at the Worcester Bosch 8000 review you’ll see that it is possible to get a new boiler with quiet operation. That then makes it a great option for a bedroom boiler installation.

Move your boiler to the attic

It might be tempting to come up with a plan for moving the boiler to a location that’s completely out of sight, such as the attic. But this might be an easy option for the following reasons:


There needs to be easy and safe access to the boiler for the service engineer. So that means it needs to be accessible with safe flooring and to have good lighting.

Location of water and expansion tank

If you have a conventional boiler, you need to have the power of gravity to pull the cold water from the water storage tank down to the boiler. With the boiler installed in the attic, that’s not going to happen.

Repercussions of leaks

A boiler leak is one of those things that no one wants to think about. But if it does happen, then the water is going to come down through the roof into the bedrooms.

High cost of moving the boiler

There are going to be additional costs relating to the pipework. If the old boiler location was downstairs and now you want to move it to the attic, then additional pipework for the water supply, gas and waste are all going to be needed. And that’s going to increase the cost of moving your boiler.

Move your boiler to the utility room

If you have a utility room and you want to keep boiler relocation costs at a manageable level then this might be the perfect location.

There are no worries about freezing temperatures, the boiler is out of sight and it’s far enough away from living areas that noise isn’t a problem.

How long will a gas safe registered heating engineer take to complete the move?

When you want to move a boiler to a new location, then usually that means a full day’s work. Now, this does depend on whether you keep the same type of central heating system in your home.

If a boiler replacement involves swapping system boilers for a combi boiler, for example, then that may take longer.

Then, as already mentioned, if your older boiler is in a different part of the house, not only is there the cost of additional pipework but there’s also the labour costs in fitting it.

So, if you’re considering whether to re-site a boiler, there are a number of factors that need to be considered to allow you to calculate the time needed and the cost of moving it.

Is the cost of moving the boiler worth it?

A big question! And only one that you can decide on based on the benefits you’ll get from the boiler move when compared to the cost of moving it to begin with.

With the upheaval involved in moving a boiler, it really does make sense to consider having a new boiler installed at the same time.

If you’ve had your current boiler for a while, it’s probably not as efficient as those that are now available and may also need more servicing and maintenance as it gets older.

New models of combi boiler for example can reach efficiency levels that just weren’t available five years ago, so getting the best combi boiler for your boiler move would be best.

So, as part of your plan of moving a boiler, we recommend that you also get a new boiler quote; the cost might not be as much as you think!

Do you want to move your boiler?

If you want to get a new boiler instead of paying the cost of moving your old boiler to a new location, then check out the range of boilers on finance from Green Central.

We can offer you unique boiler prices that take into account everything you need, including financing options and the cost of using our Gas Safe registered installation experts.

They can install your new boiler in a new location for you; depending on the type of boiler you have and the space in your home, this might cost slightly more than replacing the boiler in the same location.

However, you’ll get the best possible price from us, and by replacing your old boiler at the same time as moving a boiler to a new location, you’ll save time, effort and some money on labour costs. You can get your boiler installation and much more when you work with us.

If you need advice on moving a boiler to a new location or finding a new boiler, then feel free to contact us.

Our team can advise you on everything from moving your existing boiler to finding a new boiler and the best type of boiler that you should consider for your home.

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