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Ideal Boiler Service Cost & Booking Guide

Ideal boiler service costs and how to book an Ideal service online

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Do you want to learn more about an Ideal boiler service? Here’s what a boiler service includes when you should schedule a gas boiler service, whether it is a legal necessity or how to schedule a Gas Safe inspection.

This guide will cover how much an Ideal boiler service costs, what’s included and the time it takes for a Gas Safe registered heating engineer to complete boiler service.

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What exactly is an Ideal boiler service?

A Gas Safe registered engineer performs a manual examination on a gas boiler servicing. Engineers inspect boilers for any gas leaks or problems that need repairs, if not identified, could result in fires or explosions that could endanger your house and family.

What Should I Look for in an Ideal Boiler Service?

Ideal boiler service

To confirm that your engineer is licenced to work on gas appliances, make sure they give you their Gas Safe ID card when they come. Before beginning the Ideal boiler service, your expert will ask whether you have ever encountered any boiler-related issues.

The engineer will tighten the pipework, see if your boiler needs a repair, check for leaks and other issues during the Gas Safe inspection, and provide you with a CP12 certificate (also known as a Gas Safe Certificate). Your gas appliances are safe to use, according to a Gas Safe Certificate.

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Ideal boilers servicing checklist

The engineer will do a boiler service checklist to see if you’re satisfied that they are qualified to work on your boiler, including but not limited to the following:

  1. They will first perform a visual inspection of the boiler to make sure the pilot light is blazing blue and to look for any indications of leaking or corrosion.
  2. To check and clean internal components, including the heat exchanger, the engineer will remove the outer shell.
  3. They will check to see that the water and gas pipes are all intact and that the flue terminals are not blocked.
  4. Verify that the settings for gas pressure and flow are all at the appropriate levels.
  5. The engineer will turn on the boiler at the end of the service to test its functionality. This will make it easier to point out any issues with the parts or temperature controls.

What Is the Average Service Time for an Ideal Boiler?

Depending on whether the Gas Safe registered expert discovers any leaks or malfunctions, the service on your Ideal should only take 45 minutes to an hour. Most professionals will be delighted to agree on a day and time that works for you when you arrange your Ideal boiler service.

Would an Ideal boiler service plan be a good idea?

Plans for gas boiler maintenance, often known as boiler cover, can ease your mind if an emergency arises and you need to schedule a boiler service. You will be guaranteed that one of many Gas Safe engineers will be dispatched to you as quickly as possible to remedy any faults, such as the Ideal F1 fault code, and a boiler cover typically involves a monthly cost.

Check what we found to be a competitive price on our compare boiler cover for the best cover for your boiler cover central heating.

How much does an Ideal boiler service cost?

On average an Ideal boiler service costs £100, however, there are a number of variables that can affect the ultimate cost. For instance, the cost of a Gas Safe engineer in the south is typically higher than in the north, so where you live may result in a higher price. The type of boiler being serviced and its age are other considerations.

If the expert discovers a problem with your Ideal boiler during the service, you will be billed for the repair in addition to the boiler service cost itself.

You can save money by scheduling an annual ideal boiler service in the summer when prices are lower and heating specialists typically have less work to do. Additionally, knowing that your boiler is prepared for the winter, when you’ll need it most, will give you peace of mind.

A Gas Safe registered boiler engineer should always be contacted when doing a Ideal boiler service.

How Can I Book an Ideal Service?

Contact a Gas Safe licenced installation in your area to schedule an annual servicing. The contact information for your installer, which may be found on the front of your boiler or in your boiler log book, is required when making a reservation.

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Ideal boiler service

When should I have my Ideal boiler serviced?

Your home’s boiler, which supplies both heating and hot water, is an essential component. Maintaining your boiler properly will ensure that it operates effectively year after year.

Your boiler should be maintained annually for three key reasons: safety, efficiency, and warranty. An annual boiler service will guarantee that it operates securely and for a longer period, keeping your house and family cosy and secure.

It’s for your safety:

Some boilers have it possible that a carbon monoxide leak can occur if it isn’t thoroughly burning the fuel. The primary danger to your health is a carbon monoxide leak; if left unattended, this colourless and odourless gas could be fatal. To find a leak, you should put a carbon monoxide alarm next to the boiler, but an engineer will have the chance to find a potential leak during a boiler service.

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By maintaining efficiency, you can reduce your heating costs:

Age causes a boiler’s efficiency to decline, which is negative for your heating costs. Engineers make sure that all boilers are running efficiently during a boiler service to keep costs down.

The Ideal Boiler’s warranty:

One of the longest warranties on the market, Ideal boiler warranties can last up to 12 years. However, if the boiler isn’t serviced by a Gas Safe engineer every year, this guarantee is rendered useless, and you’ll be charged for any repairs that are required during that period. Check our best boiler warranty page for more

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Ideal boiler service

Your specialist will provide you with an annual ideal boiler service report detailing everything they did after the boiler service is finished. Ask them to explain anything in the report that you don’t understand.

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Is Having Your Ideal Boiler Serviced Required by Law?

It is a legal requirement if you are a landlord to perform an annual ideal boiler service and receive a Gas Safety certificate each year. You have a responsibility as a landlord to make sure that any gas appliances are inspected and safe for the tenants to use.

Landlords are legally required to provide their tenants with a Gas Safe certificate before they move in or within 28 days of the inspection. Your tenant may see from the CP12 certificate that the gas appliances in the rental are suitable for their intended use.

To ensure that the gas appliances in the rental property are running safely and effectively if you’re a tenant you should make sure your landlord arranges for these gas safety tests every 12 months.

The purpose of the Gas Safe Register is to guard the public against dangerous gas work. It accomplishes this in two primary ways: by operating the Register itself, checking the accuracy and timeliness of the list of qualified and competent engineers, evaluating the work of Gas Safe registered engineers, and looking into reports of unauthorised gas work.

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Can a boiler’s lack of maintenance affect my Idea boiler warranty?

Not getting your annual ideal boiler service could void your Ideal warranty and prevent you from benefiting from any Ideal guarantee features. Many warranty terms and conditions stipulate that you must schedule an annual ideal boiler service every year with a Gas Safe engineer. By doing so, they can ensure that your boiler is operating well and prevent any further malfunctions.

What Advantages Come with Having Your Ideal Boiler Serviced?

Receiving regular maintenance for your gas Ideal boiler has a number of advantages. This may result in a decrease in your energy costs, the continuation of your boiler’s warranty, an increase in its longevity, and, most importantly, your protection.

A broken or malfunctioning boiler can cause catastrophic explosions, fires, and even carbon monoxide poisoning. Having your gas boiler serviced annually will make your home a safer place. Annual boiler service will help you identify any problems early and safeguard your house and family.

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How can I verify whether my boiler is still covered under warranty?

If you’re not sure if your Ideal boiler is still covered by warranty and want to see what expenses you might spend for your boiler care, all you have to do is look at the boiler documentation to see how long your warranty is still valid.

Boiler Service
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Ideal boiler customer service

If you have a question regarding Ideal’s boilers, heating controls, or heat pumps, get in touch with Ideal here. Since Ideal is committed to giving all of its client’s exceptional service and technical assistance.

Plans for boiler services

Consider an annual ideal boiler service plan, regardless of whether you have a regular boiler, system boiler, or an Ideal logic combi boiler. If you believe you will have trouble paying the one-time expense of boiler servicing. With these options, you pay for a service and any necessary repairs on a monthly basis rather than all at once. It makes more financial sense, in the long run, to pay for a service upfront if you can afford to do so because the monthly payments will frequently add up to more than the upfront cost.

Your boilers protection plan can be chosen to include servicing and repairs for boilers that are no longer covered by a warranty. For older boilers that have a higher risk of boiler breakdown, this is typically the best option. However, for older boilers, you might be better off looking for a new boiler.

How long does a new boiler installation take?

The average time to install a new boiler typically takes 1-3 days. Even though it may take longer if the boiler needs to be relocated from one room to another, a straightforward boiler installation should be finished in a single day.

The Boiler’s Maintenance

While a yearly boiler service is essential, there are a few inspections you can undertake on your own to keep your Ideal boiler operating safely.

The pipes should be insulated.

Wintertime cold makes pipes more prone to freezing, which can result in clogs that could raise pressure or even cause a leak or a complete boiler malfunction. The pipes’ resistance to the cold will be improved with the correct insulation.

Maintaining the health of any boiler is as easy as insulating your pipes with lagging (mineral or glass wool, polyethene, or foam).

Check the pressure.

The boiler pressure should always be checked, and it doesn’t even take long. The boiler may stop working if the pressure is too high or too low. If the gauge does not indicate between 1 and 2 bars, you can manually repressurize the system by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Insulate your house.

A property with inadequate insulation will allow heat produced by your boiler to escape, forcing it to work harder and consume more fuel to maintain the appropriate temperature. This will result in greater heating bills. Additionally, this will result in more component wear and tear, which could increase repair costs and reduce the lifespan of the boiler.

Annual Service

These are wonderful routines to establish. They cannot, however, take the place of an annual service performed by a Gas Safe licenced engineer.

When it’s time for your ideal boiler serviced, just let us know, and we’ll do the rest. You’ll receive a free estimate from a nearby heating engineer in no time.

We can assist you in finding a boiler engineer today who can assist you with everything from boiler installation to boiler service and repair. No matter if you have an Ideal combi boiler or not, we have boiler engineers for most occasions making sure your boiler and central heating are energy efficient, working safely, working fine and is the right boiler for you.

Ideal Boiler Prices – if you’re looking for the best price on your ideal boiler.

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