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Alpha Boiler Service Cost And How To Book An Alpha Service

Alpha Boiler Service Costs & How To Book Online

An annual Alpha boiler service is a significant part of maintenance.

To make sure your boiler is working safely and efficiently, which will keep your heating costs as low as possible saving you more money and you must have your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe engineer once a year.

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The lifespan of an Alpha central heating boiler is between 10 and 15 years, but only if it receives the necessary attention and upkeep it needs to remain in excellent shape.

We are the business to call if you need assistance with your Alpha boiler. We take great pride in offering high-quality services that will provide you with the security you require when it comes to maintaining the warmth in your house. Our team has extensive industry experience, and we have unmatched knowledge of boilers.

What is an Alpha boiler service?

An Alpha boiler service is like most boiler services out there. As part of an Alpha boiler service, a heating engineer must first come to your house to conduct a number of tests and maintenance checks on your boiler.

Whether you have an oil boiler or not, this should be done once a year by an OFTEC or Gas Safe registered engineer.

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Since a Gas Safe Registered engineer is included on the official UK list of professionals qualified to service gas appliances, you must buy a gas boiler from them. You may check the Gas Safe Register online to verify if an engineer is registered, and if you have any doubts then you can request to look at their Gas Safe ID card upon arrival.

An Alpha boiler service should last at least half an hour if the engineer is thorough, however, things could change based on the type of boiler and if they discover any issues or flaws while doing the service.

How much does an Alpha boiler service cost?

An annual Alpha boiler service cost £100 on average in the UK, however, this can vary depending on where you live and the boiler servicing company you choose. Therefore prices can range from £80 to £125 accross the UK.

Any Gas Safe registered heating engineer or company can complete the service, so it is always good to get a few quotes to ensure you get a good price. You can get an annual boiler service online now for £90 nationwide with our recommended boiler service company by clicking book a service.

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Service Checklist for Alpha Boilers

Alpha Boiler Servicing

The engineer will perform an Alpha boiler service checklist, which includes procedures for efficiency, safety concerns, and operational checks if needed, once they have established that they are certified to service your boiler.

  1. The engineer will visually inspect the boiler to ensure that there are no leaks or corrosive areas and that the flame is as blazing blue as it needs to be.
  2. The interior parts of the boiler, such as the burner, heat exchanger, main injector, safety systems, and spark probes, will be examined and cleaned when the boiler casing is taken off.
  3. The engineer checks to see that the water and gas pipework, seals, and flue terminals are all in good condition and free from obstruction.
  4. They will examine the gas pressure and flow conditions to make sure they are set correctly.
  5. Finally, the engineer will turn on the boiler to check for any operating problems, temperature control malfunctions, or any repair needs.

You’ll receive a service report detailing their work after the service is complete. The engineer will be able to clarify anything on the report that you don’t understand if you ask.

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Alpha boiler service requirements

Check out our evaluation of the top boiler cover plans right away if you need to schedule an Alpha boiler service from a dependable company regardless of where you are located in the UK. According to the most recent boiler care instructions, you should:

  1. Make sure a gas-safe registered engineer does any boiler-related work. When a boiler is between 10 and 15 years old, think about replacing it.
  2. Have your boiler serviced annually (check the average boiler service cost here)
  3. Install dependable replacement components

There is little likelihood that anything will go wrong with your Alpha boiler if you heed this advice because any problems can be immediately and effectively diagnosed as part of the service. We will never put pressure on you to purchase anything you do not want, and when we detect a problem, we will always be upfront with you about how urgent it is.

An engineer will typically visit your property for just under an hour to do a comprehensive service and check all the component elements. The engineer will discuss any findings with you after the service is complete and outline the next steps if anything needs fixing.

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Why Is A Alpha Boiler Servicing Important?

For your protection:

An engineer has the chance to spot safety problems like a carbon monoxide leak during a boiler service. An odourless, colourless gas known as carbon monoxide can quickly result in death or brain damage. Even if your annual service is not yet due, you should contact a Gas Safe engineer if you have any concerns that your boiler may not be operating as it should, for example, if the flame is orange rather than blue.

Reduce your heating costs:

As the boiler ages, it may work less efficiently, using more fuel completely to heat your home and increasing your heating bill. A yearly service will guarantee that all the parts are in the finest possible shape and give greater efficiency for a longer period.

Prevent Boiler Breakdowns:

If a boiler problem is not fixed right away, it could develop into a serious failure.

Your Alpha Warranty:

An Alpha boiler typically comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts between 2 and 7 years. During that time, any problems that arise will be fixed at no cost to you. You need to register the warranty, however, is only good for as long as you have Gas Safe registered engineers to service the boiler once a year.

Find out if Alpha has the best boiler warranty on the market.

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Boiler service plans for Alpha Boilers

You can compare a boiler service package (or compare boiler cover which includes servicing). To pay for any repairs and yearly maintenance, you would pay a monthly fee over a year.

Considering that these plans typically cost over £100 a year, it is frequently more cost-effective to remain with the annual boiler service fee. Some people, however, may find comfort in knowing they are covered should the boiler malfunction and won’t incur unforeseen repair costs thanks to boiler cover and servicing plans. For owners of boilers that are at least 8 years old and are no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, this might be a good option.

Alpha Boiler Repairs

Regardless of how high-quality your boiler is, a variety of problems can occur, and when they do, you want them to be fixed swiftly and to a high degree.

For instance, you can discover that the ignition failure of the Alpha boiler prevents the effective operation of your heating system. You might even discover that your Alpha boiler doesn’t dispense any hot water, leaving you without access to a hot shower.

Among the other typical boiler issues we may fix are:

  • Poorly functioning pilot light
  • Lower than necessary boiler pressure
  • Not warming up the radiators
  • Pipes that are frozen and making noises
  • Flowing and stopping hot water
  • Faulty thermostat
  • And a lot more

By turning to us, you will have access to a 24/7 specialised repair service that will visit your home promptly and give you an honest assessment of what’s wrong. Over 90% of the boiler crises we attend are resolved on the first visit; if not, we will explain what went wrong and how quickly we can obtain the necessary parts.

The good news is that we compare quotations for free so you don’t have to, and you can know what the cost will be before you agree to have work done. We also price our works reasonably, so we’re sure you’ll be happy with our quote.

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Do you need an Alpha Boiler Installation?

Are you interested in having your Alpha Boiler installed in your home? Every day, many people plan for new boiler installations, with some of the primary causes including:

  • Age
  • Poorly functioning boiler
  • The boiler is in poor shape
  • Uncertain of the boiler’s past
  • Effective boiler maintenance is lacking
  • Installation of a new kitchen and bathroom

Making the option to utilise an Alpha boiler is wise since you will have a dependable system with a long lifespan. You can choose the boiler type you want when you schedule a new boiler installation with us, but we’ll work with you to find the one that best suits your house and your needs.

When installed properly and serviced annually, an Alpha boiler should easily last 15 years before needing to be replaced. Let us know when you inquire whether this sounds like the kind of boiler you’d want, and we’ll go over each boiler model we have to offer. Our installation service is flexible, so our experts will come to your home to talk about your needs and settle on the specifications before coming back to finish the installation.

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What are Alpha’s Reviews like?

With more than 2,900+ reviews, Alpha Heating Innovation received 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot. An average of 86% of these are 5-stars.

More research into the Alpha reviews’ substance reveals that many of the reviews are either from engineers installing the Alpha gas boiler or other gas appliances to the customer satisfaction caused by the engineers for responding so fast to their problems. This might be viewed in two ways: first, Alpha boilers need some continuous care and are prone to failure; and second, when they do fail, engineers are dispatched rather fast and the problem appears to be resolved. Overall, Alpha has earned a lot of appreciation for the job that its customer service team is performing.

No matter what the needs of the customer may be, Alpha manufactures its boilers with that goal in mind. We at Compare Boiler Quotes have the knowledge and experience necessary to assist you in locating the best boiler for your home. Try our tool to find the best boiler for your home.

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