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Ideal boiler F2 Fault Code Meaning, Causes and Fixes

ideal boiler f2 fault code

F2 Ideal Fault Code meaning, causes & fixes

Ideal simplified the meaning of the F2 fault code to “Flame Loss”

F2 Ideal boiler fault codes indicate that the boiler is not safe to use and may indicate other boiler problems. These include:

  • Malfunctioning gas valve
  • Faulty fan
  • Flue obstruction
  • Problem with mains gas supply

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What to do if you get the Fault Code F2 on Ideal boilers

These issues are difficult to fix. You will need to have your Ideal boiler F2 fault code checked by a Gas Safe boiler engineer.

This means that although the boiler was capable to ignite the flame needed to heat the water, it failed to do so for another reason. This is different than an L2 fault. This means the boiler could not ignite the flame.

It houses a printed circuit board (PCB), which is the control center of your boiler. Each stage must be confirmed before the next stage can start.

If it cannot confirm a stage (e.g. the flame being lit), the fault code will be displayed and the Ideal boiler will stop working.

This is called “locking out”, and it makes sure that the boiler stops heating if all components are in good working order. This could lead to boiler damage and even explosions.

Ideal Logic F2 Fault Code Causes

There are many reasons your Ideal F2 fault code may appear on your Logic boiler. These fault codes require an inspection of your boiler and central heating system. A Gas Safe engineer can explain what F2 means for a boiler. Don’t try to disassemble your boiler by yourself.

Let’s now talk about the most common causes for the Ideal Logic F2 fault codes.

Faulty Gas Valve

As the main reason the F2 fault code appears on Ideal Boilers like the Logic Plus or Logic Plus, we’ll begin by talking about the gas valve.

Your boiler engineer will first check that the gas valve is not stuck. If it gets stuck, the gas valve won’t be able to turn. This will stop the burner and pilot light from receiving the fuel that it needs. Once the flame is out, your boiler will display an F2 fault code.

Sometimes, an engineer can repair a stuck gas valve. An engineer might not be able fix a stuck valve. A replacement Ideal boiler will cost around £2,000.

Loose or damaged wiring are other faults that can affect gas valves.

For more information, contact a technician for repairing your gas valve.

Faulty Fan

The boiler fan produces a draught, or flow of air. To ensure that harmful waste gases don’t build up on your property, the draught pushes them out of the flue pipe.

Failing fans can cause a dangerous boiler to not be able to vent its toxic fumes. This is a serious problem and the boiler may not start if it stops working. The boiler will light up if the fan is not working while it’s on.

If you suspect that your fan is not working properly, an engineer can inspect it. Our complete guide to boiler fan problems is also available.

Flue gases can’t escape

A boiler without a solid airway for flue gases to escape will display the Ideal boiler F2 fault code. This will cause flame loss due to a lack of oxygen.

One possible cause is the buildup of flue gasses. This happens most often if the flue is horizontal (through the roof), and there is no guard. This opens up to debris (leaves, etc.) This can cause a blockage in the flue.

A Gas Safe engineer can help you determine if it is true. They will inspect the fan, gas valve, flue to determine the cause.

Incorrect Gas Pressure

The strength of your boiler’s flame will be affected by the gas pressure. You should not have a gas pressure that is too low. It should not be too low or the flame will go out. Your Ideal boiler will display the F2 fault code if there is incorrect gas pressure.

A qualified Gas Safe engineer can check the pressure of the gas meter (from mains gas) and the meters to determine the source of the problem.

Gas supply issues

Your mains gas supply may be affected. Your gas company may need to be contacted if you experience other problems with your gas appliances.

Winter months could be when your regulator may have frozen, and this could lead to a problem. This will cause gas flow to be restricted and the Printed Circuit Board will send a command to the boiler to turn off safety lockout mode.

How do you fix a flame in a Vaillant boiler?

Boiler flame loss could be caused by a problem in the gas supply, or any other issue that makes it unsafe for the boiler to operate safely. Before you can reset your boiler, it is important to determine the source of the flame loss.

If you have a boiler problem that causes flame loss, Gas Safe Heating engineers are the best to call.

How do you fix an Ideal boiler’s ignition lockout?

Ignition lockouts can be caused by low gas pressure, carbon buildup and other factors. It is important to determine the exact cause of ignition locks. The problem should be investigated by a Gas Safe boiler engineer. Most boilers can be restored to working order with simple repairs or replacement parts.

How do I reset my Ideal boiler?

To fix fault codes or to get the boiler back to working order, you will need to reset it.

Turn the knob to reset the mode control. Then, it will return to its original settings.

After you turn the mode control knob, the boiler will begin the ignition sequence.

After you have completed all steps, the boiler will not turn on and the F2 error code continues flashing. Call a gas engineer immediately.

Do I need a boiler replacement if an Ideal boiler is showing F2?

This Ideal fault code is a sign that your boiler problems are becoming more costly than a new boiler. These issues may also be affecting your boiler, hot water, or central heating system. This could affect your comfort and peace of mind.

Do you wish to learn more about an Ideal boiler service? To learn more, visit this page.

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