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Baxi vs Worcester Bosch Boilers – Which is best?

Baxi vs Worcester Bosch Boiler Comparison – An unbiased guide

worcester 4000 combi boiler

Choosing a new boiler for your home can be rather confusing, with all the different boilers and brands it can be difficult to know which is the perfect boiler for you!

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If you have been endlessly scrolling through all the reviews for the Baxi and Worcester Bosch boilers and are still none the wiser to make your decision, we have the best article that can help you out…..

Who are Baxi and Worcester Bosch Boilers?

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Worcester Bosch was founded in the UK in 1962 by Cecil Duckworth, and in 1992 they merged with the German-based Bosch Group and for decades Worcester Bosch has been the leading boiler brand in the industry and is renowned for its high-quality build and aftercare.

They have won the Which? Best Buy Award for the last 11-years for its Greenstar range.

Worcester Bosch manufactures its new boiler ranges at its headquarters in Warden Worcestershire and its oil boilers at the site in Clay Cross Derbyshire. 

baxi logo

Baxi was founded by Richard Baxendale in 1866 and their manufacturing is based in Preston Lancashire, they became the household name for heating by 1955, Baxi’s most famous gas boiler, Bermuda was then launched in 1966 and Baxi also celebrated 100 years in business the same year.

Baxi is recognised as a budget-friendly option and a mid-tier brand, they offer a wide range of boiler models, this includes regular, system and best combi boilers, they also have a great availability of part and aftercare service due to being based in the UK.

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Warranties and Aftercare Comparison

Most boiler brands offer a warranty with their boiler but Worcester Bosch offers a guarantee as well as a warranty it is one of their most enticing selling points.

baxi 800 combi boiler

This guarantee is an agreement from the manufacturer that they will repair or replace your boiler as soon as possible in case anything goes wrong, unlike other boiler brands it is not an agreement to repair the boiler free of charge.

All Worcester Bosch boilers purchased via Boiler Central, for example, come with up to a 12-year warranty whereas Baxi only offers a 7-year warranty on most of their boilers, such as the Baxi 600 model.

To validate your warranties and guarantees your boiler has to be annually serviced and by an approved boiler installer.

What is the price difference between a Baxi and Worcester Bosch?

The deal-breaker can most often be the boiler price when it comes to purchasing a boiler, this all can depend on the model you choose.

Overall as a market-leading brand, Worcester Bosch is just a little bit more expensive than Baxi. Some would say Worcester is the best boiler brand in the UK.

piggy bank

You can pay between £800 – £1000 for the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25i (that can only be the boiler and not including the installation, accessories or flue).

Worcester Bosch can be slightly more expensive compared to a Baxi 600 that can cost between £700-£1000, but the high the warranty/guarantee on the boiler the more pounds you can save on boiler repairs. You can always spread the cost of your boiler with a boiler finance plan.

Depending on the supplier and type of boiler you choose the price can vary, at Compare Boiler Quotes you can get a price in 20 seconds and find out how much a new boiler costs by using our boiler calculator.

How do their reviews compare?

Ahead of any other boiler manufacturer to date, Worcester Bosch has some of the best customer reviews on Trustpilot, as of February 2021 around 20,000 customers had left a review, their average rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars.

marks out of 10

As of February this year the Baxi boiler brand has tens of thousands of reviews on Trustpilot, their average rating on reviews is around 4.5 which shows their good quality boiler replacement quotes and options are and also aftercare.

Which? Who are an incredibly trustworthy third-party organisation, provide genuine, honest and reliable product awards from users.

Boiler size comparison

One of the main factors boiler buyers have especially those that have limited space is will the boiler fit into the space I want it to i.e my kitchen cupboard. We have a guide on the best small boilers here.

The Worcester Bosch CDI Compact or Si Compact were designed for small spaces such as kitchen cupboards, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar and Baxi 600 are also considered as small boilers.

Read more: Boiler size calculator

Controls and thermostat options

hive thermostat

Both Worcester and Baxi offer the Hive and Nest smart thermostats that allow you to schedule and control your boiler from your smartphone.

Baxi and Worcester Bosch also provide their models with digital controls that allow you to set a 7-day schedule and also conventional mechanical controls that have 24-hour programming.

Read more: Best smart thermostats

Baxi uSense

The uSense Smart Thermostat enables you to change the modulation and also schedule your own temperature from your phone or tablet.

It also has frost protection which means it will ensure that your pipes do not freeze up during the depths of winter which can cause your system to stop working when you turn it back on.

This is a good feature and is available in the most recent smart thermostats.

Other top features of Worcester & Baxi boilers

Check out some of each brand’s best-offered features.

Included in Worcester Bosch’s most popular features are:

  • Hydrogen-ready boilers built for the future
  • CDI Compact is ideal for smaller spaces
  • 10-year warranty plus an extra 2 years when purchased through Boiler Central
  • Excellent customer service and aftercare
  • A-rated boilers – efficiency rating up to 98.5% when operating at 30% capacity
  • Low pump limits electricity usage
  • Installed with the condensed sure Siphon, offering boiler frost protection
  • Built-in keyless filling link making it easy to refill your system

Included in Baxi’s most popular features are:

Baxi vs Worcester Bosch Boilers: And the winner is….

For decades both Worcester Bosch and Baxi have been around and accumulated thousands of positive reviews but we think that Worcester Bosch has the edge over Baxi.

Worcester has won the Best Buy Award 10 years running with Which? 

We would probably choose the Worcester 4000 – Read our Worcester 4000 review here for more information on this combi and system boiler. This will set you back around £1,950 fully fitted.

If you are looking for something a little cheaper in the Worcester range, then this Worcester 2000 boiler review will help you, coming in at £1,795 fully fitted.

If you are looking for a regular / heat-only boiler, then maybe go with the Worcester Ri range.

With a brilliant range of boilers including the Greenstar Compact which is ideal for kitchen cupboards, Worcester Bosch boilers also come in different dimensions and power outputs.

They have readily available parts in the UK and offer not just a warranty but a 10-year guarantee, whilst Baxi only offers a 7-year warranty as standard.

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