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Baxi Boiler Warranty

Baxi Boiler Warranty

When you purchase a UK limited boiler from Baxi, Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Viessmann, etc. you will be given a warranty to cover you for parts and labour in case any issues occur. This would be given by the manufacturer of your boiler.

Each company will offer different length warranties on each individual boiler. Baxi Boiler Prices

Baxi tends to offer a 7-year standard warranty or sometimes offers a great 10-year warranty on certain boiler installations such as the Baxi 800 range of new boilers.

Always ensure to please read the guidelines to keep the warranty valid. These are things such as registering the warranty and having an annual Baxi boiler service.

Warranty is excellent for peace of mind in case any issues occur.


Standard Baxi Boiler Warranty?

If a fault occurs Baxi customer support team often asks for small payment upfront before they supply a Gas Safe registered engineer, this will get refunded if the issue is warranty covered.

The Baxi warranty does not cover connected accessories or systems such as external pumps, motorised valves, and smart thermostats.

It is internal controls and the boiler only.


How Long is the Baxi Warranty?

The length of warranty you get with a Baxi boiler will depend on the Model you choose, generally the more expensive a boiler, the longer the warranty will be also.  Baxi offer what some might consider the best combi boiler in the UK all at a fair price with long warranties.

2 year Baxi warranty boilers

  • Baxi 224
  • Baxi 224 LPG
  • Baxi 228

Baxi 5 Year warranty boilers

  • Baxi 424
  • Baxi 424 LPG
  • Baxi 430
  • Baxi 430 LPG

7 Year warranty Baxi boilers

  • Baxi 624
  • Baxi 630
  • Baxi 636
  • Baxi Duo-Tec 24
  • Baxi Duo-Tec 28
  • Baxi Duo-Tec 33
  • Baxi Dup-Tec 40

Baxi 10-year warranty boilers

  • Baxi 825
  • Baxi 830
  • Baxi 836
  • Baxi Platinum 24
  • Baxi Platinum 28
  • Baxi Platinum 33
  • Baxi Platinum 40

Baxi boilers mainly come with a 2-year warranty, sometimes up to 7-year warranty throughout the different ranges.

Baxi often offers extended warranties which are limited.

Always ensure you check the warranty before purchasing a boiler.7 year warranty


Baxi Boiler Terms and Conditions for the Warranty:

Every boiler from Baxi, Combi boilers, System boilers and Heat only boilers all come with terms and conditions to keep the warranty valid. Each boiler terms and conditions could be different, always read carefully before signing up.

Here are just some of the terms and conditions, as well as some of the steps you need to carry out to keep your Baxi boiler warranty valid:

  • If you don’t follow all the terms and conditions you won’t get the full warranty, you would only be entitled to 12 months of warranty from the installation date.
  • The Baxi boiler warranty needs to be registered within 30 days from when the heating engineer installed your system.
  • Always ensure the heating engineer is from a registered office with a Gas Safe ticket. They must comply to the Baxi benchmark commissioning service checklist and leave the copy with you for future issues.
  • Ensure your boiler is serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer.
  • Store the boiler in a cupboard which has enough space for the heating engineer to install and service.
  • The Baxi warranty is for boilers purchased and fitted in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland.
  • Gas Safe engineers will put health and safety before repairs. Any safety issues will stop the heating engineer carrying out the service needed.
  • The Baxi warranty will not be valid if the boiler is not in the original fitted location.
  • All other latest terms and conditions will be put on the Baxi website.

Find out now how much a new boiler costs and get started with your boiler buying journey right away. 

Registering Your Baxi Boiler Warranty:

Ensure to register your boiler in the “register warranty section” on the Baxi website.

If you get a new boiler quote from Boiler Central, they will register the warranty for you.

If you would like a boiler quote or any information click here 

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