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Vaillant 938 Storage Combi Review: Pricing , Performance, Warranty.

vaillant ecofit 938
Vaillant 938 Storage Combi Review

Vaillant ecoTEC 938 Combi Store Review

Looking for a new boiler system or have a boiler breakdown and doing a little research?

Then welcome to Compare Boiler Quotes, the best choice on the web for boiler reviews and helpful guides. 

Today we’re looking at another great boiler system from Vaillant, the 938 storage combi, and this one is slightly different and more unique so let’s find out why.

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Why We Review The ecoTEC 938 Combi Store

We’ve reviewed many of these boiler systems over the years and learned a lot about how they function and how reliable they are. 

With all this information gathered, we know what systems we’d put in our own homes and which systems don’t quite make the cut. 

We are going to look at the overall features of the system, the build quality, the price, the warranty, and our overall conclusion. So let’s get to it!

First, a little about the company, Vaillant.

The Company: Vaillant

Vaillant Boiler Prices

Vaillant, registered and known as the Vaillant Group is one of the most well known boiler brands in the world and is growing year on year. Vaillant currently employs 13,000 people around the world. Vaillant have been building boilers for over 100 years and are extremely trusted in the UK, being one of the most respected boiler brands from the German manufacturers. 

With an annual turnover of 2.5 billion euros, Vaillant is a powerhouse of boiler manufacturing. This makes the Vaillant Group one of the largest boiler manufacturers in Europe and one of the most reliable. Vaillant has the knowledge and know-how to produce some of the most advanced and best-performing boilers in the world but how does the Vaillant 930 Storage Combi compare to the others? Well, let’s see!

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What Homes Are Best Suited for the Vaillant ecoTec Plus 938?

The Vaillant ecoTec Plus 938 is designed for larger homes with more hot water demand than the average home.If your home has 2-3 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms then this is the boiler for you. This is because the Vaillant ecoTec Plus 938 comes with the fantastic feature of an integrated water storage tank inside the boiler unit.

This has an incredibly high flow rate of 15.9l/m. It also has a high central heating output of 28.9kW and an even better hot water output of 38kW!

How Good is the Efficiency of this Combi Boiler?

vaillant boilers reviews-heat only

The Vaillant ecoTec Plus 938 has an A-rated efficiency. This is a great addition and feature in any boiler system as it creates a highly efficient unit with excellent performance, and even helps you to save money on your bills. All this and you have the green credentials of a reduced carbon footprint. 

All boilers are ErP tested nowadays and this boiler passes with flying colours, and an almost 90% efficiency rate which is really important as most other storage boilers will be on the lower end of this scale. Other boiler systems however can achieve an amazing efficiency of up to 98%!

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What about the Control Systems?:

The Vaillant ecotec 938’s control panel is simple to use and you can easily increase/decrease the boiler’s output and switch your boiler on or off. The display will also show you any fault codes on the system.

This information can be used to diagnose any issues with your boiler if it does indeed have any issues or any faults. With most of today’s modern best combi boilers, it is easy to diagnose and provide the information to a trusted gas engineer for a solution and fix. 

It’s important to note that you should purchase a boiler from a trusted manufacturer as should you require any repairs or fixes, you need to make sure the right parts are available easily and at a good price or you could end up needing another new boiler!

Vaillant has a range of thermostats too to help keep running costs down.

What’s the Size of this Boiler?

The Vaillant ecoTec Plus 938 is a large boiler due to the internal storage tank. It’s dimensions are 720x440x600mm, This is obviously quite large when you consider the size of other combination boilers on the market. This is understandable however, as this system has the integrated hot water storage tank and is therefore going to be bigger in order to provide hot water and heating to larger family homes. 

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What’s the Warranty Like?

We like to discuss warranties here at Compare Boiler Quotes, and what else is better than a secure warranty and peace of mind? Well we also recommend that the higher the warranty, the better the manufacturer trusts the quality of their boiler systems and this is an example of that.

The Vaillant system here, has a standard 5 year warranty that is extended automatically to 10 years if you use an accredited Vaillant installer. 

Pretty good if you need a new system installing and want to be covered for a decent length of time. 

Features at a Glance:

  • ERP Rating: A Heat
  • Efficiency Rating: 89.3%
  • Band Rating: B Rated
  • Standard Warranty: 5 Years
  • kW Options: 38kW
  • Mounting: Wall Mounted
  • Flow Rate: 15.9l/m.
  • Typical Price: (inc VAT) £1300
  • Typical boiler installation Cost: (inc VAT)  £500 – £1,000
  • Total Cost: £1,800 – £2,300
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An extremely efficient and reliable system with an integrated hot water storage tank for providing hot water to larger family homes. The warranty is high compared with other manufacturers and the sizing is quite large and will not fit in a kitchen cupboard. Overall we’d rate this system a respectable 7.5/10.

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Thankyou for reading our boiler manufacturer review, if there are other boiler systems you are interested in, we may have just reviewed those too so take a look through the site. 

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