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Telford Cylinders – Telford Tempest Unvented & Vented cylinders

Telford Stainless Steel & Copper Hot Water Storage Cylinders

Telford Copper & Stainless Cylinders Ltd is a specialist in the design and manufacturing of hot water storage systems.

The extensive range of high-performance cylinders has been manufactured in the UK for more than 30 years. They are covered by extensive warranties*.

The Telford hot water storage cylinders have been designed to deliver maximum performance and efficiency. They are made in compliance with the highest quality standards, including ISO 9001 – 20015 & BSI566 :2002 (PartL).

To ensure maximum performance and efficiency, all products are subject to rigorous testing by outside standards agencies.

Duplex 2304 is used for stainless steel cylinders. Grade 3 copper is also used in the fabrication of vented cylinders.

To ensure that the corrosive properties of all cylinders are restored, they are pickedled immediately after welding.

For indirect, direct heat pump, solar, twin coil and other applications, vented and unvented cylinders can be purchased in capacities between 90 and 500 litres. You can also choose from pre-plumbed horizontal, slimline, and vertical options. We offer a fast turnaround time and competitive pricing.

The company is a well-respected cylinder manufacturer in the UK. Recently, it has expanded its product line to include hot water and renewable heating packages. All their products can be used with the best system boilers available right now.

Why choose a Telford Cylinder?

Each Telford cylinder is supported by an in-house team of engineers and a national network service engineers. This dedicated support service is available prior, during, and after any Telford product purchase.

  • We offer the largest selection of stainless steel and copper cylinders
  • Direct, indirect, twin coil, renewable, & pre-plumbed options
  • ERP A rated Cylinders
  • Full design service
  • Made in the UK from premium quality materials
  • Superior resistance to corrosion
  • Fast turnaround time and competitive pricing for bespoke boiler services
  • Next-day delivery available*
  • **Lifetime warranty

If you have really high hot water demand and are looking for some of the best unvented systems, then read our review of the Megflo unvented heating system here.

Telford Tempest Unvented Cylinders

The Telford high-performance, unvented hot-water storage cylinders are made in the UK using premium Duplex stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion. For ease of installation, all cylinders come with 22mm stainless-steel compression fittings in 316L Grade. Additionally, primary coils have a larger surface area to allow for rapid recovery.

The cylinders come with a lifetime warranty and can be used for indirect, direct heat pumps, solar, twin coil, or direct applications. You can also choose from pre-plumbed, horizontal, and slimline options, as well as a competitively priced bespoke services with quick turnaround times.

Telford Vented Cylinders – Copper & Stainless Steel

High-performance vented hot cylinders for hot water storage are made in the UK using premium quality copper according to BSI566.2002 (Part L). All cylinders come with 2 1/4″ factory-fitted immersion bosses, and are fully insulated to minimize heat loss.

Cylinders are covered by extensive warranties* and can be purchased in capacities ranging from 50 to 440 litres for direct, indirect, twin coil, solar, and twin coil applications. You can also choose from maxistore, horizontal, and combination options. We offer a fast turnaround time and competitive pricing.

Telford Thermal Stores

Indirect, Direct, Stainless Steel & Copper

High-performance thermal storage from Telford are available in Duplex stainless steel or copper. They can be used for both active and passive heating applications.

Thermal stores are made in the UK using premium quality materials. They come in sizes of between 90 and 500 litres.

This product is suitable for traditional and renewable heat sources, in indirect, direct, or combination applications. A bespoke service, competitively priced, with quick turnaround times, is also available.

Why choose Telford Cylinders

Telford Cylinders are made in the UK. They offer many options for heating and plumbing. Telford Cylinders offer many options that can be used for any project, regardless of its size or budget. Telford offers a wide range of superior cylinder options and a lifetime warranty.

Telford offers a variety of cylinder options to suit your heating and plumbing needs in both commercial and domestic areas. Telford has a wide range of cylinders that have direct and indirect heating elements. There are many models to choose from.

Although they started by producing copper cylinders, they now offer a full range of stainless steel cylinders as well as renewable energy products. The Telford Tempest Cylinder series is one of the most affordable stainless steel cylinders on the market. It comes complete with all necessary accessories and an external expansion vessel. 

If you are looking at comparing cylinders, then a similar brand would be Gledhill who stem from making cylinders for decades. Gledhill hot water cylinders are popular in the UK and there are many different products available.

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