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Hydrogen Boiler Cost UK and Hydrogen Ready Boiler Prices 2024

Welcome to the future of home heating! By exploring these fantastic hydrogen boilers, you’re on the cutting edge of a technology that could revolutionise how we heat our homes, combat climate change, and reduce our carbon footprint.

Here at Compare Boiler Quotes we are convinced that hydrogen is the solution to our greenhouse gas problems, so here we’ll delve into the world of hydrogen boilers, their hydrogen boiler cost, environmental impacts, safety considerations, and how they compare to traditional gas boilers that we know and love.

So, are you ready to embark on this clean and exciting journey around H2 boilers and working towards a greener future?

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Hydrogen boiler price guide overview

  • This article overviews the costs and safety considerations of transitioning to a hydrogen boiler.
  • Hydrogen boilers are priced similarly to traditional gas boilers but incur higher running costs due to more expensive fuel.
  • The UK government provides various initiatives and incentives for adopting low-carbon technologies such as hydrogen boilers.

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Average Hydrogen Boiler Prices UK (expected)

We expect the average price of a hydrogen boiler to be around £2,500, with boiler installation included.

Due to the wide range of different property types and hot water demand changing from one house to the next, there is likely to be a range of options for us to choose from.

Hydrogen combi boilers will likely be the most popular once again, whilst we should see the superb hydrogen system boilers for homes with higher hot water demand,. We wouldn’t be surprised if boiler brands knocked the conventional boiler on the head, however, they do have their place in some older properties still.

Read more about new boiler costs here in our guide.

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Hydrogen combi boiler prices

Hydrogen Combi BoilerCost
25kw combi boiler£900
30kw combi boiler£1,100
35kw combi boiler£1,300
40kw combi boiler£1,500
*projected potential cost of a hydrogen combi boiler unit in the UK

Hydrogen system boiler prices

Hydrogen System BoilerCost
12kw system boiler£950
18kw system boiler£1,150
21kw system boiler£1,350
25kw system boiler£1,550
*projected potential cost of a hydrogen system boiler unit in the UK

Hydrogen conventional boiler prices

Hydrogen Conventional BoilerCost
12kw conventional boiler£900
18kw conventional boiler£1,100
21kw conventional boiler£1,300
25kw conventional boiler£1,500
*projected potential cost of a hydrogen conventional boiler unit in the UK

Hydrogen Boiler Costs in the UK

When considering switching to hydrogen boilers, it’s essential to understand the costs involved, including production, installation, and maintenance expenses. But fear not, as we’re here to help you navigate the complex world of hydrogen heating.

From hydrogen ready gas meters to replacing natural gas boilers, we’ll cover all aspects of the hydrogen boilers and the transition process, ensuring you’re well-equipped to make informed decisions about your home’s renewable central heating system.

Hydrogen Boiler Production Costs

As the demand for environmentally friendly heating solutions grows, major boiler manufacturers like Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Viessmann, and Vaillant are developing hydrogen ready boilers that can accommodate a blend of natural gas and hydrogen, making them compatible with the existing gas supply network.

These natural gas boiler systems are designed to run on up to 20% hydrogen, ensuring a smooth transition as the gas network evolves to replace natural gas with a pure hydrogen gas network.

While hydrogen boilers are still in the prototype stage, the ultimate end goal is not to increase their prices with existing natural gas boilers.

The anticipated cost range for a hydrogen-ready combi boiler is between £2,000 and £3,000.

If we were in any doubt about what is going to happen with hydrogen in the future, you should know that it is worth noting that hydrogen fuel cells, which produce hydrogen through electrochemical processes, are also being researched for potential use in residential heating systems.

Hydrogen Boiler Installation Costs

You’ll be glad to know that when it comes to hydrogen boiler installation costs, they are and should be comparable to traditional gas boilers, with an average cost of approximately £750.

However, the total hydrogen boilers installation cost can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the installation, the location, and the size of the property.

To ensure a smooth and safe fitting and installation of a hydrogen boiler, it will be best to make sure that you are hiring a qualified and experienced professional – a trained and qualified Gas Safe registered engineer who will ensure the installation process is carried out safely and in accordance with industry regulations should be top of your list to ensure your safety.

Maintenance Expenses

Maintenance expenses for hydrogen boilers can vary depending on factors such as the specific model and brand of the boiler and any additional maintenance requirements. It’s essential to have regular maintenance performed by Gas Safe engineers to ensure optimal functioning and longevity of the boiler.

While we cannot provide specific cost figures for maintenance expenses of hydrogen boilers at this time, it’s worth noting that hydrogen-ready combi boilers offer reduced service costs due to fewer components, which are also more cost-effective and simpler to install.

Comparing Hydrogen Boiler Costs to Traditional Gas Boilers

Now that we’ve covered the costs associated with hydrogen boilers, it’s time to compare them to traditional gas boilers.

We’ll analyse the purchase price, installation, and running costs to provide you with a comprehensive overview of how hydrogen boilers stack up against their conventional counterparts.

Armed with this information, you can make an educated decision on whether a hydrogen boiler is the right choice for your home.

Purchase Price Comparison

In terms of purchase price, hydrogen boilers are generally priced similarly to traditional gas boilers. This is a conscious effort by major boiler manufacturers, such as Worcester Bosch, to make hydrogen boilers a viable and attractive option for homeowners and businesses alike.

As the technology advances and hydrogen production becomes more efficient, the hope is that hydrogen boilers’ prices will become even more competitive compared to traditional gas boilers.

Installation Cost Comparison

As mentioned earlier, hydrogen boilers’ installation cost is comparable to gas boilers.

This is an encouraging sign for homeowners considering making the switch to hydrogen heating, as it means they won’t be faced with significantly higher upfront costs.

However, it’s crucial to remember that hydrogen boilers may incur higher running costs due to the more expensive fuel, which we’ll explore in the next subsection.

Running Cost Comparison

When it comes to running costs, hydrogen boilers are more expensive than traditional gas boilers. In fact, it costs nearly double to operate a hydrogen boiler in comparison to a gas boiler. Hence why eople may try money saving tricks to cut down on the boilers cost.

This is primarily due to the higher cost of hydrogen fuel, which can be attributed to the current production methods and infrastructure limitations.

As hydrogen production technology advances and becomes more efficient, the running costs of hydrogen boilers will likely decrease, making them an even more attractive option for homeowners and businesses alike.

How much does a hydrogen boiler service cost

In terms of looking after a hydrogen boiler, it will likely be the same as current ones where you have to get a hydrogen boiler service every year to keep your warranty valid. To keep things reasonable for people, we think that a hydrogen boiler service will cost around £100 in line with current prices.

Hydrogen Ready Boiler Prices Brands and Models (20%)

As hydrogen ready boilers to 20% continue to gain traction in the market, it’s important to familiarise yourself with the various brands and models available. In this section, we’ll explore the offerings from Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, and Ideal, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the hydrogen boiler landscape.

By understanding the different options at your disposal, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision when investing in a 20% hydrogen blend boiler for your home.

Worcester Bosch Hydrogen Ready Boiler Prices

Worcester Bosch is a leading name in the boiler industry, and their hydrogen blend ready offerings are no exception. The Greenstar 4000 is their most advanced hydrogen-ready combi boiler to 20%, featuring:

  • Compact and lightweight design for easy installation
  • High energy efficiency
  • Low emissions
  • Quiet operation

Prices for Worcester Bosch hydrogen blend combi boilers, including installation, start at £2,150.

With a 8 year warranty that can be extended to 10 years when paired with a Greenstar system filter, you can trust that your investment in a Worcester Bosch hydrogen boiler is protected.

Viessmann Hydrogen Ready Boiler Prices

German engineering meets hydrogen heating with Viessmann’s Vitodens 050-w hydrogen ready combi boiler. This compact and efficient boiler can be installed in any room or kitchen cabinet, making it a versatile choice for homeowners.

Key features of Viessmann’s hydrogen-ready combi boiler include:

  • German engineering and quality
  • Compact size for easy installation
  • Versatile placement options
  • Affordable price starting at £2,125, including installation

With its hydrogen-ready design, this hydrogen ready boiler provides an affordable and reliable option for those looking to switch to hydrogen heating.

The boiler comes with a three-year warranty.

This warranty can be extended up to 10 years if the installation is carried out by a professionally trained professional.

Ideal Hydrogen Ready Boiler Prices

Ideal is another prominent brand in the boiler industry, offering a range of hydrogen-ready boilers to 20% suitable for various budgets and needs. Prices for ideal hydrogen blend boilers range from £570 to £2,700, depending on the model and installation costs.

With their commitment to providing affordable and efficient heating solutions, Ideal is a solid choice for those considering a hydrogen blend boiler for their home.

Government Initiatives and Incentives

As the world continues to grapple with the challenges posed by climate change, the UK government is taking significant steps to promote the adoption of hydrogen boilers and other low-carbon technologies.

In this section, we’ll explore some of the key government initiatives and incentives related to hydrogen boilers, including the gas boiler ban, the hydrogen strategy, and available financial incentives.

By understanding the government’s role in facilitating the transition to hydrogen heating, you’ll gain valuable insight into the future of home heating in the UK.

Gas Boiler Ban

One of the most significant government initiatives related to hydrogen boilers is the gas boiler ban, which is set to be implemented in 2025 ( likely not going to happen now though we think).

This new gas boiler ban will prohibit the installation of new gas boilers, pushing homeowners and businesses to adopt more environmentally friendly alternatives, such as hydrogen boilers and expensive air source heat pumps.

The ban is a crucial step in the UK’s efforts to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and highlights the growing importance of hydrogen heating in the country’s decarbonisation efforts.

Hydrogen Strategy

The UK government’s hydrogen strategy is another green initiative aimed at promoting the viability of the adoption of hydrogen boilers. The UK government’s strategy outlines a comprehensive framework and roadmap for policies (safety, rules and regs), infrastructure plans, and feasibility studies to stimulate the uptake of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen.

By connecting hydrogen production to its transportation and storage infrastructure (the same as natural gas), the government aims to create a fully decarbonised economy powered by hydrogen – fingers crossed!

This ultra-ambitious yet completely viable, in our opinion, underscores the potential of hydrogen boilers to play a significant role in the UK’s transition to a cleaner, greener future.

Financial Incentives

While specific financial incentives for hydrogen boilers have yet to be announced, the UK government has pledged new nuclear and hydrogen technologies funding, including making gas boilers more efficient and hydrogen-ready from 2026 onwards.

This funding clearly indicates the government’s commitment to promoting the adoption of hydrogen boilers and other low-carbon heating solutions.

As the hydrogen boiler market continues to grow and evolve, additional financial incentives will likely be introduced to encourage homeowners and businesses further to make the switch to hydrogen heating.

Safety Considerations for Hydrogen Boilers

We bet when they first started pumping natural gas into houses across the UK people were worried about the implications of boiler explosions or similar.

Luckily we live in a world of health and safety so you can imagine the hoops companies will have to jump through to make sure that hydrogen gas is safe and stable to be in our homes.

As with any new technology, safety is a paramount concern when it comes to hydrogen boilers.

In this section, we’ll address some of our concerns regarding safety considerations for hydrogen boilers, including flammability risks and leak detection.

By understanding the potential hazards associated with hydrogen boilers and the necessary precautions to mitigate these risks, you can ensure a safe and efficient heating experience for your home.

It is important to note that hydrogen boilers are flammable and must be installed.

Flammability Risks

If you didn’t already know, hydrogen is a highly flammable substance, making the flammability risks associated with hydrogen boilers an important consideration. Burning hydrogen gas is a key factor in the operation of a hydrogen boiler.

To ensure the safe operation of a hydrogen boiler and hydrogen gas in your home, it’s essential to install appropriate sensors and safety mechanisms to detect any potential flammability risks.

Furthermore, proper installation and maintenance by a qualified professional are crucial in minimising the risk of accidents and ensuring the safe use of hydrogen boilers.

Hydrogen Leak Detection

Whilst not as dangerous as natural gas in terms of carbon monoxide poisoning, leak detection is another critical safety aspect when it comes to hydrogen boilers. Installing proper leak detection systems can help prevent accidents and ensure the safe operation of your hydrogen boiler.

These systems are designed to detect any potential leaks and alert you to take appropriate safety measures.

By investing in a reliable leak detection system, you can have peace of mind knowing that your hydrogen boiler is operating safely and efficiently.

Environmental Impact of Hydrogen Boilers

As global temperatures continue to rise and the impacts of climate change become increasingly apparent, the need for environmentally friendly heating solutions has never been more pressing.

In this boring yet important section, we’ll examine the environmental impact of hydrogen boilers, including their potential to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable energy production.

By us all taking the time to understand the ecological benefits of hydrogen boilers, we can make informed decisions about your home’s heating system and contribute to a greener future for all.

Carbon Emissions Reduction

One of the most significant environmental benefits of hydrogen boilers is their potential to reduce carbon emissions.

As all our favourite and major boiler manufacturers like Worcester Bosch, Baxi, Viessmann, and Vaillant develop hydrogen-ready boilers capable of operating on a blend of natural gas and hydrogen, the carbon emissions associated with home heating can be drastically reduced.

In fact, one of the top boiler brands in the UK, Worcester Bosch, has stated that all condensing gas boilers introduced after 2000 can accept hydrogen blends of up to 20%, making them an environmentally friendly option for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Sustainable Energy Production

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, including carbon dioxide, hydrogen boilers can also promote sustainable energy production through the use of green hydrogen.

Green hydrogen (the better of the two options) is produced through water electrolysis using renewable energy sources like solar or wind power, making it a truly sustainable fuel source.

As the production of green hydrogen becomes more efficient and widespread, the environmental benefits of hydrogen boilers are likely to increase even further.

By spending your hard earned money and investing in a hydrogen boiler, you’re not only reducing your home’s carbon emissions but also supporting the growth of a cleaner, more sustainable energy sector.

Preparing Your Home for a Hydrogen Boiler

If you’re considering switching to a hydrogen boiler, preparing your home for this innovative heating technology is essential. In our humble opinion, this very important section will guide you through home assessment and compatibility with existing heating systems, ensuring your home is ready for a hydrogen boiler.

By taking these steps, you’ll be well on your way to a more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly heating solution for your home.

Home Assessment

A home assessment for hydrogen boiler installation involves:

  • Evaluating the safety and appropriateness of using hydrogen as a fuel source in your home
  • Conducting risk assessments and testing to ensure that your hydrogen boiler meets safety standards
  • Ensuring that the hydrogen boiler can be safely installed and operated

Working with a qualified professional, such as a Gas Safe registered engineer, is crucial to carry out the home assessment and ensure that your home is ready for a hydrogen boiler.

Compatibility with Existing Systems

When considering a hydrogen boiler, it’s crucial to determine whether it’s compatible with your existing home heating system. Most hydrogen boilers are designed to work seamlessly with existing systems, although some modifications may be required.

To ensure compatibility, verify that your existing home heating system can accommodate a hydrogen boiler and make any necessary modifications.

By taking these steps, you’ll be well-prepared to enjoy the benefits of a hydrogen boiler in your home.

Cost of Hydrogen Boilers Summary

In conclusion, hydrogen boilers represent a promising, eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas boilers, offering the potential for significant carbon emissions reduction and sustainable energy production.

By understanding the costs, environmental impacts, safety considerations, and compatibility of hydrogen boilers, you can decide whether this innovative heating technology is right for your home.

As the world moves towards a greener future, hydrogen boilers stand poised to play a crucial role in our efforts to combat climate change and create a more sustainable energy landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hydrogen boilers cheaper to run?

Hydrogen boilers are far more efficient than natural gas as it takes less hydrogen to create the same amount of heat; however, the cost of hydrogen production can make them more expensive to run (similar to that of electric boilers).

Is it worth buying a hydrogen-ready boiler?

With hydrogen-ready boilers, we can reduce carbon emissions and fight global warming, making them worth the investment when they are available.

The boilers are designed to be compatible with hydrogen fuel, which is a clean and renewable energy source. This means that they can be used to reduce emissions and help combat climate change. Additionally, the system is based on the Internet.

Are hydrogen-ready boilers available in the UK?

No, Hydrogen-ready boilers are not available yet, but you’ll be glad to know that hydrogen blend-ready boilers are available in the UK, with manufacturers like Viessmann and Worcester Bosch offering models capable of accommodating up to 20% hydrogen in the gas mix.

These gas boiler and other appliances are expected to be even more widely available as it is likely the gas boiler ban is going to be postponed.

Can I convert my boiler to run on hydrogen?

No. Current gas boilers cant be converted to run solely on hydrogen.

In the future, a hydrogen-ready boiler will be the best solution for switching to hydrogen fuel, as it can be quickly and easily converted and will operate on 100% hydrogen with a few small changes from a Gas Safe or similarly qualified heating engineer,

As we have already stated many times, many existing gas boilers are also capable of running a hydrogen blend up to 20%.

What is the anticipated cost range for a hydrogen-ready combi boiler?

The anticipated cost range for a hydrogen-ready combi boiler is between £2,000 and £3,000 with installation. Fingers crossed that this is the case and they should be a much more viable option to the expensive heat pumps!

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