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Vokera Boiler Service UK

Vokera boiler service – What it is, costs & how to book?

Getting your Vokera boiler serviced is a common practice for making sure that your boiler is running as effectively as it possibly can and isn’t in need of any repairs. Vokera boilers are no different and require service just as all other top boiler manufacturers do.

Making sure that your Vokera boiler is running to its best ability should be a top priority for meeting your hot water and heating needs, as well as saving you money.

If your Vokera boiler requires service, fill in the form below to book it

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Who are Vokera?

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Vokera is a heating manufacturing company that is based in the UK and Ireland and is considered one of the top boiler brands around Europe.

Owned by its parent company, Riello, Vokera produces high-quality heating products for thousands around the country and are becoming a more well-known and trusted brand as time goes on.

Although it may not be as accomplished as some other boiler manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch or Viessmann, it has been praised for its products and heating efficiency, as it has been nominated for multiple awards over the last few years, including the H&V Domestic Heating Product of the Year Award.

What is boiler service?

Boiler service is when an annual check of your boiler to make sure it is still in working condition and doesn’t require repairs. A Gas Safe registered engineer will come to your property to examine all the parts of your boiler that are necessary to let you know if anything needs fixing or replacing.

Vokera Vision 25C combi boiler

Once this service is complete, your engineer will produce a report regarding your boiler’s condition, letting you know if there is something wrong and what it is if so.

Having a boiler warranty can make boiler services a lot easier and cheaper for you, as repairs or part replacements should be covered under this warranty, meaning no additional extortionate costs have to be paid.

You can get different warranty plans for your boiler and household, where they will not only service your boiler but can also examine and repair other appliances as well. This could mean annual servicing of your radiators or your gas pipes to also make sure they are in the condition they should be for maximum efficiency.

However, there is a chance that your boiler is beyond servicing and repair, meaning that will likely need to invest in a new boiler. Getting a boiler replacement isn’t always covered by your boiler plan, so you may need to buy one yourself.

To get excellent deals on your boiler service and warranty as well as brand new boilers, go to Boiler Central to choose the plan that suits you the best!

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What happens during an annual boiler service?

When you get your Vokera boiler serviced, an engineer will come to your household and start to check your boiler for any faults. They will start with the outside of the boiler, seeing if everything looks in order and see the status of the boiler light as this may help decide if there is something off with the boiler.

boiler service

After this, they will then move on to the internal parts such as the heat exchanger and the main burner to see if they are all working as they should be.

Once this is complete, the maintenance of the boiler pipes and flue will then be done to ensure there aren’t any blockages or leaking that could cause issues. Your boiler pressure will also be checked to see if it is the right amount and not too high or low.

The boiler will then be fired up so the engineer can examine it whilst it is in operation and reports any issues as this is being done. In the end, your engineer will produce a report of the condition your boiler and its parts are in, letting you know if there are any problems and what they are.

Most services will usually take around 30 minutes to an hour, but can sometimes take longer depending on the type of boiler you have. For example, system boilers may take longer to service as Gas-Safe registered engineers will have to also examine the water cylinder that these kinds of boilers have.

Vokera boiler warranty

boiler warranty

Boiler warranties are put in place to make sure that your boiler can be serviced and any repairs or additional costs can be covered by this.

For Vokera boilers, the warranty usually comes at a reasonable price for the quality product that they are and having a warranty for your boiler will likely save you a lot of money, regardless of make and model.

Warranty for Vokera boilers is at a minimum of 5 years for a few models, but the majority seem to have a standard 7 years warranty, which is a good amount of time when compared to some other top-brand boiler manufacturers. Some models can have cover for as long as 10 years, which will be the majority of the boiler’s lifespan.

Vokera boiler service cost

The cost of boiler services usually ranges between £80-£125 depending on what model your Vokera is. Bigger boiler models may end up costing a bit more to service as there is more to examine and repair if needed.

Prices may also end up increasing during the Winter months, as this is the coldest time of the year and the demand for heating will be greater than at any other time. Your area within the UK will also likely affect how much you have to pay for a service, as some places have higher hourly rates than others and you may find yourself in one of those areas.

service cost

Getting your service done by local installers rather than big-name brands will likely save you money, as they aren’t likely to charge a standard premium for the service that a lot of the bigger manufacturers do.

To get your boiler serviced at cheap prices as well as get the ideal boiler plan for you, check out Boiler Central.

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Why do I need boiler service?

Boiler service is vital to keep your boiler running as efficiently as it can as want your boiler to be able to meet your hot water demands and don’t want to waste money on your heating bills if it isn’t up to scratch.

If you do have a fault, getting it serviced will allow this to be resolved as soon as possible as it gets an engineer who is able to fix it.

hot water

It is also important for your safety as well, as sometimes the issue with your boiler could be something more serious like a gas leak or damage to something flammable that could cause a fire. This makes boiler servicing vital to you and the well-being of your household.

Also, a lot of the time, boiler manufacturers will not validate your boiler warranty unless you get annual service for your boiler. So to save yourself from extra, unnecessary costs, you should get this annual service done and keep your finances in better condition.

What does boiler service cover?

The most basic boiler services will cover what is considered the boiler and that’s about it. This would include all the internal and external components of the boiler, the boiler flue, and the pipes, where all will be examined and repaired depending on potential damage.

In more advanced plans, the engineer can perform maintenance and fix other appliances, such as your central heating system or your electrics. These plans will probably cost more and make your annual services longer, but they will make sure that all of these systems are intact and in good working condition.

Getting your Vokera boiler serviced

Vokera Compact combi boiler

Extending the life of your boiler is one of the major reasons to get annual service for your Vokera boiler, as well as looking after your own safety and preventing damage to your property.

It also allows anyone who has it to save hundreds, stopping them from paying ridiculous costs for parts and Vokera boiler repair.

To get your Vokera boiler serviced and get great offers on boiler plans with it, be sure to check out Boiler Central and choose the perfect plan for you!

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