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Eon Boiler Installation Review, Buying Guide & Costs

Eon Boiler Installation Review: Pros, Cons, Process & Installation Costs

eon boiler installation

Eon is one of the largest electrical utility companies offering sustainable energy solutions for many homes and businesses. They aim to make properties and companies much more energy efficient with their products and services, including Eon boiler installation.

New boiler installation is a popular service and a lot of people will be looking for the most energy-efficient boilers available so that they are able to reap the benefits. Due to Eon being a leading company in energy efficiency, their boiler installation is a popular choice amongst people in the UK and Europe.

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Eon boiler replacement

Worcester Bosch 4000

When getting a boiler replacement quote from Eon energy, you can go to their website to get an online quote for a boiler that will suit you. Like many other boiler installers, you will be able to pick out an installation date that best fits your schedule and a Gas-Safe registered engineer will come out to fit the boiler for you.

The boiler brands that Eon sells are amongst the top boiler manufacturers in the UK and Europe, including Viessmann and Worcester Bosch. They sell well-known brand boilers mainly because these companies produce the most energy-efficient boilers on the market, which fits perfectly into the Eon brand.

When completing a boiler fitting, the Gas-Safe engineers that are employed by Eon will get rid of your old boiler and install your new boiler. New boilers will be much better suited to meeting your hot water and heating needs so getting a replacement boiler can massively help with this. 

How much does an Eon boiler cost?

new boiler cost

You’re probably wondering how much it is to get a brand-new boiler installed by Eon, so we will go through the pricing and some of the finance options available. Customers are able to get a fixed price for the boiler they are quoted for, so all fees such as installation are included.

Eon’s boilers and installation cost starts at around £2495 and can go up to £4000+ depending on the model and brand you are wanting. The type of boiler and the location you want it to be installed is also a factor that affects the price as more complicated systems will likely cost more.

The table below represents the kind of boilers available for installation and the prices you might be paying:

BoilerOutputEnergy-efficiency RatingPrice
Worcester Greenstar 4000 combi boiler30kWA£3,373.23
Worcester Greenstar 8000 combi boiler30kWA£4,186.27
Ideal Logic+ 24kW combi boiler bundle24kWA£3058.69
Ideal Logic+ 30kW combi boiler bundle30kWA£3,088.78

Obviously, this may seem like a lot to pay in one go, but there are multiple flexible payment options you can take to make it much easier.

Deposit before paying after installation

One of the financing choices you can take is paying a £250 deposit before the installation date and paying the rest in full once it is completed. This option is there in case you have the funds available to pay in full but would prefer to see that the installation is done correctly and to the standard that you expect.

Pay in full before the installation

You are also able to pay for the boiler and boiler installation in full before it is even fitted, which usually means that you trust Eon enough to know the product and service you are getting will be up to the standard you expect.

7.9% Finance Plan

finance options

This payment plan is one of the two main finance plans Eon offer and it allows you to pay £25-£35 in monthly payments over ten years, making it much easier to pay in the long term. You will likely end up paying more overall for this payment option, but it involves paying smaller fees over a longer period of time, which can be worth it if you don’t have the funds to pay in full.

Here is what some of the finances might look like if you were to take this option, with installation included:

Boiler PriceDepositLength of LoanMonthly CostTotal Charge
£2,900£0120 Months / 10 Years£34.61£4,153.20

This method also makes the monthly payments you make very cheap, which is why there is an increase in interest and you end up paying a bit more. 

0% Interest-free finance

Alternatively, you can choose to make monthly payments without having any interest added so you don’t pay any more than you need to. However, due to it being interest-free finance, your monthly payments are higher than the 7.9% finance plan. 

This is what the financial side of this plan might be like, with installation included:

Boiler PriceDepositLength of LoanMonthly CostTotal Charge
£2,495£036 Months / 3 Years£69.30£2,495

If you have the funds available to pay a higher fee every month, then this is definitely a viable option to take as you will also be able to pay off the payment quicker. 

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Eon boiler installation


One of the main advantages of Eon is that because they are an energy-efficient company, the products and services they offer also maximise efficiency. This means that you won’t have money going to waste when you pay your energy bills due to the high efficiency of the boilers that they sell. 

They also offer a range of different boiler types, such as combi boilers, system boilers and regular boilers, all on a variation of finance plans, meaning you are able to get the boiler that you want at a reasonable price that suits you. 



Although some of the finance options are extremely helpful when paying for boiler installation by Eon, it also means you are subject to a credit check. This means those with lower credit scores or worse credit history may find it a lot harder to be eligible for these plans. 

However, the major disadvantage of Eon energy seems to be that they have a lot of mixed reviews online. There seems to be a list of issues that customers are regularly experiencing that bring down the ratings on sites such as Google and Trustpilot.

Eon online reviews

Having a look at Eon boiler installation reviews on websites such as Trustpilot, you can see that Eon has a very average rating of 3.4 stars out of 5. The issues vary depending on the review, meaning that these problems aren’t just in one area, but are spread throughout the company. 

A large chunk of the poor reviews seem to have issues with the customer service team, with responses said to be poorly timed and not helpful. Other issues include the communication from the business as well as claiming the service they performed wasn’t up to a good enough standard. 

Eon boiler quotes

To get an online quote for an Eon boiler installation, all you have to do is go to their website and click on the get an online quote button. This will then give you 2 options where you can answer some questions about your heating system to help get you the quote or you can schedule a video call to discuss the quote. 

New customers can also get a free boiler check to ensure that theirs is working effectively and to help them save money. 

Eon boiler cover

With prices starting at £7.99 a month, Eon also offers boiler cover for your boiler and central heating system. This is put in place so that you solve issues with your boiler that might come up after the Eon boiler installation.

This boiler cover is provided by Homeserve, who have access to a large number of gas engineers that should be able to service your boiler or repair any faults when necessary.

Below are some of the cover plan options available, which are extremely similar to Homeserve’s plans since they are the ones who provide them:

Cover PlanWhat’s includedMonthly Cost
Gas BoilerCover for gas boiler & gas supply line£8
Gas Central HeatingCover for gas boiler, gas supply line & gas central heating£13.50
Heating & PlumbingCover for all gas appliances, water supply & plumbing£14.50
Heating, Plumbing & ElectricsCover for all gas appliances, plumbing & home electrics£16
Heating, Plumbing & Electrics PlusCover for all gas appliances, plumbing, home electrics, security/roofing & pest control£18

To see what Eon’s cover is like compared to other companies, check out our British Gas vs Homeserve guide to see which one is best for you.

Eon boiler installation: verdict


Eon is a very well-known green energy solutions company that offers some of the best boilers that are available right now. They have good competitive prices with a lot of similar companies and also provide some great financing plans for their customers.

However, be wary of the poor reviews that seem to be rather consistent online with their ratings and issues that keep occurring with customers. This may make you think twice about boiler installations from a brand like Eon, as you can get better services elsewhere. 

If that is the case, make sure to get an online quote in just seconds with Compare Boiler Quotes, where you can get some of the best gas boilers on the market with next-day local boiler installation available.

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