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Best Boiler Brands UK for 2024: Top 10 Boiler Manufacturers

Compare the best boiler brands and makes in the UK right now

worcester boiler range

We’ve made the best boiler brands guide to help those who need a new boiler, you’ve Googled ‘new boiler’, 10 different boiler brands appear, and, then two hours later, you’re more confused and no closer to a decision than you were when you started.

To be honest, we’re not surprised, so let’s find you the best boilers from the top brands in the UK

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Which is the best boiler brand?

How do you decide what are the best boiler brands, let alone which of the hundreds of boilers on offer is the right one for you? Fortunately, our team at Green Central have already done the research for you.

In addition to giving you information on the top boiler brands, our guide also highlights some of the best boilers from them.

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As part of our research, we have examined 10 of the most popular boiler brands in the UK. In addition, we have examined some of the best boilers from each brand.

On the other hand, when looking into each of the boiler makes we have thoroughly investigated their backgrounds, reviewed their range of boilers and heating solutions, as well as gathered more information about both their warranty and their heating solutions.

The Best Boiler Brands for your Home & Comparing The Best Makes Of Boilers

Those of you who cannot wait to find out more and which boiler manufacturer topped our list will be thrilled to hear that it is Worcester Bosch.

It is also relevant to note that with regard to boilers and different boiler makes, what may be right for my needs and my home may not necessarily be right for your home.

Furthermore, while Worcester Bosch offers the most comprehensive package, there are some strong reasons why the alternatives may be a better fit for your home. Take a look below to learn more!

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What is the most appropriate boiler type for you?

It is critical to consider boiler types and central heating options before you choose the right boiler brand for your home.

Best makes of combi boilers

There are several reasons why homeowners in the UK choose the best combi boilers when they are looking for a new boiler. That’s why when people are comparing the best makes of combi boilers we take into consideration size, as combi boilers are ideal for boiler owners who don’t have much space.

viessmann vitodens 050 boiler

Essentially, everything is contained in one unit, which is integrated into combi boilers to heat the water on demand.

There are currently some challenges a combi might face, especially when you have more than one bathroom or need hotter water delivered to two outlets simultaneously. Because of that, the combi may have difficulty delivering all that hot water to many places at once.

Fortunately, several boiler manufacturers have developed a solution for that issue in the form of a storage combi boiler.

It’s more likely that you’re looking for a combi if you already own one.

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Best Makes of System boilers

Almost every make of boiler in the UK will also offer a system boiler as part of their range. Considering that for a larger home or where there’s a high demand for hot water, a system boiler might be a suitable choice.

viessmann hot water tank

System boilers store the hot water in a hot water cylinder, which means that they have a large volume of hot water ready to be used on demand. Our system boiler prices guide can help you calculate how much system boilers will cost you in terms of prices.

System boilers obtain their water supply directly from the mains. This means there’s no need for a cold water tank. If you currently have a system boiler, the most straightforward option for a new boiler quotes is to go for the same type.

Providing that, if your heating and hot water requirements have changed, there’s no reason why you can’t go for a combi. However, it will just be a slightly longer boiler installation process but definitely worth the wait! When an installation requires more work from a trusted group of heating engineers, the installation costs and prices may vary.

Best Makes of Regular boilers

Occasionally, known as conventional boilers, regular boilers are the oldest type of boilers to be found in UK homes, there are plenty of makes of regular boilers available on the market too.

Both regular and system boilers store hot water ready for use, and regular boilers also need a cold water tank that’s usually located up in the loft.

Since you might have a regular boiler right now, replacing it is the easiest solution. Otherwise, you may find that switching to a combi or regular boiler will reduce your bills and ensure long-term efficiency.

To Conclude: What is the difference between regular and system boilers?

A system boiler is a sealed system that only needs a boiler and a cylinder, whilst a regular boiler may need a header tank in the loft to provide the hot water cylinder and to maintain the water level in the radiators.

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The top 10 best boiler brands UK

So here we go, in no particular order, to our list of the best boiler brands for UK households.

#1. Worcester Bosch – (Best boiler manufacturer brand)

worcester bosch logo

Worcester Bosch is a boiler manufactory that’s strongly connected with quality and for that reason, they’re currently the UK boiler market leader and a well-known company in the boiler industry.

With a rich British heritage and registered in England as the Bosch Group (The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services such as cooking appliances) acquired Worcester in 1996, hence the brand name of Worcester Bosch Boilers.

Manufacturing is still carried out in the UK, with Worcester Bosch gas boilers being produced in Worcester while their oil boiler range is manufactured up in Derbyshire.

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Worcester Bosch warranty

If you’re wondering about the quality of Worcester Bosch boilers, look no further than their warranties. This will show the confidence they have in their range of domestic boilers.

In our Worcester Bosch 8000 review, we discuss the impressive 10-year boiler warranty that comes as standard, on the account of this knowledge, additionally, it’s not only selected combi boilers that come with that 10 years warranty period, there are also system and regular boilers entitled to the 10 years of cover with their brand-new boilers

If the longevity of boilers is of importance to you, then please do take a look at the Worcester Bosch system filter. Designed to protect your boilers from debris and pollutants that can find their way into the system, this provides a more cost-effective way of protecting your investment as it saves money from repairment prices.

If you’re looking for maximum energy efficiency from a combi boiler, then make sure that you get at least a wireless thermostat included with your Worcester Bosch. This will help reduce your energy bills. Alternatively, if you want to upgrade you can get the Bosch EasyControl smart thermostat.

The top Worcester Bosch combi boiler

If we were to offer you just one Worcester Bosch boiler, the new Worcester Bosch 4000 boiler must be it.

worcester 4000 combi boiler

This remains the most popular boiler in the Worcester Boilers range, and it is also designed for average-sized homes with one bathroom.

Discounting the fact, that the Greenstar 4000 is small enough to fit between kitchen cupboards, it can still deliver enough hot water to fill a kitchen sink within 45 seconds.

As a result, if you cannot get gas (for a gas boiler) at your property, Worcester oil boilers and floor-standing boilers have a deserved reputation among homeowners and heating engineers alike. Oil boilers, however, are relatively uncommon, they have a higher long-term cost because heating oil is more expensive than natural gas.

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#2. Viessmann – 2nd Best boiler brand

viessmann logo

Viessmann boilers is a well-known international constructor of heating solutions and exist to be regarded as one of the top boiler brands. Despite being a family business, they have a staff of over 12,000 as well as a presence in more than 120 countries across the world.

In the UK, Viessmann has a head office in Telford from where sales, customer service and technical advice are provided.

Viessmann warranty

A warranty offered by Viessmann boilers depends not only on the model but also on who installs it for you. For example, if the heating engineers had attended training at the Viessmann Academy, the warranty might be longer.

That then means that there could be a 12-year period of cover on offer for some Viessmann boilers, and that includes the Vitodens 100-W.

The top Viessmann combi boiler

Honourably, we’re struggling here as to whether to tell you all about the Viessmann Vitodens 050-W or the Viessmann Vitodens 100-W and as we think they are two of the most excellent combi boilers, we’re willing to cheat and tell you a bit about both!

Viessmann Vitodens 050-W

viessmann vitodens 050 w combi boiler

Let’s begin with the Viessmann Vitodens 050-W boiler model, which although it is a budget boiler in terms of costs, it offers a lot.

Suitable for homes of up to three bedrooms, the Vitodens 050 is fitted with a stainless steel heat exchanger to improve energy efficiency and longevity.

As a result, this is an incredible energy-efficient boiler that achieves a rating of 97%.

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Viessmann Vitodens 100-W

viessmann vitodens 100-w combi boiler

Without a doubt, the 100-W model is one of Viessmann’s top-selling condensing boilers. A condensing boiler is fueled by gas or oil and achieves high efficiency by condensing water vapours as heated vapour.

It’s a practical choice for smaller homes, and its lightweight and compact design allows it to be fitted into a standard kitchen cupboard.

When it comes to efficiency, the 100W achieves an impressive 94% and as such, is an ErP A-rated boiler for heating and hot water.

If you’d like a closer look at this model, you can see our complete thoughts in our Viessmann 100 review. This will ensure you get the most out of your Viessmann appliances by utilizing the modern Viessmann boiler controls.

#3. Valliant – 3rd Best boiler brand

vaillant logo

Vaillant boilers originated in Germany, but today they are an international brand that is found throughout Europe. The Vaillant brand has been making Vaillant boilers for as long as 145 impressive years! That’s many years of experience in Vaillant boilers.

The Vaillant boiler brand has its UK head office to manage its customer service and a factory in Derbyshire, that’s supported by a team of heating engineers based across the country.

Vaillant warranty

Like other top brands such as Worcester Bosch, there are generous guarantee periods of up to ten years on selected Vaillant boilers.

As with the majority of their competitors in the boiler market, the offered warranty can vary dramatically depending on the type of boiler and the model, for example, it’s 2-5 years parts and labour warranty as standard but many have 7 to 10 years worth of warranty available when installed by a Vaillant advance installer.

So presuming you’re looking for a brand new boiler, do check this out before placing your order and with that consideration if you are still considering a Vaillant boiler check out our review online now.

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The top Valliant combi boiler

We mentioned earlier about the new combi boilers that can store heated water ready for use, and that’s precisely what the ecoTEC Combi Store is capable to provide.

vaillant green iq logo

Presently, you can turn on the tap in the kitchen without worrying about the person in the shower getting a torrent of cold water!

This is a powerful boiler with a 38kW power output, and it’s competent to provide hot water at a rate of 20 litres per minute!

We like that you can get all this output. Furthermore, the ecoTEC can be set to 16% of maximum power when you don’t need high volumes of hot water. In addition, Vaillant boiler controls are helpful to ensure you get the most out of your boiler too.

#4. Alpha – A reliable Italian boiler brand

alpha logo

Alpha boilers are part of the Italian Immergas group, which provides a heating solution to consumers in 30 countries worldwide.

Immergas is considered to be the leading European company in the heating industry, with over 7 million boiler manufacturers under their belt.

Alpha warranty

Comparatively to all heating manufacturing businesses, the warranty length available on Alpha boilers varies between models and the performance and feedback from Alpha Boilers customers are various too.

This means that their incredibly popular Alpha E-Tec Plus combi is offered with a ten-year warranty, while the E-Tec and Evoke combi come with a seven-year warranty.

The top Alpha combi boiler

alpha etec boiler

Designed for medium-sized homes, the E-Tec Plus is available in three different power outputs, 28kW 33kW and 38kW. So, this could be on the shortlist for homes with higher demand for their hot water system.

With a stainless-steel heat exchanger and a high-efficiency Grundfos pump and hydro block assembly, it’s not surprising that Alpha feels confident in their no-strings-attached warranty, plus you get a free wireless thermostat with an Alpha boiler.

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#5. Baxi – 5th ranked boiler brand

Baxi boilers have been around since the 1800s, which means that Baxi heating has a pretty strong knowledge of the industry around them.

baxi logo

Set up in Lancashire, this is a boiler brand that is still UK based with multiple manufacturing sites across the country. Baxi is part of the BDR Thermea Group a leading manufactory of heating and energy solutions.

Baxi warranty

Up to 10-year parts and labour are available on Baxi boilers; thus, worth reminding you at this point that Baxi and other boiler manufactories do have qualifying criteria for their warranties to be valid. In other words, these are likely to include:

  1. The warranty is registered with the manufacturer within a set period of time.

2. The boiler is being fitted by a Gas Safe registered installer.

3. The boiler must be serviced every year. To make sure you keep it, check out Baxi boiler service and to see how much this might end up being, make sure to check your boiler service cost.

The top Baxi combi boiler

The Baxi 800 is a compact model weighing just 29kg and sized to fit in a 290mm kitchen cupboard. It should come with free wireless Baxi boiler controls with the option to upgrade to the uSense smart thermostat.

baxi 800 combu boiler 10 year warranty

Regardless of its size, the 800 comes in three powerful outputs, 25kW, 30kW and 35kW and they’ve not scrimped on quality components either.

First and foremost, this model has long-lasting brass fitments and then Baxi has fitted a magnetic system filter as standard which can only assist in the longevity of a boiler and makes Baxi boilers a logical choice.

This means that the boiler will be protected from damaging black iron oxide sludge. This means that you won’t need to worry about a replacement combi boiler quotes for years!

#6. Ideal – An Ideal choice of boiler brand

ideal boilers logo

Ideal boilers were founded in the early 1900s when they were known as the National Radiator Company. They have their head office in Hull, and they’re supported by their team of heating and boiler engineers who are based across the UK.

It all boils down to the fact that Ideal boilers are known for their innovative approach to providing cost-effective heating systems to homeowners. Their leading boiler is the Ideal Logic C30 combi boiler which also has Quiet Mark accreditation.

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Ideal warranty

Ideal now offers some of the most generous warranty periods when purchasing a brand-new boiler. The Ideal Vogue, for example, comes with a 12-year warranty on the condition of it being fitted and serviced by an accredited installer.

We love the fact that it’s a no-quibble guarantee giving you peace of mind should something need a boiler repair

The top Ideal combi boiler

Among all the Ideal boilers, the Logic Max Combi Boiler really stands out to us, as it combines ease of use with high levels of reliability through the use of cutting-edge technology. This is when used with their Ideal wireless thermostats.

ideal logic max

The Logic Max is fitted with the high-efficiency Ideal System Filter that guards your heating against suspended black iron oxide that can rapidly reduce the boiler efficiency.

We’re not the only ones who think this particular Ideal boiler is worth mentioning, this Ideal boiler also managed to be awarded Good House Keeping recommendations, the Queen’s Award and be Energy Saving Trust endorsed!

#7. Glow-Worm – A Well-known boiler manufacturer

glow worm logo

Glow Worm boilers is another company with its roots in Derbyshire and started manufacturing in Derwent in 1934 and has become a leading boiler brand in the UK.

In 2001 Glow-Worm became part of the Vaillant Group, a boiler brand that’s known for its innovative solutions and worldwide presence.

Glow Worm boilers is another company with its roots in Derbyshire and started manufacturing in Derwent in 1934 and has become a leading boiler brand in the UK.

In 2001 Glow-Worm became part of the Vaillant Group, a boiler brand that’s known for its innovative solutions and worldwide presence.

Glow-Worm warranty

At first sight, it might look as if the Glow Worm 2-7 years warranty is less generous than that available from other boiler brands.

Nonetheless, if you choose one of the engineers at Glow-Worm Club Energy to fit your brand-new boiler, then you could see the warranty leap to 15 years.

The top Glow-Worm combi boiler

The Ultimate₃ is available in two power outputs 30kW, and 35kW. This provides extra flexibility in finding the appropriate and best combi boiler for your home.

This boiler model comes with an automotive-grade aluminium heat exchanger, which is usually associated with premium brands at much higher prices.

The Ultimate₃ is also fitted with a Grundfos modulating pump to help reduce energy usage and to improve energy efficiency. Furthermore, our experience tells us that this is a reliable boiler from one of the most reputable manufacturers

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#8. Vokèra – 8th ranked boiler manufacturer

vokera logo

Vokèra boilers may not be one of the best-known boiler brands but regardless, they have been established for over 35 years and have a network of offices across the UK.

Vokèra is part of the Carrier group and is a global provider of a range of technologies, including heating and refrigeration.

Vokèra warranty

The warranty on offer from this boiler brand does differ depending on the model chosen. For instance, there’s 10-years worth of warranty for the Evolve range of combi boilers, but it drops to 5 years for the regular Mynute.

Do make sure though that you meet all of Vokèra’s requirements for a valid warranty, as when these aren’t satisfied, the warranty can drop right down to 12 months.

The top Vokèra combi boiler

The Evolve is a top-spec and highly efficient boiler, it was mentioned that Vokèra stated that it’s one of the highest quality boilers that they’ve produced

There’s a real focus on efficiency, and while you may see this mentioned for other boilers, Vokèra has some evidence to back up this claim.

Predominantly, the Evolve has a modulation ratio of 1:7 whilst the normal ratio is 1:6. This means that your boiler can reduce its output saving energy and reducing bills.

As a result, the Evolve is compatible with the BeSmart systems this means that your heating controls can be accessed via an app on your mobile phone.

Currently, you have control of your system no matter where you are, and you don’t need to leave the heating on to come back to a warm home. With the BeSmart, you can simply turn up the thermostat thirty minutes before you arrive.

#9. Intergas – A lesser-known brand for boilers in the UK

intergas logo

Intergas boilers is a Dutch boiler brand with over 50 years of experience in boiler technology.

This is a brand with a well-deserved reputation for the reliability of its boilers. Their heat exchanger, for example, has never suffered a mechanical failure. This makes it a strong candidate for offering some of the most extensive range of boilers on the domestic and commercial markets.

Intergas joined Rheem’s Global Water Division in 2019, Rheem is the biggest boiler manufactory in the US and operates in over fifty countries.

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Intergas warranty

The warranty period offered by Intergas depends on the exact boiler model chosen, for the Eco RF and Xclusive range, for instance, the period of cover is ten years. However, for the Rapid boiler, it is reduced to three years.

It is worth understanding though that there is a separate warranty period on the heat exchanger which for the Rapid boiler is seven years.

The top Intergas combi boiler

The Xclusive is the latest addition to this boiler brand. It includes the ability to manage your heating remotely. In addition, it has the functionality to allow your installer access to the system to ensure ongoing high levels of efficiency.

The modulation ratio of 1:9 further increases the efficiency of the Xclusive, and there’s the option for what’s called Priority Hot Water, this causes a brief switch to the boiler to focus on providing hot water rather than heating.

As a result, hot water is supplied much quicker than you would usually expect without any real noticeable impact on the heating temperature.

#10. Potterton – A trustworthy manufacturer

potterton logo

Potterton boilers have a rich British history, with Thomas Potterton launching one of his first boilers back in 1894.

They have become a well-known and trusted boiler brand with a Warwickshire head office and manufacturing plant and a second site in Rugby.

In 1988 Potterton Boilers was acquired by Baxi, but they continue to be known as one of the leading boiler brands.

Potterton warranty

When you purchase a new Potterton boiler for your home, you’ll receive a no-quibble warranty of up to 7-years.

The top Potterton combi boiler

It was an effortless choice for us in deciding which Potterton boiler we’d provide details of for you, and that’s because Titanium is a fully modulating boiler.

In other words, it provides the opportunity for substantial energy savings by regulating its output to meet demand, especially when used with Potterton boiler controls.

The Titanium is available in 4 different power outputs, making it suitable for a wide range of property sizes. If you have had boiler problems finding a suitable location for a boiler in the past, the Titanium can be fitted with a flue of up to 20 metres.

The Best boiler brands – conclusion

The best boiler brands are:

  1. Worcester Bosch
  2. Viessmann
  3. Valliant
  4. Alpha
  5. Baxi
  6. Ideal
  7. Glow-worm
  8. Vokèra
  9. Intergas
  10. Potterton

Whichever heating system you decide to buy, in terms of boiler prices, reliability, support and warranty are the four key considerations that we tend to focus on.

Whether you’re looking for a complete central heating system, the most reliable boiler brand or one of the cheaper boilers.

Worcester Bosch is the top boiler brand in our opinion as they tick all of the boxes for their boilers, as well as more boxes than the competition, such as great customer service. Therefore, we are confident you will not go far wrong with a boiler from this fantastic brand. When you search reviews on this fantastic company you will see that they are at an excellent 4.6/5 with tens of thousands of positive reviews!

If you’re now ready for a new boiler quote, we’re here to help!

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