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Baxi Boiler Service Cost Guide & How To Book Online

Baxi boiler service cost, what’s involved and how to book

Are you looking for a Baxi boiler service? Luckily you have to come to the right place as we compare Baxi boiler service costs and see what is included as part of the maintenance.

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Servicing a Baxi boiler is very important for it to run as efficiently as it possibly can and have a long, healthy life.

As one of the top manufacturers of boilers, Baxi boilers are no different and require regular servicing for them to be the top-notch boilers they create, so we’ll go through why a Baxi boiler service is important and how much they cost.

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What is a Baxi boiler service?

A Baxi Boiler service is when an engineer will come to your property to check on the well-being of your boiler and ensure that no repairs are needed.

If there are any needed, given that you have a boiler cover plan, the engineer will proceed to fix or replace any parts that they deem necessary to get your Baxi boiler back up and running efficiently.

Baxi 200-800 series combi boiler

The boiler cover is in place so that you don’t have any unnecessary costs that might come with purchasing or fitting boiler parts. It should all be covered under warranty and will save you money in the long run.

If your boiler is broken beyond repair, a replacement boiler will likely be the action to take, which isn’t always covered under your boiler warranty. So getting a new boiler at a cheap price on good terms is ideal when doing this, as this will help you save on energy and heating bills.

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What is included in a Baxi boiler service

When getting your annual Baxi boiler service, firstly, a Gas Safe registered engineer will make their way to your household and go to your boiler. They will initially check the outside of the boiler, making sure that everything looks in order and up to standard, usually to monitor the technology like the boiler light to see if it claims anything is wrong.

Then they will move on to check the internal parts of your Baxi boiler by removing the boiler casing, this is to check things like the main burner and the heat exchanger, ensuring nothing is in need of repair.

Once that is done the boiler casing is put back on the water and gas pipework, as well as the boiler flue is examined in case there are any blockages or leaks that could prevent your boiler from running efficiently. Your Baxi boiler is then fired up to see how it performs during full operation.

Once this is complete, the engineer will produce a service report of your boiler, showing you what kind of status it’s in. If your boiler is in good working order, everything should be fine and the engineer will be on their way.

However, if there are broken parts in need of repair, they will proceed to fix them or replace them so it is back up and running again, which should come under your boiler warranty if you have it. There is a chance that your boiler is beyond fixing and a replacement boiler is needed which isn’t always covered by your boiler plan.

If that is the case, be sure to check Boiler Central for great offers on a brand new boiler from some of the top boiler manufacturers.

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How much does Baxi boiler service cost?

A Baxi boiler service cost £100 on average in the UK, and this price is influenced by a number of different factors. Where you live within the UK is one of the big factors, as rates of hourly pay can change depending on your location, meaning it could be slightly more expensive where you are.

cost of service

Getting a Baxi boiler service during the winter will also probably raise than price than in other seasons, as winter has the coldest months year-round. This means the demand for heating and hot water will be higher than at any other time of the year, so the cost of a boiler service is likely to increase.

Also, the boiler service price can vary depending on the model of Baxi boiler you have as bigger models are likely to be more expensive as there is more to check over meaning more maintenance and support are required.

Local boiler companies are likely to be cheaper than getting your service done through big-brand boiler manufacturers, as they can sometimes charge a standard premium for getting it done through them.

If that is the case, be sure to check out Boiler Central and get your boiler cover and service done through them at some of the best prices on the current market.

Baxi boiler service FAQs

Why should I get an annual Baxi boiler service?

Annual servicing for your boiler is vital for it to work at its maximum ability and to ensure that any repairs can be dealt with to achieve this.

A broken boiler not only means that your demand for heating and hot water cannot be met, but it can also have serious dangerous ramifications if left unfixed, such as carbon monoxide leaks or even fires.

Most boiler companies won’t validate your warranty with them if you don’t get your boiler service done at least once a year, so to avoid costly replacements or fees for repairs, make sure to get this done and you can rest easy knowing your health and your pocket are in good hands.

What can be covered in a Baxi boiler service?

Baxi Duo-tec combi boiler

Usually, the most standard boiler services will include everything that is actually considered part of the boiler. This means the internal and external components, as well as the boiler pipes and the flue being checked and maintained.

Some boiler plans can cover more if that is something you desire, such as your central heating system or your electrics. For a great range of plans to choose from, go to Boiler Central and get the perfect plan for you at a great price.

Does a service affect the Baxi boiler warranty?

boiler warranty

Boiler warranty is a very useful thing for boiler owners to have, as it can save them tons of money in the long run from extortionate costs that can easily be avoided.

The majority of warranties for Baxi boilers are very well-priced and have some great plans for your boiler and you must get your Baxi boiler serviced every year to keep the warranty valid.

Baxi standard warranty time is 2 years which doesn’t seem like much, but can be extended to 10 for certain models of Baxi boilers, which will cover most of the boiler’s lifespan. Be sure to get annual service for your boiler, however, to keep your warranty valid.

Get your Baxi boiler service

Now that we’ve told you just how important it is to get annual service for your Baxi boiler, we hope that you will continue to do so. It allows your boiler to work at top efficiency and keeps you safe from any potential dangers that could be caused by it, whilst also saving you hundreds on replacement parts.

You can go to Boiler Central and get your Baxi boiler serviced for terrific prices, as well as get unbelievable deals on your boiler warranty.

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