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Vaillant Boiler Controls & Thermostats Guide

Vaillant Boiler Controls & Thermostats

Vaillant manufactures their own controllers and thermostats, which are particularly intended to run our boilers and heat pumps as efficiently as possible, hence contributing to Boiler Plus compliance. Simple analogue heating timers to smartphone App-based thermostat controls allow homeowners to regulate their heating wherever they are available. Customers may also connect to Amazon Echo and ask Alexa to turn up the heat, and you can give room-by-room management with digital TRVs with ambiSENSE.

Vaillant boilers are up there on the market with high-end boilers.

The boilers are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. You can also add extra controls to enhance the boiler to maximum efficiency.

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This will reduce your energy bills to as low as possible and make performance the best it can be to run your home comfortably.

The controls available are listed in the guide below, you can then decide which benefits your home and yourself the most.

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What exactly are Vaillant Controls?

Continuing our series of useful boiler technology knowledge, this time we’ll look at Vaillant Controls. What exactly are Vaillant Controls?

Vaillant controls interface with other Vaillant equipment, such as Vaillant boilers, using eBUS technology. eBUS allows our devices to make more nuanced decisions depending on what your heating system demands, rather than just turning them on and off like a standard thermostat.

For example, eBUS allows our controllers to activate your boiler with as little as 20% modulation if only a minor rise in room temperature is necessary. This modulation causes the boiler to function at its maximum efficiency; this technique is known as improved load compensation.

Their controls are designed to function in tandem with all Vaillant boilers.

What are the advantages of heating controls?

The Benefits of Heating Controls are:

  1. Aids in energy conservation
  2. Convenient control Temperatures that are pleasant
  3. Adapts to changing weather conditions
  4. None of your home’s requirements must be met.
  5. Heating controls for every requirement
  6. Almost all heating systems now have control.
  7. Controls are critical in systems with various components.

Vaillant Thermostats & Controls:

Vaillant boiler thermostats and controls help to ensure that you only use your central heating when you need it. Smart controls are rapidly becoming one of the best ways to keep tabs on this and help keep the running costs of boilers down. 

If you are willing to buy one of the top-of-the-range combi boilers then why not ensure that you get the best smart controls too which you can use with your phone or mobile devices. Every new replacement boiler quote should come with at least a wireless thermostat. 

Read on to see the thermostat models that Vaillant has to offer right now. 

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Vaillant vSMART Control:

Download the user-friendly app to your smartphone and tablet and control your heating and hot water wherever you are.

valliant smart phone app

Vaillant vSMART intelligent room control will memorise your hot water and heating routine. It has a smart weather accessory that will tell the boiler how it needs to work to heat your home compared to the weather outside.

If you like a warm and toasty home when you arrive home from a hard day at work or when you first wake up, set the times that you would like on the control.

The vSmart control comes with a freestanding unit or can be wall-mounted. The app can be downloaded to multiple smart devices, so more than one person can control the central heating system.

Vaillant VRT 350 Wired Control and VRT 350f Wireless Control:

The Vaillant VRT 350 (wired version) and the Vaillant VRT 350F (wired version) enable you to have full control of your time and temperature of your heating or set your days on and off times to suit your different routines.

Both controls have options for seven days, weekdays, and weekends. The five boiler running options are as follows; automatic, comfort, summer, set-back, and system off.

The controls use the bare minimum energy needed to make your boiler more energy-efficient and help reduce your fuel bills. The controls manage the indoor temperature and alter the boiler as necessary.

The controls include a blue backlit screen, plain user-friendly text display, two buttons to press, and a knob to twist. Both the VRT controls are simple to set your temperatures and manage the boiler running options.

Vaillant VRC 700 Wired Control and VRC 700f Wireless Control:

The VRC 700 (wired version) and VRC 700f (wireless version) can be used alongside all the Vaillant heat pumps and boiler range. The room thermostat works by monitoring the outdoor weather to let your boiler know how hard it needs to work to match the indoor temperature to the outdoor. This helps the controls use minimum energy to keep you cosy and to keep fuel bills as low as possible.

valliant wireless

A holiday setting for boilers included, so your central heating system is not used while you are on holiday.

Your time and temperature routines will be memorised, even if a power cut happens.

The VRC 700 and VRC 700f ensure the boiler is working to the best performance boiler and controls work together using eBUS language.

Vaillant VRT 15:

This is Vaillant’s most simple to use, user-friendly room thermostat.

The Vaillant VRT 15 boiler control room thermostat ensures your home is comfortable all year round.

How to work the control:

  • Twist the dial on the front of the control and let the VRT 15 control do the work.
  • The VRT 15 mechanical room thermostat works with all Vaillant ecoTEC boilers.
  • The VRT 15 can connect with the timeSWITCH 160 digital plug-in timer.

Vaillant timeSWITCH 150:

timeSWITCH 150 is a traditional control to work alongside Vaillant’s VRT 50 eBUS room thermostat to let you alter your heating on and off over 24 hours and choose a heating program.

The control fits with all Valliant combi boilers. It is to install to the fascia of the boiler, and no unsightly wiring is included.

vaillant controls

The timeSWITCH 150 reduces your energy bills by enhancing the efficiency of the boiler.

How to use: Set the heating ON and OFF times using the buttons on the control.

Vaillant timeSWITCH 160:

timeSWITCH 160 is a 7-day, two-channel digital timer that allows you full control over your central heating temperature and times and works with all the Vaillant ecoTEC system and heats only boilers.timeSWITCH 160 can also e used with the Vaillant VRT 15 room thermostat to control your heating in another room of your home.

The control is user-friendly, plugs into the boiler fascia, which is easy to install, and you can set up three heating and hot water programs per day, for a week. 

A holiday setting is included, and the control will remind you when your yearly service is due.

Vaillant VRT 50:

Vaillant VRT 50:

The VRT 50 allows you to lower the temperature of the heating by simply turning a dial. The digital room thermostat can be used with all Vaillant ecoTEC combi boilers and in conjunction with the timeSWITCH 150 timers. eBUS technology is used to ensure you have a comfortable home and to enhance efficiency.

Vaillant’s VRT 50 thermostat ensures no energy is wasted so that you do not have to pay for something that you don’t need.

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