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Baxi Boiler Review: An Overview of the Baxi Range of Boilers.

baxi boiler review

Baxi boilers review – Who are baxi?

Baxi Boilers have been a fixture of British Boiler manufacturing going as far back as 1866. With a brilliant network of over 200 Gas Safe engineers , Baxi is a company with a drive for innovation, service, and quality.

In 2020, Baxi is now part of a group of fantastic boiler and central heating companies known as Baxi Heating. This includes the highly respected brands such as Baxi, Potterton, Heatrae Sadia, Megaflow, among others. 

Baxi’s Aim:

Baxi is committed to delivering the best value via their energy efficient, reliable, and high quality products. 

Baxi are also committed to promoting environmental sustainability and outstanding technical support to all their valued customers. 

Their aim is to also deliver best value through reliable, energy efficient products and high quality service and technical support, while promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Types of Boilers in the Baxi Range:

Baxi Boiler Review

There are 3 types of boiler systems that Baxi offer. It is important to know what the various boiler systems are and how to identify the system you have. 

You may however want to switch from a cylinder system to a more modern and energy efficient combi boiler for which you can get a boiler quote here

Baxi System Boilers:

 A system Boiler is a tank based system which will heat your home directly via the central heating system. It will store hot water in a storage cylinder tank. 

System boilers usually come in three types which are stainless steel cylinders, unvented, and traditional style copper cylinder systems. System boilers are known to be a more easy installation than other types of systems and take up less space. 

Baxi Combination boilers:

Combination Boilers, or combi boilers as they are more commonly referred to, are boilers which will heat your water and central heating directly without the need for an external tank cylinder for storing hot water. 

These are newer, more advanced systems which are compact, efficient, and long lasting with better reliability. 

Baxi Heat only boilers:

Heat only boiler systems are also known as conventional boilers, regular boilers, and traditional boilers. 

These systems also have storage cylinder tanks to store hot water for later use. These can store more hot water and are good for larger homes with low water pressure and multiple bathrooms. 

Baxi Boiler Reviews: System Boiler Range

system boiler baxi boiler review

Baxi System boilers such as their Baxi 600 System Boiler will ensure a constant supply of hot water is provided to the radiators throughout your home. 

This system will also efficiently fill the hot water cylinder with enough hot water to supply your showers, baths, and hot taps so you always have hot water available. 

Baxi 600 System at a Glance:

  • Comes with a 7 year parts and labour warranty.
  • Compact Design.
  • High Efficiency.
  • Built in the UK!
  • Compatible with Megaflo Eco Cylinder.

This system does not have a cold water tank or expansion tank. This part is built into the system boiler. This is a better option as it is easier to service and install so should anything go wrong, you will not have too many issues with access and repair. 

The 600 system is also economical to run , so you will be making saving on your quarterly bills. 

Baxi Boiler Review: Combi Boiler Rangebaxi boiler review

Combi boilers are now the UK’s most popular boiler systems for heating and hot water. They are more simple to install and use. 

They are also more economical with running costs and repairs are more affordable due to accessibility. Many people in the UK are now switching their current systems to a Combi System and Baxi is a good choice for this. 

Being compact and space saving, you can integrate Baxi Combi Boilers into your kitchen space without even noticing it’s there. This makes them perfect for modern kitchens and homes. 

Being tankless, and without a cylinder, you also don’t require the space for cold water expansion tanks and a hot water cylinder. 


Boilers such as the Baxi 800 Combi are suitable for most homes in the UK ( 1-3 bedroom average home size) and as it’s in the middle of the range we will give this a quick overview. 

You can look up what the best combi boiler is right now, to see which one is best suited to you.

Baxi 800 Combi at a Glance: 

  • Comes in 25kW, 30kW and 36kW
  • 10 year parts and labour warranty.
  • Built in the UK.
  • Comes with an Adey Micro2 magnetic system filter to protect the heating system and boiler.
  • Fits inside a standard kitchen cupboard.
  • EasyFill makes it easy to top up the central heating system pressure without the need to call an engineer.

As an all-rounder the Baxi 800 Combi is a formidable contender in its class and with the excellent warranty and access to service engineers you will rest assured that you are covered for any issues. 

If you require excellent boiler cover for your boiler system, no matter what brand it is, then we recommend the following company who provides great cover for as little as £13.99/mo!

Boiler Cover Quote

Baxi Boiler Review: Heat Only Boiler Rangebaxi boiler review heat only

If you are in the market to replace an older boiler and have a small expansion tank along with a bigger cold water storage cistern in your loft space,then you probably have a heat only boiler.

If your home does indeed have an older heating system, then replacing the heat only boiler with a newer, more efficient model will perhaps be the best choice for you. 

This is because the higher water pressure which will be delivered by a combi or system boiler may be far too high for your current system to handle. 

Heat only boilers can also be the best choice for homes with a low water pressure and a lot of bathrooms. 

We will again take a quick look at the mid range boiler in their range, which is the Baxi 400 Heat.

The Baxi 400 Heat has the option of a top or rear flue, making it an easy replacement for old standard efficiency boilers.

Baxi 400 Heat at a Glance: 

  • 5 Year Parts and Labour Warranty
  • Comes in 12, 15, 18, 24 and 30kW
  • Top or rear flue
  • No pump overrun needed
  • Wall mounting plate
  • Front and side access for easy installation and service
  • Choice of flue lengths
  • Boiler Plus compliant

The Baxi 400 Heat is a powerful and economical boiler system which can meet most of your demands. Being incredibly quiet and compact, it will fit comfortably anywhere in your property without too much fuss.

It is a fantastic boiler with easy installation, maintenance, and is more green and safe for the environment than other typical heat only systems. 

Compare baxi boilers online now

We know there are a lot of choices when it comes to boilers and the different heating types of systems. Compare Boiler Quotes always endeavour to provide the best Baxi Boiler Review , or any reviews so you make the best choice with your new system. 

We also recommend our install partner Boiler Central and Yorkshire Boilers. Our overall recommended brand is Viessmann Boilers for their efficiency, affordability, and budget.

Need a custom boiler quote? We can help by answering 9 simple questions about your home. You will be on your way to having your new boiler installed in no time with a day and time that suits you and flexible financing all online!

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