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Best boiler for a 4 bedroom home in the UK

Which is the best boiler for a four bedroom home?4 bedroom house (best boilers)

This guide will provide you with all the information you need to determine which boiler is best for your four-bedroom home or property because it is usually a little easier to make that determination for homes with four bedrooms.

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Choosing the perfect boiler can save you money in the long term meaning you wont use too much gas for your boiler being over worked or too powerful. Use our online quote tool now to get the perfect sized boiler for your home.

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Let’s first examine combi boilers and get a general idea of what they are since we recommend starting with one of these:

Combi boilers for 4 bed homes and more

25kw – 28kw, 29kw – 35kw and 36kw – 45kw.

  • As a general rule, 25kw to 28kw combi boilers are needed in the majority of apartments and smaller two-bedroom homes and properties with up to 8 radiators of average size and 1 bathroom.
  • A 29kw-35kw Combi Boiler would be installed in a medium-sized home with three bedrooms, up to 16 radiators, one bathroom, and one ensuite bathroom.
  • A large five-bedroom home with up to 22 radiators and more than two bathrooms would require a 36kW–43kW combination boiler.

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Can four-bedroom homes use combi boilers?

combi boiler for 4 bedroom home

Combi boilers are a small, affordable, energy-efficient, easily installed boiler that doesn’t need a cold water tank or hot water cylinder in the loft.

If you frequently run hot water in two or more different rooms at once, a combi boiler is not the right choice for you.

This is because when you turn on the hot water faucet, combination boilers heat the water directly from the mains.

Since system boilers with unvented cylinders store hot water rather than drawing it from the mains, they may be a better choice for you. You should also look into what the best combi boiler is for your home before purchasing one.

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The best combi boiler for a 4-bedroom, 1-bathroom house

Combi boilers are widely available in today’s market.

Does every boiler work with properties of all sizes? “No” is the answer to this.

What is the best heating and hot water system for you?

Because the water from the mains is available as soon as the hot tap is turned on, combi boilers are the ideal central heating system for a home with just one bathroom.

We’ll list some of the best combi boiler choices for this specification below:

Combi boilers for 4 bedroom homes with 35kw output

Viessmann Vitodens 100-w 35kw combi boiler

The most popular boiler in Europe is the Viessmann Vitodens 100-w combi. For homes with four bedrooms and one to two bathrooms, this boiler is ideal.

Because of its small size, you can certainly store it in a kitchen cabinet.

With built-in wifi, the Vitodens 100-w 35kw can handle hot water demands that are higher than average. With a 94% efficiency rating, this hydrogen-ready combi boiler is also among the most energy-efficient ones available.

Ideal Logic C35 combi boiler

Another small combi boiler that can handle a higher-than-average demand for hot water is the Ideal Logic c35.

The price of this boiler is its best feature. One of the UK’s oldest boilers, it is as dependable as any boiler on the market.

The Logic C35 combi boiler is user-friendly and hydrogen-ready. If you just purchased a brand-new home, it is also the option of new builds in the UK. You’re probably going to have one of these combis.

Worcester Bosch 8000 35kw combi boiler

One of the best and most expensive boilers available at the moment is the Worcester 8000 35kw combi boiler. This combination boiler is built to be strong and reliable in the future.

The Worcester 8000 combi has an intelligent filling system, built-in wifi, and is hydrogen-ready. It is a large boiler in every way, but it still uses very little energy.

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More boilers for a four-bedroom house

Both Baxi and Ideal boilers have been in business for more than a century, offer a wide selection of boilers, are gas safe registered, and come with long warranties.

So how do you decide between Vaillant and Baxi?

4 bedroom homes and boilers: what to think about?

Cost of installation, warranty, size and dimension options, kW ratings, wall mounting, flow rate, and price.

We frequently base our choices on price, but the boiler that is less expensive is not always the one that should prevail.

This does not imply that it will be the more affordable boiler over time or the boiler with lower installation costs.

Baxi offers a 10-year warranty but nothing else, whereas Boiler Central offers a massive 15-year warranty with the purchase of a new Viessmann boiler.

Efficiency – How you handle your heating and energy costs largely determines this.

Size, Dimension, and Flow Rate – this is output-related rather than size-related. Don’t just choose the most powerful boiler available; doing so could be an energy and financial waste.

29KW-35kW is what we recommend for a property with 4 bedrooms.

To work out the right size boiler for your home click here to get a fixed price new boiler quote online.

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Which boiler is the best for a four-bedroom house, then?

Ideal Boilers wins!

This time, the smaller price tag has prevailed over the competition due to the 29Kw–35Kw output, which was marginally higher than Baxi’s, and the 7–year warranty, which covers everything instead of the 10-year warranty, which only covers the unit itself.

The best system boiler for a home with four bedrooms and two or more bathroomsbest boiler 4 bedroom house

As we now know, a combi boiler would not be appropriate for this specification; however, we do know that a system boiler would be appropriate for a home of this size.

A system boiler has all of the necessary parts built into one unit, but it also has a separate hot water tank to store the water. Because of this cylinder, you will have better water pressure when using multiple taps simultaneously.

Which boiler has the highest flow rating, and what kind of boiler model do you select? The cost of the boiler is another important consideration.

Additionally, there are the Vokera Evolve S System Gas Boiler, Viessmann Vitodens 200-W System Gas Boiler, and Intergas Compact HRE SB 40 System Gas Boiler.

System boilers and four-bedroom homes: some things to think about

Prices, installation fees, warranties, size and dimension options, KW options, wall mounting, efficiency rating, and flow rate.

Price: the Worcester Bosch 4000 24kw system boiler is more expensive initially, but this does not necessarily imply that it will be more expensive overall when efficiency, warranty, and output energy are taken into account.

Warranty: take into consideration the warranty when thinking about buying because it will increase your peace of mind in the long run if any issues arise.

combi boiler for 4 bedroom house

For ten years, Worcester Bosch boilers are guaranteed against any manufacturing or material flaws.

Vaillant offers a 5-year warranty that can be extended to 7–10 years, but this only applies to component failure; it does not cover damage caused by water.

Efficiency: by only using the heating when necessary, you can manage your heating to lower your energy costs and lessen your impact on the environment.

In modern times, a smartphone can easily control this. When you get home, you can sit in your office and turn on the heat!

You should have your boiler serviced annually by a gas safe registered engineer to make sure it is operating as efficiently as possible. This will aid in identifying any flaws that might develop and become a problem for your warranty.

A property with two or more bathrooms requires a system boiler with an output of 18 to 30 kW.

Vaillant has slightly more power to win this part.

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Best system boiler for 4 bedroom house

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 24kw system wins!

This is one of the best system boilers currently on the market, and it is flying off the shelves of the neighbourhood plumbing supply store. It has built-in WiFi, is hydrogen-ready, and is energy-efficient.

You can be sure you are getting a great 10-year guarantee that will cover parts and labour along the way because it is a Worcester Bosch, which is also helpful.

Please fill out our contact form if you have any additional questions about which boiler would be best for you. A representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible to provide assistance and advice.

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Choose your fuel type below to get the perfect size boiler for your 4 bedroom home:

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