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Best Boiler for a 2 Bedroom House

What is the Best Boiler for a 2 Bedroom House?

Boilers are not your thing but do you need a new one before the cold winter months kick in?

Choosing the perfect boiler for your home is so important in terms of energy-saving and coping with hot water demands.

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There are plenty of top combi boilers perfect for 2 bedroom homes so you will be able to pick and choose as you please.

Check out which boilers are best by answering a few simple questions about your home using our online comparison tool now.

We have lots of useful but simple information to help you decide on what boiler you need, don’t worry we won’t allow you to be cold or even worse not be able to have a hot shower or bath!!

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Is a combi boiler best for a 2 bedroom home?

viessmann vitodens 050-w combi boiler for 2 bedroom home

A combi boiler is also known as a combination boiler because of its dual action job of central heating and hot water and could be the ideal boiler for you.

A combi boiler/ condensing boiler is small enough to go in a kitchen cupboard or to be wall-hung, it is very cost-effective and energy-saving and is also very easily fitted.

There is no need for a hot water cylinder to be fitted in the loft either, saving you more space for clothes or toys!

Key tip though ” always make sure your boiler is fitted with a Gas Safe registered engineer””.

If you feel you don’t like the sound of a combi boiler and this is not the type of boiler for you there is a system boiler or a heat-only boiler which could also be an option for your 2 bedroom home, although a combi boiler should be perfect.

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Should I get a System boiler for a 2 bedroom home?

You can, but they are not ideal as they are suited better to larger homes with high hot water demand.

vaillant combi boiler for 2 bedroom home

We wont bore you with too much information but basically a system boiler produces hot water from a storage tank meaning you can have more hot water on demand than you can with a combi boiler and it directly produces heat for your central heating system.

A System Boiler works the same way as a Conventional Boiler also known as a Regular Boiler.

Heat only boilers

A Heat only Boiler also know as a Regular Gas Boiler which is usually found in a larger property but could be used in your traditional 2 bedroom home provides heat which is used as central heating and stores hot water in a cylinder, very similar to a Regular Boiler System.

Another main point to remember when needing a boiler for your home is the power output also known as boiler sizing and will have a number followed by KW. The number followed by KW could be in the boiler model title.

A combi boiler is perfect for 2-bed homes

But what size should you get?

A typical combi boiler power output for a 2-bedroom property would be 25KW – 28KW.

worceter 400 combi boiler for 2 bedroom home

As long as you only have one bathroom in your home, then this is the ideal output in terms of energy efficiency and coping with hot water demands.

Very simple way to think about the power is: The smaller the property with fewer radiators and bathrooms the less power you need. The bigger the property with multiple bathrooms and a larger amount of radiators the more power you will need.

Any larger than this would be larger energy bills and a waste of energy, any smaller than this would not have enough power to give you enough central heating and hot water for your 2 bedroom home.

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The below boilers are the best for a 2 bedroom home:

The below power ratings area guide for varying property sizes:

  • A 25KW – 28KW is typically the average size combi boiler you would need for a 2 bedroom house with 1 bathroom and 1 ensuite or an apartment/ flat with around 8 radiators.
  • 36KW – 43KW: larger homes with anything above 20 radiators and 3 or more bathrooms.

The main things to think about when choosing a boiler is as follows:

Boiler price and installation costs, warranty, size Dimensions, KW options, wall mounting, efficiency rating and flow rate, top rated boiler manufacturers.

Price is often what we make our final decision on with everything but remember in most cases you get what you pay for.

You wouldn’t go to Mcdonalds expecting a Michelin star meal therefore the cheaper boiler is not always the boiler which should win, take in to consideration the warranty.

Best 2 bedroom home combi boilers

Viessmann Vitodens 050-w 25kw combi

viessmann vitodens 050-w for 2 bedroom home

The new Viessmann Vitodens 050-w 25kw combi boiler is perfect for smaller homes with one bathroom. It comes with a fantastic 10-year warranty but you can extend this by 2 years with our recommended new boiler installers at Boiler `Central.

This compact combi boiler is one of the best combi boilers in the UK available right now in terms of reliability and value.

It fits perfectly into kitchen cupboards and comes with built-in Wifi and is a hydrogen-ready combi boiler.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25i Compact combi

Great choice of the boiler with an Efficiency A Rating and 10 years labour and parts warranty. This Worcester bosch combi boiler is the smallest combi boiler available so great when space is at a premium.

As the name says “compact” so will fit into a kitchen cupboard.

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Ideal Logic Plus c30 combi

ideal logic combi boiler for 2 bedroom home

This is arguably the best kitchen cupboard boiler in terms of price. It is the cheapest of the three but you don’t get as good a warranty with the Logic Plus.

That being said, the Ideal Logic boiler range is one of the most reliable ranges on the market. We never hear of any issues with ideal boilers. Well, we do, but not often!

Another compact kitchen cupboard fit boiler, is very reliable and well priced as well as has easy-to-use controls and a 7-year warranty guarantee.

Best 2 bedroom boilers conclusion:

We have now provided you with some information and given you a few different options of top-rated boiler brands for your 2 bedroom home have a think which you feel would suit you the best.

You can also find out what is the best boiler for a 3 bedroom home in our news section.

If you have any more queries or questions on which boiler would be best suited for you please fill in our contact form and somebody will contact you as soon as possible to help and advise you with the best boiler for your 2 bedroom home.

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