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Best Boiler For a 5 Bedroom House and Large Homes In The UK

Best Boiler for a 5 bedroom house

Which is the best boiler for a large 5 bedroom home?

For any size home, having the proper boiler for your central heating system is crucial.

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It is even more crucial for larger homes with 4-6 bedrooms, numerous radiators, and a large number of bathrooms. Nobody wants their new boiler to produce cold water.

On the market, there are three different kinds of boilers: Combination boilers, also called combi boilers, system boilers, or regular boilers, also called heat-only boilers or conventional boilers, are all types of boilers.

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What boiler is best for a large house with 5 bedrooms?

To assist you in selecting the best boiler for your needs, we will present you with options and compare two models of each boiler.

Homes with a single bathroom and no simultaneous need for hot water and heating are best suited for combi boilers. You should research what the best combi boiler is on the current market before you purchase.

If you were to purchase a new boiler for your central heating system, a 25kW would be ideal for homes with just one bathroom.

For a larger home that needs a lot of heating and hot water for several baths and showers at once, system boilers, conventional boilers, and regular boilers are known to be efficient and dependable.

You can skip to the section that will help you find the ideal manufacturer and model for your property if you already know what kind of new boiler is best for your central heating.

Do You Need a Combi Boiler for a Big House?

For a larger home, a system or regular boiler would be more appropriate than a combi boiler.

Homes with two bedrooms are better suited for combi boilers. However, there are extremely potent combi boilers on the market that can handle increased hot water demand.

These high output combis might be ideal if you know you need a combi boiler and there are no more than two bathrooms.

Powerful combi boilers for large homes

In order to make your choice easier, we’ve compared the three most powerful combi boilers here:

Vaillant EcoTEC Plus 938 vs Worcester bosch 8000 50kw vs Worcester Bosch Greenstar 38CDi Classic.

Vaillant ecoTEC plus 938 combi

This strong Vaillant combi boiler is equipped with two simultaneous hot water outlets and is designed to have a high hot water flow rate.

Worcester Bosch 8000 50kw combi

In terms of output, this is one of the most powerful and effective combi boilers currently on the market and the premium boiler from Worcester Bosch can simultaneously deliver high flow rates to two outlets, additionally there’s no need to conceal this boiler because the Worcester 8000 is also very attractive.

Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi

The 8000 is the replacement for this combi boiler, which is gradually being phased out, however this legendary powerful combi boiler is one of the original high output combi boilers and is renowned for its ability to handle high hot water demands.

In terms of estimated prices, there isn’t much to differentiate between these 3 combi boilers, with the Greenstar 38CDi coming in slightly cheaper, though this could change depending on the supplier.

A minimum efficiency level of 92% is now required for combi boilers as a result of new legislation.

Whether you choose Worcester Bosch or Vaillant, you will get an ErP A-rated, highly efficient boiler.

The new law is known as Boiler Plus.

What is a large combi boiler?

The definition of a large combi boiler is one with a high kW/h output. A large combi boiler is defined as anything with a power output greater than 38 kw. Anything less than this qualifies as a combi boiler for a three-bedroom house.

Combination boilers deliver both hot water and central heating on demand, living up to their name.

Due to their small size, compact design, and appealing appearance, they frequently need to live in a kitchen storage cupboard.

They instantly heat water from the mains to supply hot water to the faucets, showers, and bathtubs.

System and regular boilers heat a cylinder to store the hot water so it can be used as needed.

A Combi boiler would not be suggested for a larger home for this reason, as sending water to more than one tap at once will reduce pressure and may eventually result in a breakdown.

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Price for a 5 bedroom house boiler

As essential as comparing various boiler models is comparing installation boiler quotes from heating engineers.

The cost will likely be higher if your home has five bedrooms because you’ll need a stronger boiler.

Fixed prices for a five-bedroom home here

The cost of installing a new boiler replacement will vary depending on the Gas Safe engineer.

Always remember to have your annual service performed by a Gas Safe engineer to maintain the warranty’s validity; some brands require you to use an engineer who is on their register.

When the new boiler is installed by a Vaillant Advance installer, a standard five-year warranty can be increased to a maximum of ten additional years.

The EcoTec may cost a little more up front, but over time it may end up being less expensive because it comes with a longer warranty, giving you peace of mind that any problems in the future will be covered.

High Output

Due to the fact that a combi boiler is not advised for larger homes with multiple bathrooms, we have contrasted 2 potent units, each rated at 38kW.

How big of a boiler do I need for a five-bedroom house?

As you have probably already guessed, the best way to ensure that your energy efficiency is at its highest is to use a strong combi boiler or a system boiler with a tank. Here is a quick guide to the top 2 boilers in the UK for large homes.

If you want a choice, you can be sure that these 2 brands and models will be ideal and long-lasting because we chose one from each category.

The best combi boiler for a 5-bed house is:

The ideal boiler for a 5-bedroom house is the Viessmann Vitodens 100-W 35kw combi boiler. One of the most popular boilers in Europe and Viessmann’s best-selling boiler is the Vitodens 100-w combi. In addition to being strong, it is also small and has a fantastic 12-year warranty.

Although a system or regular boiler would be more appropriate for you, there are a few other strong combi boilers on the market that you might want to take into account, such as the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 combi boiler.

Best System Boiler for a Large House

Vaillant vs Worcester Bosch

Due to the way system boilers store hot water in a tank, as was previously stated, they are highly recommended if you live in a larger home. This enables the supply of hot water to multiple taps simultaneously without affecting the pressure.

We’ve compared Vaillant EcoTEC Plus 637 and Worcester Bosch Greenstar 35CDi Classic, 2 system boilers that you might want to think about installing.

What is a System Boiler? worst boiler 2020

Like a combi boiler, a system boiler draws hot water directly from the mains, but it also stores the hot water in a tank and heats the water as needed like a regular boiler.

With this technique, more than one tap can receive hot water simultaneously without the pressure changing.


Keep in mind that the cost of installation is not included in the boiler’s price.

Out of all the system boilers, the EcoTEC Plus will likely cost more, typically £200 more than the Greenstar 35CDi Classic.

Due to both of the aforementioned system boilers’ ErP A ratings, they will effectively and efficiently heat your home.

To help prevent any faults from occurring, to ensure that your boiler reaches its full life expectancy, and to maintain the validity of the warranty, make sure you have it serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer once a year.


Worcester Bosch offers a 2-year warranty; Vaillant offers a 5-year warranty.

If certain criteria are met, Vaillant also offers the option of extending the warranty for an additional 10 years.


A system boiler installed in a home with five bedrooms should have an ideal output range of 35 to 42 kW.

Both of these boilers fall into this power range, but the EcoTEC Plus 637, with its 37kW output, can take the crown.

If you’re unsure of the size boiler you need, consult our boiler central guide to determine the ideal boiler size for your residence.

Best System Boiler for a 5 Bedroom House: The Winner british gas new boiler price

The Vaillant EcoTEC plus 637 is a better model for a large 5-bedroom house, despite having a higher price tag.

Additionally, it provides a longer warranty, which is excellent for peace of mind in the event that problems do arise.

Best Regular Boiler for Big House

Ideal vs Worcester Bosch

Regular boilers, also known as traditional boilers, are the ideal heating and hot water system for homes with high heating and hot water demands.

If your home has five bedrooms, you ought to give installing one some serious thought.

Two reliable contemporary manufacturers compete against one another in a head-to-head comparison of two regular boilers:

Ideal Mexico HE vs Worcester Bosch Greenstar 40CDi Classic.


What is a Regular Boiler? ideal british gas boilers prices

The oldest type of boiler currently available is a regular boiler, also known as a traditional, conventional, or heat-only boiler.

They need a hot water tank just like system boilers do, but they don’t use the mains to get their water. Instead, a cold water tank that sends water down to the cylinder must be kept in the loft.

Despite being the oldest type of boiler currently in use, they are renowned for being reliable and efficient.

british gas worcester bosch

They frequently work well in older homes with original pipework that cannot handle the force of mains pressure.


These 2 Regular boilers are quite expensively different from one another.

There is a more affordable option for the Greenstar 40CDi.

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of the installation, which will vary depending on the installer, in addition to the price of the unit.

We advise getting quotes from various installers and comparing them in order to get the best deal on the installation. Use only engineers who are Gas Safe registered.

Don’t make a decision based solely on the price before making all the other comparisons.

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Energy Efficiency

Due to technological advancements over the years, conventional boilers are now more effective and efficient than ever. Both the Ideal Mexico HE and the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 40CDi Classic are extremely efficient, ErP A-rated boilers that you can choose from.


A standard 2-year warranty is provided for both boilers.

Any flaws that are a direct result of the components or manufacturing will be covered.


Your large five-bedroom home will need a regular boiler with an output of 35 to 42 kW to handle the higher heating demands.

Keep in mind that KW is power. A breakdown could result from insufficient power, while excessive power would increase costs and waste energy.

The Greenstar 40CDi is the more potent boiler out of the two that we suggest here.

Having a 40kW output as opposed to the Mexico HE’s 36kW.

Best Regular Boiler for a 5 Bedroom House:

The Winner

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 40CDi Classic is the best regular boiler for a five-bedroom house.

It has a shorter price tag and a longer warranty than the Ideal Mexico HE, but it produces more power.

Best Hot Water Cylinders for Large Homes

We strongly advise installing a system or regular boiler if you live in a large house with more than four bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and other amenities.

A hot water cylinder is necessary for both of these boilers.

Hot water cylinders come in two varieties: vented and unvented cylinders.

A vent pipe or tank is necessary for a vented cylinder because heated water expands.

Unvented cylinders come equipped with built-in safety features like an expansion unit at the top or an air bubble that is inserted during installation to handle the excess.

Unvented do not require an attic cold water tank because they get their water directly from the mains.

They offer a much stronger flow of water and can be installed pretty much anywhere in your home.

Since the system is completely sealed, contamination is less likely. This is due to the lack of a water tank.

Choosing the Right Size of Cylinder

Getting the right-sized cylinder will help you avoid energy waste and give your home enough hot water.

To give you a general idea of size: “Add 35-45 litres to the size for each person living in your home.”

You should consult a skilled installer for advice on the best cylinder for your home.

You’ll need a capacity of 300 litres or more for large homes with numerous bathrooms.

Buy a boiler for your big house right away.

Get installation estimates from licenced Gas Safe engineers, like our recommended installers at Boiler Central, first.

Keep in mind that prices will vary from person to person. Second, complete our contact form so we can assist you in selecting the best boiler for your house.

With Boiler Central is one of the best boiler installation companies in the UK, who offers brand-new boilers online at fixed prices and with immediate online boiler financing decisions, we have an exclusive agreement. They also provide a substantial 15-year warranty on all Viessmann boilers, and they are the only company to do so.

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