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Worcester Bosch Greenstar 32CDI Compact review:

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 32CDI Compact Review

If you need a new home heating system and you’re looking at compact combi boilers, then the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 32CDI is a great place to start your research.

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This top-selling boiler packs in a heap of features into its compact size while achieving great levels of efficiency.

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Worcester Bosch boilers

Worcester Bosch is one of the most respected and best boiler manufacturers in the UK.

This is a brand that has become strongly associated with new boiler replacement options that not only have high levels of energy efficiency but also longevity and innovative technology.

The company was established in Worcester in the UK and was then known simply as Worcester. When it then joined the Bosch group, it became known as Worcester Bosch.

This is also a company that gets fantastic feedback from its customers, and it’s consistently in Best Buy awards. So with that background, it’s no wonder that the Worcester Greenstar 32CDI Compact combi caught our attention.

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Do I need a combi boiler for my heating system?

So, usually, a combi boiler is recommended when you have a small to medium-sized home and one bathroom. That’s because all the hot water is heated on demand.

Once you move to a larger home with multiple bathrooms or more the one shower, then you may find that a different boiler type such as a system or regular boiler may suit you better.

These are the ones that need a hot water cylinder, and for the regular boiler, you all need a cold water tank up in the loft.

However, the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 32CDI compact is recommended for all sizes of homes and with one or two bathrooms. Although it is a small combi boiler, it’s super powerful and will power a high number of radiators.

So, if you thought a combi was out of the question for your new boiler quotes because of having more than one bathroom or that extra shower cubicle, well now it might finally be an option.

Key features of the Worcester 32CDI compact

Central heating output

The 32CDI compact combi boiler has a central heating output of 24kW. That means that it will be able to run around 15 radiators at your perfect temperature.

Now, if that’s not the right boiler for you, Worcester Bosch has a whole range of boilers that might be a better fit for your home.

Don’t forget that going for a larger gas boiler with more power than you actually need will result in higher heating bills, and that’s the last thing that anyone wants.

Hot water output

The Bosch Greenstar 32CDI compact gas boiler has a hot water output of 32kW and a flow rate of 11.5l/min.

For even the best combi boiler that’s a decent flow rate, but it is also dependant on the mains water pressure. Low water pressure can be a real challenge for the flow rate of a combi boiler especially if you like your power shower.

If that might be a problem, then do chat with your installer first to ensure you get the right boiler type for your property.

Compact Size

True to its name, the Bosch Greenstar 32CDI compact combi boiler is designed perfectly to fit within a standard kitchen cupboard. Though that doesn’t mean to say that’s where it has to be installed.

That’s because this compact combi boiler has built-in frost protection. That means that a garage or utility room install is a possibility for properties where there’s little spare space in the kitchen.

High levels of efficiency

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 32CDI has a seasonal efficiency rating of 94%. That gives it an ErP A-rating for heat, and it gets the same for hot water too.

If you’re wondering what ErP stands for, it’s Energy-related Products and this is the system that’s used to decide just how energy efficient a boiler is. ‘A’ is the best you can get.

Old heating systems are notoriously inefficient, so when you install a new gas boiler, you should see a reduction in your energy costs.

Worcester Bosch has also gone one step further with their aim of providing the most efficient boilers on the market by also fitting a low energy pump.

Wave Smart Control

There’s also the option of installing Wave Smart Control. This is a smart, internet-connected control for both central heating and hot water, which can then be managed via an app on your phone.

Need to turn up the heat or change the timer? No problem, with internet access you can do that wherever you are.

Wave Smart Control ‘talks’ to your boiler to ensure that your home is heated to the perfect temperature giving you greater comfort while still saving money. And with the added boost from Wave Smart, the Greenstar 32CDi sees an increase in its ErP rating, now right up to an A+.

If you’re looking for a highly efficient new boiler then this most definitely ticks that box.

User-friendly controls

One thing that really stands out in the reviews is that customers really like the user-friendly display of the Bosch Greenstar 32CDI compact.

The temperature display is nice and clear and that makes it easy to see what’s happening and to make adjustments.

But Worcester Bosch has provided several different ways to control this boiler depending on your preferences. There’s the choice of mechanical controls, digital displays and phone apps.

The 32cdi is also fully compatible with smart systems such as the Google Nest thermostat. For more information read our best smart thermostat guide to ensure you get the right thermostat for your home.

Frost protection

Did you know that the most common issues with UK boilers are those which are caused by the cold weather? And when you have issues you can be sure that others do too, meaning that finding an engineer can be a nightmare.

The 32CDI compact has built-in protection against cold weather. The boiler does this by releasing the condensed flue gasses in bursts rather than a constant trickle. This then reduces the chance of blockages developing from frozen outside pipes.


The Worcester Bosch Greenstar 32CDI comes with a standard manufacturer warranty of seven years. However, this goes up to 10-years when it’s installed by a Worcester Bosch Accredited installer.

Don’t forget that you should always have a gas boiler installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer; they will ensure that regulations are met and that the installation is carried out safely.

Looking for a longer period of cover? You can now get up to twelve years on selected Worcester Bosch models through Boiler Central.

Don’t forget that your combi boiler will need annual servicing by a heating engineer for it to still be covered by the warranty.

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Worcester 32CDI compact review: Final verdict

Worcester Bosch is a brand that is connected with quality and the 32CDI continues that tradition. With a heating output to rival much larger boilers, the 32CDI compact boiler punches well above its weight.

With opportunities to save money on energy bills while also being kinder to the environment this is a boiler with so many benefits that it’s hard to see why you’d look at the competitors!

But that said, you should check out all the options for your new boiler to make sure that you get the perfect match for your heating and hot water needs.

The quickest easiest way of doing that is by getting a new boiler quote. It takes just a few minutes to enter your requirements and be presented with a list of boilers that are a perfect match for your needs.

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