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Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30si Compact review

If you’re in the market for a compact gas combi boiler that can fit in a kitchen cupboard, then the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30si Compact could be a great choice.

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Worcester Bosch is a boiler manufacturer that’s consistently rated as one of the most reliable boiler brands, and at the end of the day, reliability is crucial for any boiler system.

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Worcester Bosch 30si compact review – Is it any good?

In this guide, we’re going to provide you with all the key information that you need to decide if the Greenstar 30si is the perfect option for your new boiler.

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Worcester Bosch 30si compact dimensions

Dimensions690mm x 390mm x 280mm

Why choose a Worcester Greenstar 30si gas combi boiler

Gas combi boilers are the most popular type of boiler choice for UK homes. The combination boiler or combi boiler as it’s better known is a great choice for small to medium homes.

There’s no need for a hot water cylinder or a cold water tank because the combi boiler heats hot water on demand with the supply taken directly from the mains.

Compact combi boilers

Combi boilers achieve high levels of efficiency as there’s no loss of heat from storing the heated water. This can then enable homes to reduce the cost of running the central heating and hot water supply.

Because of that lack of storage, the combi can struggle to meet the demands of homes with more than one bathroom or when hot water is needed from two outlets at the same time.

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Key features of the Worcester Greenstar 30si Compact

Not all boilers are created equally, so it’s important to understand the key features of the boiler to ensure it’s going to be suitable for your home. Get this boiler on finance now online and get approved in minutes.

Compact size

The Greenstar 30si Compact is true to its name. This is the smallest combi ever produced by Worcester Bosch at just 690mm (h) x 390mm (w) x 280mm (d).

It needs just 30mm above the flue meaning that it’s the perfect dimensions for fitting into a standard kitchen cupboard. And that saves space in the home.

User friendly display

No one wants to have to reach for the manual every time they need to make an adjustment to the boiler.

The 30si compact combi boiler comes with an LCD display that makes it simple to set up your heating and hot water requirements.

Frost protection included

When the weather is at its worst, the last thing you want to worry about is the boiler. The Greenstar si compact takes care of this by having frost protection built-in.

It’s still recommended though, to use your heating every now and then even during the summer months. Boilers can suffer from mechanisms becoming seized when they’re not used regularly.

Low energy pump

The Bosch Greenstar 30si compact achieves an A+ ErP energy efficiency rating when it’s fitted with the Bosch EasyControl.

This internet-connected smart thermostat allows easy control of the resting system no matter where you are. Another reason for the boiler being awarded the A+ efficiency rating is because of its low energy pump.

With low energy requirements and high levels of efficiency, you can be assured of reduced energy bills and a reduction in your home’s carbon emissions.

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Quick and easy installation

With the small size of the Worcester Greenstar 30si, boiler installation is a quick and easy process, especially if you already have a combi boiler fitted.

This is obviously subject to there being no changes in the location of the boiler or for their to be additional pipework or radiators fitted.

This boiler also allows for a pre-plumb without it being mounted on the wall, which again speeds up the install process.

It’s essential that a gas boiler installation is only carried out by qualified heating engineers to ensure that it’s fitted correctly and safely.

In the UK, gas fitters are regulated under the Gas Safe scheme. Using an installer who isn’t regulated comes with the potential for a fine not to mention invalidity of the warranty.

Get a boiler quote now for installation with a Gas Safe registered engineer.

The added advantage of using a Worcester Accredited Installer to complete the installation is that it provides you with a longer guarantee. Do make

Hot water and central heating output

The Greenstar si compact range comes in two different sizes, and that relates to the domestic hot water output, so that’s the 24kW and the 30kW.

If we then compare the hot water flow rate, the 24kw can supply 8.9l/min while the 30kW offers a flow rate of 10.7l/min.

When it comes to central heating output, both models have the same 24kW measurement. That makes this compact combi suitable for heating homes with up to ten radiators.

Up to 10 year guarantee period

The standard warranty for this model is seven years, but there are ways of extending that up to ten years depending on who fits the boiler and if you have a filter fitted at the same time.

  • Seven year warranty is available when fitted with a Greenstar filter
  • Eight years warranty when fitted with a Greenstar filter and an additional payment is made
  • Ten years warranty when the installation is carried out by a Worcester Bosch approved engineer

As with all boiler manufacturers, conditions apply to ensure that your guarantee stays valid.

That might include registering the fact that the boiler has been installed and ensuring that it’s serviced on an annual basis.

Is the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30si right for me?

For small to medium-sized homes, with one bathroom, the Greenstar 30i could be a great choice for your new boiler. This isn’t the fanciest boiler on the market but it’s powerful for its size and it does exactly what it ‘says on the tin.’

When that’s combined with the strong reputation of Worcester Bosch, then the Greenstar 30si compact should be a strong contender for your new combi boiler.

It might be that this isn’t the perfect fit but that’s okay because Worcester Bosch offers an extensive range of boiler solutions. And if you still can’t find ‘the one’ then we have a whole range of other boiler manufacturers available.

An easy way to get your new boiler installed

Once you’ve entered a few details about your heating and hot water requirements, then we’ll present a range of boilers that are a perfect match.

It’s reassuring to know that your new boiler quote is fixed and that our customers can even arrange for the install to be completed within just a few days!

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