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Glow Worm Ultimate 3 Boiler Review

Glow Worm Ultimate3 30c Boiler Review

Glow Worm is one of the boiler brands up there with Ideal Logic that you will have been familiar with if you’ve ever browsed through modest and affordable boilers – The Glow Worm Ultimate 3 is one of their better boilers. 

glow worm ultimate 3 boiler

They’ve been a boiler manufacturer long enough to provide customers with a reliable service with rated

boilers and will continue to do so for years to come. They offer a range of Combi boilers, System boilers, and Regular boilers.

You have two options when looking at a Glow Worm Ultimate 3 Boiler: the 30kW and the 35kW versions.

Both are useful and productive in their own way – their uses just depend on your own domestic situation and setup.

Let’s look at these Glow Worm combi boilers in a little more detail, or if you want to compare, see the latest boiler prices here.

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Will The Glow Worm Ultimate 3 Combi Boiler Be Suitable For My Home?

If you’re currently living in an average-sized, typical UK home, then the 30kW Glow Worm Ultimate 3 Boiler would absolutely be perfect for you (and your family).

This Glow Worm boiler is manufactured as a central heating system for a home with around three bedrooms and a couple of bathrooms – with a hot water output of 30.6kW and a heating output of 30kW, it’s able to tackle that kind of demand.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in a much larger home than the average UK resident, then you might have to opt for the 35kW version as that will be able to operate heating and hot water in a much larger area on demand.

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Heating Controls glow worm heating control

The Glow Worm Ultimate 3 boiler comes with an array of different control options for you to sink your teeth into. It also comes with an aluminium heat exchanger which helps to prolong the life of your boiler.

They’re all designed to work with the Ultimate combi boiler range, meaning they’re all simple for the boiler engineers to install, and everything can be up and running quickly and smoothly.

You can opt for a range of thermostats that the boiler isn’t including.

Firstly, the Climastat Thermostat: a wall-mounted basic room thermostat from Glow Worm that can be used in conjunction with an analogue plug-in timer.

The interface is easy to work with as it has a clear display, and it gives you simple 0.5 degree Celsius temperature intervals.

You might choose the Climapro Wires & Wireless Programmable Thermostat for your Glow Worm boiler controls.

As the title suggests, you can mount to the wall and wire it using a simple low-voltage eBus, or you can go wireless.

It has a user-friendly design with straightforward menus.

It provides an annual service reminder, so you know when to service and when to check the boiler service prices, and has handy little gems like automatically changing daylight savings times.

There is a Climapro thermostat that is exclusively wireless, though, if you’re hoping for a more convenient way of working.

The Climapro RF Wireless Thermostat works anywhere in the home. It, again, has a straightforward design and menu.

A wired & wireless outdoor sensor is something that also comes with the boiler. A simple-to-install piece of equipment with no batteries required. It enables weather compensation when paired with the Climapro thermostats.

Finally, you could opt for the MiGo Smart Control: a self-learning device that automatically picks up the energy requirements for one’s home over time.

It can be up and running in less than thirty minutes, and has a comfy installation assistant that gives the customer step-by-step instructions.

It has a multi-user sharing and multi-home control, meaning more that one person can manage several heating systems from different locations.

If you own a smartphone, then you’ll be able to download the app that comes alongside it – it downloads quickly onto an iPhone or Android.

How Big Is The Glow Worm Ultimate3 Boiler?

The Glow Worm Ultimate 3 boiler is fairly small to save space, but not the snuggest on the market. You won’t be overawed but a large piece of equipment making its presence known in your home, but there are smaller options around.

At 740x480x300mm, you’ll be able to find someone to store it, but it may not fit into the likes of kitchen cupboards and alike.

Glow Worm Ultimate 30c review

As mentioned before, the 30kW boiler will be able to provide a good service for an average-sized home with around three or four bedrooms. Anything more will be a job for the 35kW or something of a similar ilk.

The Ultimate 30kw is the most popular boiler in this range and is the most common output for homes in the UK

How Long Is The Warranty On The Glow Worm Ultimate 3 Boiler?

The Glow Worm Ultimate 3 boiler comes with a five year guarantee – with an option to extend, so simply by getting in touch with customer service, and you’ll be pointed in the right direction.

Energy Efficiency

These particular models of Glow Worm’s collection have a great ErP rating – a grade A, in fact. Meaning it’s not only good in terms of its effect on the environment, but its efficiency is fantastic and will save customers a lot of money in the long run.

Make sure you get a Glow Worm boiler service every year too.

How Much Does A Glow Worm Ultimate 3 Boiler Cost?

You’ll have to fork out around £900 for the Glow Worm Ultimate3 30kW boiler and the Ultimate3 35kW version will cost around £50-£75 more, though.

The Ultimate 3 installation costs would typically be around £500 to £700, but could rise all the way to £1,000.

Is the Ultimate 30c any good?

As far as boilers go the Glow Worm Ultimate3 30c combi boiler is a good boiler, but when compared to others in the range for the same price with a longer warranty, then you would likely be better looking elsewhere.

In terms of price, the Ultimate 3 is in direct competition with the Viessmann Vitodens 050-w combi boiler which is one of the best combi boilers. So for the glow worm boiler review, if you do the maths, that may mean you’re paying nearly £2,000 when all is said and done, and if you want to know more then read our Glow Worm boiler prices review for more information. 

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