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Glow Worm Boiler Service Cost & Booking Online Guide

Glow Worm boiler service costs, what’s involved and how to book

Boiler service for your Glow Worm boiler is hugely important if you want it to perform to the standard you expect from top modern-day boiler brands.

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Getting a Glow Worm boiler service will allow this to happen and give you peace of mind when going about your day in the depths of winter knowing that your Glow Worm is as it should be.

Glow Worm boiler service costs vary depending on whereabouts in the UK you live, however, if you choose to compare prices with our recommended Glow Worm service company then you can get a fixed price nationwide. Click book a service now to get started.

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What is a boiler service?

A boiler service is when a Gas-Safe registered engineer comes to your property and does checks over your boiler to ensure that everything is in the condition that it should be. To start, the engineer will check the external components of the boiler to see if anything looks like it might be damaged or off.

Once they have done this, they will then move on to parts inside the boiler, such as the main injector, the burner and the pilot light to make sure these are running efficiently.

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After this, they will go on to review how the boiler pipes and the flue terminals are doing and see if they are in need of repair or replacement.

Finally, your Gas Safe engineer will fire your boiler up to see what the boiler does and sounds like during full operation.

Once all of this is complete, they will produce a boiler service report for you so you are aware if anything needs fixing or not. If anything requires repair and you have boiler cover, your engineer will take the necessary actions to get your Glow Worm boiler up and running again. Without boiler cover, they will do the same, but at a likely expensive cost for the parts and the maintenance.

Should your boiler fully break down and there isn’t any way to fix it, chances are you will need to get a boiler replacement instead. Replacements are often not covered under a boiler plan so you will likely have to buy a new boiler from an installation company.

If this is the case, make sure to go to Boiler Central for great deals on brand-new boilers from all the top manufacturers!

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How much does a Glow Worm boiler service cost?

An annual Glow Worm boiler service cost between £80-£125, with the exact price being dependent on a few factors. One of these is the model of the gas boiler that you have as bigger models will likely add to the Glow Worm service cost due to there being more actually to check and monitor.

This may also be the case for system or gas boilers as the engineer will have to examine the cylinder or tank that they both have.

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Another reason the Glow Worm service price may increase is your whereabouts within the UK with there being different hourly rates in different towns and cities around the country. If your area has higher hourly rates, you may find yourself paying more for a boiler service.

You may also find boiler service costs go up during the colder months like during Winter as the demand for hot water and heating will go up, so getting your Glow Worm boiler serviced for this occasion is extremely important so you know that your boiler is running efficiently and can meet the demands of your household.

To get a reduced price on your new boiler service, opt for a local boiler business rather than the big names because chances are they will charge you a standard premium for getting your boiler serviced through them that smaller companies don’t.

For cheap offers and fulfilling boiler plans and service, go to Boiler Central and get your boiler serviced through them!

Glow worm boiler warranty

Boiler warranty for your Glow Worm is usually priced quite well and will likely help you save money regardless. The length of these warranties is also made to make sure your boiler is covered for a long time, giving you the best deal possible.

boiler warranty

The standard length of a warranty for Glow Worm boilers is around 7 years, which is a great amount, especially compared to the minimum of some other top-brand boilers.

You can even get an extended warranty of up to 10-15 years if it is serviced annually and kept in good condition. Making these small monthly payments for your warranty can help you save tons of money if your boiler ever does need repairing, as these costs should all be covered by this.

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What gets covered in Glow-worm boiler service?

boiler parts

Most boiler services will come under different plans that can include a range of facilities to check. If you have the most basic boiler service plan, it will probably include only servicing what is considered part of the boiler, meaning the external and internal parts, the boiler pipes, and the boiler flue.

In more advanced boiler plans, you can get more heat appliances and other appliances checked such as radiators or your central heating system. Getting services for these carried out will often mean that your annual service will take longer and may cost more as well, but it will be very much worth it in the long run.

How important is Glow Worm boiler service?

Getting an annual check for your boiler is vital, not just to ensure that it is in tip-top condition, but to also make sure your boiler can run efficiently without any safety risk.

Not getting annual service for your boiler could mean that the chances of potential problems increase and can put you and your household in danger. This can include carbon monoxide leaks or even fires in some instances, so make sure to get service done to avoid these.

Also, making sure your boiler is as efficient as it can be is another reason to get Glow Worm boiler service as this will save you money long term and avoid any extra costs that may come with buying replacement parts or fees for installation.

A lot of boiler companies will invalidate your boiler cover if you don’t get annual boiler service, so making sure that this stays intact and can cover any expenses that can occur is in everyone’s best interest.

To get boiler service and cover at some of the best prices on the current market, go to Boiler Central and choose the best plan for you!

How to know if my Glow Worm boiler needs repair?

If you’re not sure if your boiler needs any repairs or not, there are a few signs that can give away that you’ll need an engineer to service it.


Some of these can include strange noises coming from your boiler, your water flow not being as it usually should be, or your water not heating as it should be. If you notice any of these during boiler use, there may be something wrong with it that needs fixing.

If so, call a Gas Safe registered engineer to your property to examine it and be on the lookout for any other strange behaviour regarding your boiler and heating appliances.

Get a Glow Worm boiler service

Glow Worm Betacom 24a combi boiler

Hopefully, we have shown you just how important boiler service for your Glow Worm boiler is for a number of reasons. Your own safety, your hot water demands and your wallet will all massively benefit from getting annual service, so there’s no real downside to getting it done.

To get some of the best service and cover plans on the market right now, check out Boiler Central, which offers a wide range of top-brand boilers as well as a variety of plans at reasonable prices all around the UK.

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