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Viessmann Boiler Controls & Thermostats Guide

Viessmann Boiler Controls

As you are probably aware, Viessmann boilers are known to have an ErP A rating for efficiency, and the Energy Saving Trust recognises them.

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A high-efficient boiler will make sure your energy bills are as low as possible and allow you to be environmentally friendly.

Viessmann also offers extra attachments such as smart thermostats, room thermostats, and digital or mechanical controls to enhance your boiler to maximum efficiency. The accessories also allow you to have full control over your central heating system in your home and wherever you are.

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Viessmann Thermostat & Temperature Controls:

The following thermostats and weather compensation kits are all able to be used with the Viessmann boiler range. Viessmann are one of the leading boiler brands in the UK and it is likely that you or someone you know owns one of the following models that they can be used in conjuction with:

Viessmann ViCare App & Vitoconnect 100 WiFi:

Download the ViCare App to your smartphone or tablet, have the Vitoconnect 100 interface between the boiler and App to then control your central heating system if you are at work, on holiday, or wherever you may be.

ViCare app

The App will also remind you of your annual boiler service, enable you to adjust heating times and settings alongside memorising your daily routine. Who needs a diary now! Who wouldn’t want a smart home?

Viessmann Vitotrol App:

vitotrol app

Download the Vitotrol app to your smartphone or tablet and again control your central heating while you are at the pub, the supermarket, or wherever you may be.

Your boiler must include the Vitotrol app; this is available with Viessmann wall-mounted boilers or floor-standing boilers.

The Vitotrol App enables you to visualise your boiler information, including the boiler condition, edit hot water, and heating settings/timings to suit your needs and the operation mode.

Your heating engineer can control your central heating system and respond as soon as a  Viessmann Fault Code occurs.

Viessmann Vitotrol 100 UTDB RF2 Wireless Room Thermostat:

vitotrol thermostat

The professionals over at “The Energy Saving Trust” recognise this wireless room thermostat. An LCD display and frost protection are included with extra controls to alter time programs, permanent comfort, and permanent set back.

The Vitotrol 100 is temperature controlled with a receiver and integral transmitter radio. 

A two-channel output and a room temperature are built within. Three individual seven-day programs are also included.

Viessmann Vitotrol 200 RF Wireless Remote Control:

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The Energy Saving Trust also recognises the Vitotrol 200 RF. A large display is used to visualise the current data and operating mode along with the temperature indoors and outdoors.

A Cursor key is incorporated, so you alter the room temperature and operating program.

Viessmann’s Vitotrol 200 RF is a wall-mounted control with three wireless remote controls and one receiver for one circuit of heating.

The wireless remote control is user-friendly, no extra wiring is required, but it will require a separate wireless receiver so the control can alter the heating system.

Viessmann Vitotrol 300A Remote Control:

Viessmann’s Vitotrol 300A is a remote control unit with a backlit display showing the indoor and outdoor temperatures and the operating mode. The Energy Saving Trust recognises the remote.

The remote control system enables you to set the DHW (domestic hot water) and room temperature to suit your needs.

The control can operate 1-3 heating circuits.

When you are on holiday or just general times when you want to reduce your energy bills, heating programs are included.

Viessmann Vitotronic 100 HC2B Constant Temperature Controller:

This temperature controller can be located within a wall-mounted base and is part of the Energy Saving Trust recognition.

constant temperature control

The control includes monitoring frost protection and a comfort function for central heating to edit the room temperature for multiple hours without altering your day to day temperature routine.

Vitotronic 100 HC2B Constant Temperature Controller has a display with large fonts and simple text. A weekly 7-day program allows you to edit your heating system, and if you install a temperature controller in your room, you can alter the heating within the room.

Viessmann Vitotronic 200 H01B Weather Compensation Controller:

This weather compensation control, which you can include as an efficiency add on, can reduce your yearly fuel bills by around 15%.

This Vitotronic 200 H01B controller is recognised by the Energy Saving Trust and includes a display that is easy to see in poor lighting, with simple, enhanced text by 70% compared to other controls.

The controller can manage 1-3 heating circuits, including sensors for outdoors, and has a weekly, 7-day program.

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