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Back Boiler Replacement Price & Cost Guide

Back Boiler Replacement Guide – Should you convert to a combi?

In this back boiler replacement guide, we can assist you, people have told us that it took them up to three weeks of phone calls and quotes to find the best deal when replacing their boilers.

Instead, we can save you time by providing you with a fixed-price in just 20 seconds!

You’ll find everything you need to know about back boilers, including how they work and how much a back boiler costs for a back boiler replacement.

Get a fixed price quote online now for back boiler removal and a new combi boiler!

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Back Boilers can no longer be replaced

It is no longer possible to purchase a back boiler you must convert to another type.

Most people who have a back boiler would like to upgrade to a new combi boiler if they could have up to four bedrooms If they had more than four bedrooms, they could also convert to a system boiler.

Boiler Central is the most accurate way to get a price and they are the only company in the United Kingdom to provide a 12-year warranty on all Viessmann boilers. They are a Which? Best Buy boiler and one of the most well-known brands on the market today.

They can give you a fixed brand-new boiler cost within 20 seconds, it is that simple!

What Exactly Is a Back Boiler?

Back boilers are heating devices that are installed behind a gas or electric fireplace in older homes therefore if you have central heating but cannot see a boiler, it is most likely a back boiler fire (gas fire).

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Back boilers – Why do some homes have them?

Back boilers were extremely popular in the mid-1900s as they were cutting-edge technology, similar to a modern combi boiler today.

Then, with more advanced technology, regular and system boilers, also known as conventional boilers and modern combi boilers, entered the market and began to dominate the boiler industry.

A combi boiler is the most common form of boiler found in UK households, with the use of a modern combi boiler for central heating increasing over the last two decades.

These boilers, which provide hot water from the central heating system without the use of a separate tank, have increased dramatically from 12% in 1996 to 52% in 2014.

Should you replace a back boiler with a combi boiler?

Your answer is most certainly yes!

The old technology of back boilers makes them inefficient in terms of energy use. Wasted energy equals wasted money, quite simply.

The most effective way to save money is to have your old, inefficient back boiler replaced with your with a modern, high-efficiency A-rated boiler. Over 90% of today’s A-rated boilers are energy efficient.

Heating engineers commonly recommend replacing a back boiler with a energy-efficient boiler installation or a modern boiler of various types as this is because your back boiler works inefficiently.

In the case of the “Baxi back boilers” due to the age of this heating system, parts that the boiler needs to function are either no longer available, and once one part fails, it is quite common that the other parts to fail as well.

At Boiler Central, you can fill in your details to get a fixed price there and then, as well as next day new boiler installation, boiler finance and boiler cover, alternatively, you can contact us on live chat to speak to an advisor to help with any queries you may have.

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Back boiler removal costs

First things first: the cost of a back boiler removal typically ranges from £900 to £1,500.

If you want your back boiler removed, or are looking for a combi boiler conversion click here.

The cost of a new back boiler conversion is included in this. This cost will cover both the capping of the piping and back boiler removal. More importantly, the pipes and back boiler must be off.

Back Boiler Replacement Costs

A full back boiler replacement will cost between £2,900 and £4,500.

Back boiler replacements are commonly referred to as system upgrades because they involve the replacement of an old G-rated boiler with a brand new A-rated energy-efficient combi boiler or system boiler.

A system upgrade is basically what it says “converting one central heating system to another” which is exactly what you are doing in this case hence why the costs are so high.

In this situation, this would be converting your back boiler heating system, into an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and money-saving boiler. Win-win!!

This energy could be gas, LPG, electric, or oil fuel.

The boiler system could be: Regular boiler also known as a traditional or conventional boiler, a system, or combi.

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Boiler replacement cost – replacing a back boiler with combi boilers

Depending on the brand and model of the combi boiler, prices to replace a back boiler with an A-rated boiler in a home with up to three bedrooms would start at £2,900.

We strongly recommend that you replace your back boiler with a combi boiler since combi boilers are the ideal substitute for back boilers and are very cost-effective while providing great efficiency. With a new combi, system, or standard boiler, your fuel expenses will be drastically reduced, as will your carbon footprint.

Keep in mind that Boiler Central offers three different ways to pay in order to accommodate everyone. Nobody should have to endure a chilly shower or a chilly house!

The cost of replacing a back boiler with a regular, or system boiler

A regular or system boiler will cost about the same as a combi boiler when it comes to upgrading the back boiler not so efficient heating system. This is the result of using the same KW boiler. Therefore, a complete replacement would cost you £2.900 again.

KW is also known as “kilowatt rating”.  Generally speaking, the price of the boiler increases with the KW.

Replacing A Back Boiler, In A New Location

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A back boiler replacement involves much more than simply purchasing a brand-new boiler. To vent boiler gasses to the outside of the building, each boiler needs a flue. Back boilers release their waste into the chimney. Modern boilers use both a horizontal flue (which passes through the side of an exterior wall) and a vertical flue (to go through your roof)

The new boiler, cold water system, and hot water cylinder would all need to relocate within your home. This is because some boiler types already include them in the system. The brand-new central heating system is frequently stored in kitchen cabinets or the loft.

The majority of modern best combi boiler designs are to be relatively small and not particularly unsightly.

The Worcester CDI Compact line serves as a good illustration.

The majority of the time, you should prepare to spend up to £600 more for the boiler to move to a new site during a boiler installation. If you call Boiler Central, you may learn about this cost.

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Replace your back boiler with a combi boiler

Because of their inefficiency and, in certain circumstances, the safety danger they posed, these boilers are no longer fitted or changed by heating specialists in like-for-like exchanges.

If a back boiler cannot be fixed (which is quite likely if it is damaged) Your system will need to be improved and replaced with either a traditional boiler or a contemporary combi boiler.

After renovating, you should see considerable savings on your energy & heating bills as well as significantly faster hot water.

So, if you’re a great fan of your back boiler and it eventually breaks down after years of service, you won’t be able to replace it.

Back boiler replacement & Full central heating installation

There are many homes that are in need of a complete central heating installation overhaul, especially if you want to reduce your energy costs. Modern radiators, for example, are significantly more effective in transferring heat.

Keep in mind that the existing plumbing is at least 40–50 years old, and maybe much older than the back boiler.

What is the price of a complete back boiler replacement, including all pipework?

Answering such questions is not straightforward. How much string does a person need?

Each property will have different pricing.

As an example:

A typical three- or four-bedroom home with eight to ten radiators, pipes, and an A-rated combination boiler may cost up to £5,000.

The size and type of boiler, the size of the radiators, and the laying of pipework will all add to the final price of the central heating system.

Additional pipework needed, if you opted for a system boiler that includes a hot water cylinder.

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Extra charges for regular and system boilers

Regular and system boilers have additional components, cylinders and hot water tanks.

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These boilers have additional components that assist larger homes in receiving the amount of hot water and heating required to run the home effectively and efficiently, earning them the “A” rated efficiency rating.”

If these components need replacements or upgrades, this will usually come at an additional boiler cost.

Where can I get a back boiler upgrade?

To get a price on back boiler replacement, select your fuel type below and view online prices for your new boiler quotes, whether you choose a combi or system boiler:

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Finally, a word about back boiler conversions.

A back boiler replacement should last up to 15 years, so definitely worth the large investment..

Each property, as previously stated, is distinct. As a result, you must make certain that you get sound advice and the best boiler for your needs. That is exactly what Boiler Central will do for you.

One of the most cost-effective ways to replace a back boiler and upgrade to a combi boiler is to use boiler central.

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Because they offer the longest warranty in the UK, you can be confident that you are purchasing quality.

Prices for Boiler Central boiler installations are amongst the most competitive on the market. Their products are of the highest quality, and their Gas Safe heating engineers are among the most knowledgeable.

Who can replace my back boiler?

Only a gas safe registered engineer can replace your back boiler as well as any gas boiler or appliance, they are responsible for repairing your boiler if your boiler breaks. Only gas safe registered engineers can have your new combi boiler installed instead of a old back boiler.

They also service and check your back boilers flue if needed, they can also provide boiler service to maintain your boilers energy efficiency. You can install an inspection hatch in flue allows for visual inspection of the flue, helping to identify any signs of damage or blockages that could compromise safety.

Back boiler conversion: Conclusion

Your back boiler can be replaced with a high-efficiency combi or system boiler if you follow the advice in our guide to back boiler replacement costs. Your entire heating system inspection is done by the staff at Boiler Central. Any issues is given priority and is dealt with accordingly.

Your system’s lifespan is increased with regular maintenance. Fresh air and healthier indoor air quality, cheaper utility costs, and peace of mind knowing your system is operating at peak efficiency are all advantages of doing this. In order to maintain your system operating effectively and to make sure that it will function properly when necessary, we might also be able to sign you up for a maintenance service plan.

You can get fixed online boiler quotes by visiting:

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Back Boiler FAQ

How inefficient are back boilers?

An old standard efficiency back boiler is less than 70% efficient, which means that for every £1 of gas burned, only 70p worth of usable heat is generated, while the remaining 30p is lost up the chimney.

How efficient are back boilers?

Back boilers may save up to 80% of their energy. A contemporary condensing boiler, on the other hand, is up to 98 per cent efficient due to greater heat exchangers.

Back boilers vs conventional boilers

Back boilers are much noisier, hard to maintain and aren’t with today’s day and age. However conventional boilers are much more compact, quieter, and modern.

How to make my back boiler quieter?

Why not consider a system cleaning and inhibitor treatment, as well as an upgrading of the cylinder and controls? You now have a quiet boiler, faster heat-up times, and a back boiler that will rarely fail.

If you choose a condenser, you will have a very efficient boiler that will be very expensive to fix. 

Are back boilers illegal?

There is a common misconception that back boilers are illegal. They are still legal and people still use them to this day.

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