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Worcester Bosch 229 Fault Code Causes & How To Fix

Worcester Bosch 229 error code – what it means & how to fix it

Worcester Bosch

Worcester Bosch is one of the biggest boiler brands in the UK, producing some of the highest-selling boilers in the country.

If you have a Worcester Bosch boiler, you might find that fault codes will appear occasionally, such as the Worcester 229 fault code, to show you there is something wrong with your boiler.

A 229 fault code appearing on your Worcester boiler usually means that there has been a loss of flame whilst the boiler was operating. However, rather than this being an ignition attempt that has failed, it actually means that the flame has died out and needs to be reignited.

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How to fix a Worcester 229 fault code on boiler

When you see a fault code, like the Worcester Bosch 229 fault on your boiler’s display, this means that there is something not right with your boiler whilst in operation. A lot of the time, your Worcester Bosch boiler will perform an emergency lockout that stops your boiler from operating to prevent any further damage or harm to you.

If you ever get a fault code like this, it is in your best interest to get it fixed as soon as possible, so you can get your boiler back up and running again to meet your hot water demands.

Some error codes are less serious than others and are able to be fixed without a boiler engineer, but a lot of the time, the best option is to call a Gas-Safe engineer to service your boiler.

With their experience and knowledge about the topic, they will likely know what needs to be done to fix your issue without creating any more problems or putting anyone in harm’s way.

Once this repair has been made, you may need to reset your boiler so all of its components can start functioning properly together again and you have full access to hot water.

What a Worcester Bosch 229 error code means

A Worcester Bosch 229 error code appearing on your boiler means that your boiler flame has gone out whilst your boiler was in operation. A loss of boiler flame signal your boiler won’t be able to produce hot water or heating as effectively, leaving your demands for them unmet.

There may be a number of reasons why your Worcester Bosch boiler is displaying the 229 fault code and why your boiler has shut down. Here we will go through some of them so you know what it is that could be causing it and what you can do about it.

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Causes of Worcester 229 fault code

Flue blockage

Your boiler flue is a part of your central heating that makes sure acidic wastewater is delivered out of your home to make sure that none of it is found in your heating system to cause you harm.

boiler flue

Sometimes your boiler flue can get blocked by leaves, birds’ nests or general debris, not allowing the flue gases to exit the household, so the boiler may perform an emergency lockout. It can also be blocked if it hasn’t been properly installed and needs to be reinstalled to work effectively.

To unblock your flue pipe, you should call a Gas-Safe engineer to come out to your property and do it for you so that you don’t end up damaging the pipe or your heating system. You can also get them to install a flue guard which will help to further protect your pipe from blockages in the future.

Faulty gas valve

Your boiler’s gas valve is a component that will open and allow more gas in when more heat is required. Over time, this boiler component can become stuck, not allowing gas out when needed meaning your boiler will be unable to meet the needs of your heating.

gas valve

If you do get a stuck gas valve, you may be able to loosen it yourself with something to grip it with or some tools, but we recommend getting a boiler engineer to do it for you. They will be able to do so for a fee but should be completed to a high standard, leaving you with a satisfying fix for your boiler.

If you get a gas valve error and it is broken, then getting a replacement is the best course of action, as fixing it may be harder and be much more effort. A brand-new gas valve will likely cost between £180 and £250, which may seem an expensive payment initially, but will be a better investment long term.

PCB flame detection fault

A PCB (printed circuit board) is in your boiler as a kind of control centre, running all of the electronics in your boiler. It will display quite a bit of important information about your boiler too, such as whether your boiler’s flame is on and working.

boiler PCB

If not, you will likely get some kind of notification on the PCB stating that there is no flame signal, which would explain the 229 fault code displayed. However, there is a chance that your flame has died out and your PCB hasn’t detected this, which could indicate a problem with your PCB.

If this is the case, you will need to replace your PCB, which can be rather expensive, ranging from £300-£500. To check whether the flame has died out and you suspect your PCB is broken, you can actually use a multi-meter to check for intermittent flame detection signals.

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Frozen condensate pipe

A frozen condensate pipe usually happens during the Winter or the colder months of the year, as water that passes through it can get frozen. Due to the cold temperatures, water that collects in areas of the pipe, such as the joints, can start to freeze and block it, stopping water from freely flowing through it.

Your condensate pipe is a rather vital part of your central heating system as it gets rid of acidic water waste that you don’t really want in your household. It will be safely transported out of your home via the pipe and into an external drain.

frozen condensate pipe

This means when the condensate pipe gets frozen, it is vital you sort it out as soon as possible, as your boiler will also likely perform an emergency lockout.

To thaw out the condensate pipe, heat some water up in the kettle so that it is warm but not boiling, as this may damage the frozen condensate pipe. Once it is warm, pour the water over the pipe to slowly melt the ice and allow the wastewater to pass through it once again.

If you aren’t very confident in doing that, you could also put warm water into a hot water bottle and place it next to the pipe to slowly melt it and thaw it out. When you’ve done this, just reset your boiler and your system should be back running effectively again.

To prevent it from freezing in the future, you can also insulate your pipe using insulation foam placed around it, which gives it protection.

Blocked gas meter

gas meter

Most gas meters for your central heating system are located outside and parts of it, much like your condensate pipe, can freeze in lower temperatures. With a reduction of gas flow in your system, your boiler’s flame can die out, causing your boiler to shut down and display the Worcester Bosch 229 fault code.

If the regulator were to freeze, this would cause the flame to die out and attempting to increase the gas flow will likely cause even more issues like the regulator melting. This would just fill your boiler with too much gas and make things even worse when it comes to repairing your heating system.

You can block the burner jet easily by removing small pieces of debris or fluctuating the strength of the burner.

The best option here would be to get a Worcester Bosch boiler engineer to come to examine your boiler and fix it for you, fixing your gas meter as well as reigniting the boiler flame. To prevent components of your gas meter from freezing, you should properly lag it so it has extra protection against the cold.

Worcester Bosch service cost

boiler service

Worcester Bosch boilers are some of the best in Europe, but, like all boilers, should be regularly serviced to make sure it is consistently the most effective they can be. Worcester Bosch boiler service will allow you to stay on top of any issues and boiler error codes that might come up, and will likely end up costing you less in the long run.

A usual boiler service for a Worcester boiler costs between £80-£125, with the price of it depending on the size of the boiler, the type of boiler and how old it is. This fee should cover the time that the engineer spends there and what he does but will be very much worth it to prevent a boiler breakdown.

Worcester Bosch boilers at a fixed price

Worcester Bosch 2000

If you keep having problems with your Worcester Bosch boiler, it may be a sign that you need a replacement boiler. Getting a new boiler will benefit you hugely, especially on its performance and how often it has issues, as newer boilers shouldn’t have these anywhere near as much.

It may seem like an expensive investment initially, but it is financially a much better decision than allowing your boiler to breakdown all of the time.

Find out more about new boiler quotes online for Worcester Bosch boilers.

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