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Worcester Bosch EA 227 Fault Code – Causes & How to Fix

Let’s look at what the Worcester Bosch EA 227 Fault Code means, how to avoid it, and when you should call a professional boiler engineer to your Worcester boiler to restore your central heating system and hot water.

Greenstar 4000 error

Here’s everything you need to know about Worcester’s 227 error and fault codes. Because Worcester boilers are so prevalent in the UK, you may have encountered this issue as a Gas Safe qualified engineer or as a concerned resident.

Do you require a replacement Worcester Bosch boiler? In this 2023 guide, you can figure out which combi boiler is the best.

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Worcester Bosch Boiler’s EA 227 Fault Code Meaning?

The EA 227 error code on Worcester Bosch boilers indicates that there is a problem with detecting a flame. If this code appears on your display panel, it means that the boiler attempted to ignite four times before waiting for 30 seconds and then trying again.

If the boiler still fails to detect a flame after several attempts, it will eventually lock out and display the EA 227 error code.

What is the cause of the Worcester Error EA 227?

Your boiler may fail to detect a flame while attempting to ignite for a variety of reasons, the most frequent of which are listed below.

Frozen condensate pipe

Frozen condensate pipe

There is a very strong likelihood that the EA 227 fault code you’re receiving is during the cold weather. If you possess a frozen condensate pipe, which is often fixable by yourself.

  • You must use warm water to thaw the white pipe outside.
  • Next, restart the boiler.

When your boiler starts up again, you’ll know what the problem was and you’ll likely save time, worry, and expense.

The gas supply to the Worcester boiler is not working.

When Are Gas Boilers Being Phased Out?

The most typical mistake is this one, that Worcester Bosch boilers show; this might be the result of faulty or incorrectly set gas valves.

Your Gas Safe engineer will be able to identify whether a valve needs to be changed because your boiler is not running due to any of the obvious causes.

The gas valve is faulty

Your Gas Safe engineer will determine this by inspecting all of the electronics that connect to and from the gas valve, as well as ensuring that the valve opens and shuts freely. A stuck valve can occasionally be repaired, but most of the time a replacement is required.

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What does the manual mean by the Worcester 227 Fault?

There are many names for a Worcester Bosch EA code, including “No flame detected” as well as “No ionisation upon ignition.”

The EA 227 code will be shown if the boiler fails to detect a flame after at least four tries. By doing this, the boiler is prevented from becoming intermittent.

This indicates that the element that detects a flame has malfunctioned or is unable to do so. Another name for this is a flame-sensing electrode.

Gas Supply Problem

The gas valve plays a crucial role in regulating the flow of gas to your Worcester boiler. If the valve malfunctions, it can either restrict or allow too much gas to flow into the system. In some cases, the valve may have been adjusted incorrectly during a repair, causing it to malfunction.

Older boilers are particularly susceptible to breakdowns, which can result in gas supply issues. However, regular annual servicing can help prevent such problems.

If a gas valve has been installed incorrectly, it can typically be fixed by a qualified professional. In the case of an old boiler, a jammed valve may be released, but it is likely to get stuck again. If the valve is not functioning correctly, it should be replaced.

The cost of a gas valve replacement can vary depending on the boiler model. On average, you can expect to pay between £110 and £320.

Do you have a frozen gas meter?

Your external gas meter may be the issue rather than the Worcester Bosch boiler you have. Your gas regulator and supply to your boiler may be affected by a partially or a fully frozen gas meter. Ensure your meter has enough insulation.

This is where your Gas Safe Engineer comes in. You will be informed on how to properly insulate your metres to prevent them from freezing again.

Is it a Blocked Pilot Jet?

Sometimes the smallest particle of rubbish might obstruct the formation of a flame. A clogged pilot jet might cause a crackling sound shortly before the pilot light turns off. If this happens, your Gas Safe boiler professional will be able to clear the 227 error display and reset it.

Could it be a Faulty Flame Sensing Electrode?

To start a flame, An ignition lead is required for your Worcester boiler or a functional electrode. They can occasionally be fixed, but your registered Gas Safe Engineer should advise you. Sometimes replacing them is less expensive.

Dirty sensors may be readily cleaned. Damaged sensors can be cleaned and removed.

Because components are frequently less than £100, labour expenses on repairs are nearly always larger than just the components for a Worcester Bosch service.

Moisture entering electrical components

The Worcester boiler is equipped with multiple sensitive internal electrical components that can easily sustain damage from even the smallest leaks or moisture buildup. If you notice a leak and receive the 227 EA trouble code, it is essential to turn off the water supply immediately.

A broken heat exchanger is a common cause of leaks, but since they are concealed, it may not be visible from the exterior. It is highly recommended to hire an engineer to diagnose the problem.

The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is the central control hub of your boiler that communicates instructions to all the electrical components. Even a minor leak can cause significant damage to this board, and a Gas Safety Engineer can evaluate the extent of the damage and determine which components require replacement.

Replacing a damaged PCB can cost up to £500, which should resolve the error code issue.

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How can I repair my Worcester Boiler after 227 error code?

The boiler or the gas supply are frequently linked to the Worcester Bosch 227 fault code. A Gas Safe Engineer must lawfully resolve it. To save money, check the availability and condition of the mains gas you use or reset your boiler before hiring an engineer.

  • You should also try and find seeing if other gas-powered appliances are running.
  • After you’ve added credit, make sure your pre-paid gas meter gets charged.
  • Request that your supplier notifies you of any outages in the region.

Which Worcester Bosch Boilers are affected by the 227 fault code?

Regardless if, Worcester Bosch has a large number of fault codes, each one is unique. Although this is a very frequent trouble code.

It is utilised across the Worcester Greenstar boiler line. This implies that perhaps the 227 fault code is always displayed on either a conventional boiler and combi boilers to signify that no ignitions or problems using your gas valve have occurred.

You may avoid this error number by having your Worcester Bosch boiler serviced once a every year to verify that everything is in excellent working order. If your boiler is getting old, we recommend that you investigate a new boiler replacement since it may be considerably more cost-effective.

read more about the Worcester Greenstar boiler here

Will restarting my boiler restart the flame and erase the EA 227 fault code?

A boiler lockout paired with a fault code indicates that the boiler has an issue that has to be resolved.

Because of the nature of the lockout, it is best to hire a engineer to come and address the problem.

They will reset the boiler to erase the EA 227 trouble code once they have identified and repaired the malfunction.

How can I prevent my gas regulator from freezing?

In the gas metre, insulated lagging and boxes are used. This shields it from wind chill, which is normally enough to keep the regulator from freezing in UK cold.

How can a boiler engineer tell whether the pilot jet is obstructed?

The pilot jet must be clear in order to create a flame on the burner. If you saw the flame flickering before the boiler shut off, there’s probably a little bit of debris in the jet.

These jets are quite small. As a result, even the slightest particle of dust, dirt, or carbon is enough to obstruct the jet. As a result, the boiler is unable to ignite, locks out, and displays the EA 227 error code.

The jet will be inspected by a engineer. They’ll be able to take the jet out, clean it, and replace it. If the jet was obstructed, the fault code will be cleared once the boiler is reset.

What is the remedy if the electrode or ignition lead is to blame?

Repairing your electrode or ignition lead would be more expensive (because of time and labour costs) than just replacing the components with new ones.

However, depending on the sort of boiler you have, replacing the ignition lead might cost approximately £200.

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How can moisture get to the PCB and cause the EA 227 error code to appear?

When there is an internal leak, we find that moisture gets into the electrical component found in boilers.

Typically, we discover that a fractured heat exchanger or a pump with blown seals is to blame.

This leak might be insignificant. That suggests it may not be leaking sufficiently to seep through the boiler’s casing. As a result, you will be unaware of the leak.

The water will either drip directly onto the PCB or condense due to the heat of the boiler, and this condensation will settle and find its way inside the PCB.

Water damage to electrical components is never good. It makes them to run irregularly, burn out connections, and finally require replacement.

In the case of the EA 227 fault code, PCB damage might cause a number of issues, including:

Not recognising a gas flow and instructing the gas valve to open or close when it should not.

Even when there is no flame signal.

What can I do if the PCB is damaged in order to clear the EA 227 fault code?

A Gas Safe boiler engineer might be able to locate the leak, rectify it, and then replace the PCB. This is only true if the water damage is mild (for instance, one small section of wiring needs replacing).

However, we frequently discover that a PCB with water damage must be replaced. And a PCB replacement might cost more than £500.

Getting Worcester Bosch boiler service

our verdict

You should look into getting Worcester maintenance for your boiler annually and make sure it is in prime condition, avoiding any annoying faults and getting better value for money in the long run.

Worcester boilers are some of the best right now on the market, so keeping yours in check is in your and your household’s best interests.

You can get your boiler serviced for a great price at Boiler Central, who do a thorough and detailed check of your Worcester boiler whilst also offering great cover plans to choose from for your boiler so you don’t have to worry about paying extortionate prices.

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