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Boiler scrappage scheme

Boiler scrappage scheme – What is it and how do I get boiler scrappage discounts?

It’s been a while since the official government-backed new boiler scrappage scheme has been in place. There is actually no funding for a replacement boiler from the Government, but there are still options to get partial funding to replace your inefficient boiler with a new A-rated boiler. Let’s find out how:

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Boiler Scrappage Schemes – How did they work?

Boiler scrappage schemes were brought in by the government to reduce carbon emissions by installing more efficient boilers. They wanted to get rid of G-rated boilers and replace them with a high-efficiency condensing boilers. The G-rated boilers could be scrapped and you could get funding towards the upfront cost of a brand-new A-rated boiler.

Inefficient boilers with low-efficiency ratings scrapped

Boiler scrappage scheme

Once your old boiler has been removed and replaced with a new boiler the installer or installation company will take that boiler away and dispose of it. This will also be done in an environmentally friendly way and legally. It is illegal just to dump your old boiler.

Funding towards efficient boilers to save you money

Funding for your replacement boiler not only saved people money on the new boiler installation, but it also helped save people money on their energy bills by having a boiler that is more energy efficient. The Energy Saving Trust worked out that there could a saving of up to £350 per year by changing your old boiler to a new boiler. In just a few years, you could help save up a lot of long-term money to make up for the initial cost of the boiler, actually making it a more financially friendly choice.

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Who is eligible for the government boiler scheme?

There are certain requirements for people to qualify for a new boiler that is helped by the boiler upgrade scheme. This includes being a homeowner, having a gas or non-condensing boiler, and that it is over 17 years old.

Certain benefits are also required as well as being eligible homeowners, which can include someone in the household that qualifies for child benefits, pension credit, universal credit or income support.

How much boiler scrappage allowance can I get?

The amount of boiler scrappage scheme funding you would have received varied from home to home and boiler model. You could get anything from £100 right up to £500 towards the total cost of replacing the boiler subject to the eligibility criteria and boiler efficiency rating.

Free Boiler Grants

Aside from the boiler scrappage scheme which offered partial boiler funding, you may have even heard of free boilers. These free boilers grants work offered to eligible households with people on very low incomes and had an old inefficient boiler. They could get their gas boiler replaced for free and also get cavity wall insulation to keep their home warm.

Are free boilers still available?

Free boilers are no longer available from the government, and we don’t think people will be able to get a free boiler from anywhere at the moment. The best free boiler grants to get now are the partial replacement boiler grants from energy suppliers. If you have a G rated boiler you should definitely consider this option right away.

Replacement boiler grants – How they work

A new boiler grant works by applying for a grant to the relevant body. Initially, it was the Government that started the boiler scrappage scheme, so you would have had to apply to them, but not there are several ways to apply but it is usually through an energy company using the ECO scheme.

Energy Company Obligation schemes

Boiler scrappage scheme (Shell)

Since the boiler scrappage scheme has literally been scrapped itself, there is now the ECO scheme. This Energy Company Obligation scheme works by energy companies giving you funding towards any new boiler quotes. There are certain criteria that you have to meet though for the new boilers and it isn’t as easy as the old boiler scrappage scheme to get.

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ECO Scheme funding – New boilers for less

Boiler scrappage scheme advice

If you receive a disability living allowance or are classed as one of the low-income households then if your boiler is over 10 years old you should definitely contact your energy supplier. They will be able to tell you if you can get one of their A-rated boilers. You will be even more likely to receive money off your new boiler installation cost if you have one of the least efficient boilers.

Applying for a new boiler – What happens next

Once you have applied for your new boiler, the company you have chosen will get in touch with a local installer, who is on the Gas Safe register, who can complete the relevant paperwork and install the boiler for you. The installer will claim partial funding from the government and charge you less for the boiler and installation.

How much boiler funding will I receive?

Viessmann 100-W boiler

The amount of funding eligible households will receive varies from home to home. Having an old boiler will make you more eligible. The more qualifying benefits you receive will also make a difference. Certain benefits also receive more money than others. On the previous boiler scrappage scheme, it was pretty universal to encourage households to change their current boiler.

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Can I pay monthly for my new boiler?

Yes. If you received any funding for a new boiler, any extra installation costs you have to pay can be paid monthly using boiler finance. The best boiler installers can even offer interest-free boiler finance on the new more efficient and best combi boilers on the market. They’ll even take any old boilers away and dispose of them properly.

What is the cost of replacing a boiler?

Warranty scappage

The installation costs involved in replacing a boiler will depend on the type of boiler you have and the boiler that you have installed. Boilers come in different sizes from many different manufacturers. The size of your home also affects how much a new boiler cost. The bigger the home the more powerful your boiler needs to be.

When can I get a new boiler installed with funding?

With the right boiler company and installers then you could get a new boiler installed the next day. If your boiler is broken then you would need to get a boiler repair engineer out or replace the boiler. A new boiler takes between 1 day and 3 days depending on your old boiler type, with varying new boiler costs depending on the boiler you choose.

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What types of boilers are covered by the boiler grant?

The boiler grant scheme will cover the most common boilers that meet minimum efficiency requirements, such as gas or electric. However, biomass boilers are only covered in certain conditions, like the biomass boiler has to be in a rural area rather than an urban one.

Certain heat pumps are also covered by the government boiler scheme, such as air-source heat pumps, water-source heat pumps, and if you have a ground-source heat pump.

Will I get full heating controls for my home heating with a boiler grant?

Boiler scrappage scheme (thermostat)

Yes. If you get a new boiler you will likely need new controls to be able to work the new boiler properly. You should get a standard wireless thermostat the comes with most new boilers which will allow you to remotely control your boiler within your home. this will also be able to be used to set your heating to come on at certain times in the day to keep your home warm at the right times

Can I get a smart thermostat with my funding?

Google Nest Thermostat

Smart thermostats would not be included with a new boiler as they are an optional extra for most new boilers. If you can afford a smart thermostat though, then these exciting bits of kit can help to keep heating bills down as you can keep track of your own energy usage.

Compare boiler quotes to get money off a new boiler

If you can’t get any money via a grant or subsidy, then you can always make sure that you are getting the best boiler deals by getting a few boiler quotes and comparing them. This way you can avoid high prices and be sure that you are getting the best price to save money on your new boiler installation.

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