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Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 830 Review: Company, Warranty & Price

vaillant ecofit pure 830

Vaillant Ecofit Pure 830 Review

Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 830 Boiler Review & Prices for 2023

Hello and welcome to another almost-exciting boiler review :). Compare Boiler Quotes are here to help you with the not-so-enthralling task of finding your next new boiler system. 

If your boiler has recently broken down, or you have a boiler system that cannot be repaired due to age, then you are probably searching for the best new boilers. 

Here at Compare Boiler Quotes, we want you to have the best and most up-to-date information on the latest and greatest boilers, boiler installers, and boiler quote calculators. That’s why we are constantly updating our content, researching systems, and keeping up with the latest news so you don’t have to!

In our article today, we will be looking at one of the better manufacturers, Vaillant and their fantastic EcoFit Pure 830, 30kw Boiler.

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So Who are Vaillant?

Vaillant is a German manufacturer who was founded by Johann Vaillant in 1874. Vaillant is now a recognised global leader in boiler manufacturing after over 140 years in business. 

They currently 12,000 employees globally and their business goes from strength to strength after acquiring other familiar brands to add to their portfolio. 

Their excellence comes in the quality and thoughtful nature of their engineering and Vaillant is often recognised as the top 3 world boiler manufacturer along with Worcester-Bosch and Viessmann. 

What Types of Systems do Vaillant Have?

Vaillant has a range of systems available on the market and all with high quality, efficiency, and ease of installation. They are well known for these specific EcoTec plus line of boilers

Vaillant are also a manufacturer with a Quiet Mark accreditation and with good reason as these boilers are wonderfully silent.

What are the Core Features of the Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 830?

Vaillant Ecofit Pure 830 Review

The Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 830 boiler system has many high-quality and well-engineered features such as the all aluminium heat exchanger for a longer-lasting, more maintenance-free boiler experience. 

With a central heating output of 26.5kW and hot water output of 30Kw, the system is capable of having one shower/bath at once and will heat up to 15 radiators.

It is also incredibly quiet when in full operation, and slim in profile, making it easy to hide in a kitchen cupboard should you require this.

There are many advantages of this Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 830 combi boiler including them being so cost-effective as they only heat water on demand. They have a smart and appealing design, with intuitive control systems and frost protection systems so they prevent pipes to freeze. 

Compare these on the best combi boiler guide to other combis so you can gage how good they really are.

They also have a smart analysis system which will reduce itself to 20% of its maximum output for greater energy efficiency and therefore lower bills!

ecoFIT Pure 830 Pricing and Features at a Glance:

  • ERP Rating A Heat A Water
  • Efficiency Rating 94%
  • Band Rating A Rated
  • LPG Compatible No
  • Standard Warranty 2 Years
  • kW Options 25kW,30kW, 35kW
  • Mounting Wall Mounted
  • Flow Rate 12.4 L/hr
  • Typical Price (inc VAT) £950
  • Typical installation Cost (inc VAT)* £800 – £1,300
  • Typical Total Boiler Installation Cost £1,800 – £2,200

You can get this boiler on finance too if you need to spread the cost of a boiler and you could pay as little as around £10 per month for up to 10 years.

What is the Boiler Efficiency?

With an efficiency rating up there with the best boiler systems on the market, the ecoFIT Pure 830 comes in with an impressive score of 94% (SEDBUK 89%) and ErP A-rating for both heat and hot water.

We therefore can say that this is certainly a highly efficient boiler. With an above average flow rate of 12.2 litres per minute, it should keep things running and wish enough pressure for most average-sized UK homes.

Are there Other Options Available?

We are currently looking at the ecoFIT Pure 30 kW model however the Vaillant ecoFIT Pure range also comes in a 25 kW variety system suitable for homes with only 1 bathroom that doesn’t have such a high demand for heating and hot water, as well as a larger 35kW boiler system which will be suitable for homes with a higher demand for heating and hot water.

Where Can I Install The ecoFIT Pure 830 Boiler?

Vaillant Ecofit Pure 830 Review

This is a compact combi boiler system, with integrated heating so it doesn’t require external cylinders or tanks. This means that the boiler can be installed in kitchen cupboards, hidden away or in other discrete areas. Even if you decide to install this boiler out in the open, the design and profile is not at all offensive to the eye and will blend in almost unnoticed. 

What About the ecoFIT Pure 830 Warranty?

The Vaillane ecoFIT Pure 830, as with the rest of the ecoFIT range comes with a standard warranty of 5 years. This however, can be extended by having your system installed by a Vaillant Advanced-Approved Installer. This will then be extended to 10 years. Having offered a warranty of 10 years is a good sign that the manufacturer has confidence in the quality of their product. 

Vaillant ecoFIT Pure 830 Conclusion:

The Vaillant ecoFIT pURE 830 Boiler system is a perfectly capable, efficient, compact, and quiet system with an affordable price and excellent warranty. With its high-quality internal components, easy-to-use control systems, and 94% efficiency, we can recommend this system for the average-sized UK home. 

Our Installation Recommendations:

We always like to end with recommending our preferred boiler supplier and installer with their excellent quoting system, Boiler Central. If you visit their website, you will be able to get a quote in minutes by answering some simple, visual questions.

Once you do this, you can see the perfect boiler system for your home, book an installation date (should you wish to), get flexible financing, and be on your way to a highly recommended boiler installation! 

 installs the latest Viessmann Boilers and has a range of them suitable for you and your home. These systems are incredibly well-engineered, so much that Boiler Central is happy to offer an industry-leading 12 year warranty on all Viessmann Boiler installs! That’s a mark of quality and commitment that cannot be beaten. 

In addition to boiler installation, Boiler Central also offers a fantastic boiler cover. From as little as £13.99 a month, you can cover your boiler for additional years and keep it up and running with peace of mind that you’re covered for breakdowns.

Thanks again for reading our article, If we helped you out why not get in touch to see if we could help you further with your next new boiler system?

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