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Intergas Rapid 32 Plus Combi Boiler Review: The System and Its Features.

intergas boiler reviews

Intergas Rapid Combi 32kW Gas Boiler Review

Welcome to another boiler review by Compare Boiler Quotes. As previously stated, we try to give you the best information on each new boiler system and today is no different. 

We understand that there are several thousand boilers on the market when you include all the variations and sizes, types, etc. Therefore,  we aim to pick the boilers which we have come across during the course of our extensive research, bringing you the boilers which offer efficiency, great pricing, and easy installation/maintenance. 

This isn’t to say that we don’t include some boilers which are the worst of the worst, as we feel the need to warn you away from these types of boilers ( A certain Italian boiler manufacturer comes to mind!). 

Today though, we are looking at the Intergas boiler, the Intergas Rapid 32 Plus Combi Boiler Review.

But Who Are Intergas?

Intergas is a company with a long pedigree as a respected boiler manufacturer.  They are a Dutch-based company with a 50-year history of engineering many ground-breaking advances in boiler technology, both business and residential. 

In essence, Intergas always focus its scientific ability on the endeavour of increased energy efficiency and utmost reliability. Intergas do all this while lowering emissions and doing its best to keep energy bills as low as possible for its customers. 

Unique to them, Intergas have its own, fantastic and proprietary feature available in every boiler they sell.  This is the two-in-one heat exchanger, the heart of each system.

This design is so efficient and reliable that it has never been changed since its 1996 launch and still remains in a class of its own. 

The benefit of the two-in-one exchanger is that you have an incredibly efficient system with much lower energy use because it only has one heat exchanger. Intergas boilers use far less fuel than other systems. 

How much do you save? 

Intergas Boilers lower emissions by up to 20% and are known to shave up to a further 5% off energy bills over all other condensing boilers available in the UK as of May 2020. 

This is why we would like to present to you today, a mid-range Combi Boiler that won’t let you down (the heat exchanger has never had a single mechanical failure since 1996!) And one which will operate at the very highest level of efficiency year in, year out, then consider Intergas for your next boiler system. 

The Intergas Rapid 32kW Plus 

intergas rapid 32 review

The Intergas Rapid 32kW Plus Combi combi gas boiler is an efficient system with features that you won’t find on any other system. 

Compact, space-saving, and with an overall pleasing design, the Rapid 32kW Plus will look great in any modern or contemporary home, or hide away nicely in a kitchen cupboard.

Intergas has manufactured a boiler system that is affordable as well as highly efficient.

 Efficient enough to achieve a 94% efficiency rating and an ErP A rating for heating and hot water. 

The size of the boiler is around 32kW, so it is suited for larger, modern homes 3-4 beds with more than one bathroom. Homes which require a lot more hot water. 

You can also get this boiler with an output of 25kW which is more suited to medium-sized homes.

This boiler system also features a two-in-one heat exchanger, making it highly reliable. Again, this feature reduces heat loss and will deliver an almost amazing heat transfer.

It also includes a high-efficiency pump, a built-in digital clock, and a competitive flow rate of up to 18 litres a minute.

What makes it so much more reliable is the system only contains 4 moving parts! 

What else makes it special?

The Rapid is a 5-in-1 boiler. This means that it can be easily converted from a Combi into a System, or regular boiler type by changing its settings and connecting up an appropriate cylinder.

The combi system, however, does not require a cylinder as it heats hot water on demand.

What’s the Warranty like?

The Intergas Rapid 32Kw Plus has a 7 year warranty on the heat exchanger and a 6 year warranty on the parts and labour. This is slightly above average and is a testament to it’s quality. 

Rapid 32 Combi Features at a Glance:intergas rapid 32 review

  • ERP rating: A
  • Efficiency Rating: 93%
  • Band Rating: A
  • LPG Compatible: Yes
  • Warranty 6 Years, 7 On Exhanger
  • kW: 32kW
  • Mounting: Wall Mounted
  • Flow Rate: 18 l/min
  • Typical price (inc VAT) £650-£750
  • Typical Boiler installation cost (inc VAT) £500 – £1,000

Other Boiler Systems in the Range:

Boiler KW Rating Efficiency Warranty Price
Intergas Rapid 25kW Combi Gas Boiler 25kw 89% 3 years £650
Intergas Combi Compact ECO RF 24kW Gas Boiler 24kw 88.8% 10 years £1150
Intergas Combi Compact ECO RF 30 Gas Boiler 23kw 88.8% 10 years £1190
Intergas Combi Compact ECO RF 36kW Gas Boiler 27kw 89.1% 10 years £1000
Intergas Compact HRE SB 40 System Gas Boiler 41kw 89.2% 7 years £1100
Intergas Rapid 25kW Plus Combi Gas Boiler 25kw 93% 6 years £600
Intergas Rapid 32kW Plus Combi Gas Boiler 32kw 93% 6 years £630


Overall, the Rapid 32KW Plus Boiler system is highly reliable, efficient, affordable, and compact. Not only this but with the additional feature of the two-in-one heat exchanger, it’s also highly likely it outlasts and outperforms most other boiler systems on the market. With a nonexistent failure rate on the heat exchanger, it’s a well-built combi boiler unit that we can recommend.

If you are in the market for a new boiler system and would like to get a personalised quote, catered personally to your home, then please visit our partner site

Here, you can answer a few simple questions about your home and get a quick and accurate new boiler quote. You can even choose the boiler that’s right for you, and book an installation date that’s convenient for you. Oh, and if you need it there’s flexible financing too.

We can also recommend their boiler cover, which starts at £13.99 and is great for systems out of warranty. You can cover items such as the electrics, lost keys, and all your central heating. 

Thanks again for reading our article and we hope this information helped you in some way.

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