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Compare Boiler Cover, Best Boiler Insurance and Breakdown Plans

compare boiler cover-best boiler insurance

Compare Boiler Cover Plans, Boiler insurance & Breakdown Cover

The idea of losing heating or hot water during the winter months is one that many would not like to face.

tools for boiler cover

Regular maintenance and checks can help ensure your gas boiler is in good working order and energy efficient, but what happens if your boiler breaks down and you are hit with high repair bills? That’s where the boiler cover comes in.

Let’s take a look at why gas boiler breakdown cover is a good idea, how to get the best boiler cover, compare the market and what is included.

Looking for a boiler service or are you looking for cheaper boiler cover with the same level of care? You can get a free annual boiler service with all gas boiler cover plans from our recommended companies.

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What Is Boiler Cover & central heating cover?

gas safe register

Boiler cover is a guarantee similar to an insurance policy against your boiler breaking down.

It will usually require a yearly boiler check or service, and there will also be some stipulations about what kind of repairs can be made.

If your boiler breaks down, you would then be able to get in touch with your boiler cover provider, and they will come out to inspect it.

Your cover will then allow for repairs by a Gas Safe registered engineer or replacement gas boiler quote depending on the plan you choose and the work needed.

What does boiler breakdown insurance cover?

Basically, it ensures that you are protected if anything goes wrong with the boiler in your home as a minimum. Depending on the level of cover, you could get insurance on your electrics, pipework, radiators, and more.

The cost of replacing a boiler can run into the thousands, and even repairs can rack up a hefty bill. This article will look at boiler insurance and see why taking out a policy is a great solution for this.

We will take you through everything you need to know about boiler cover, including whether it is right for you, the types of cover available, how it works, what kinds of boilers can get covered, and how to find the best price.

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Do I Need Boiler Cover?

Boiler cover is a personal choice, and you will have to decide whether you think the service is worth it or not.

boiler cover

Boiler cover can be a tremendous financial help if your boiler does break down, especially during the winter when you don’t have time to hang about with a repair or replacement.

It can be worth checking to see if your home insurance includes a boiler cover plan, or if you are due to renew, check to see what options are available.

If you are renting, boiler care should be the duty of your landlord, but you may be able to take out a personal policy with the landlords’ permission.

How Does Boiler Cover Work?

When you take out the boiler cover, there can be a period of time you will not be able to claim. This is usually in place to prevent people from signing up for coverage when an emergency has already happened.

Policies may differ, but most will cover the labour and parts needed to repair a boiler. Checking the terms and conditions of the policy is important as you will be able to find different offers that might be cheaper but can limit the number of claims you make, the time spent on repairs, or may not cover older boilers.

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What Are the Different Types of Boiler Cover Available?

Finding the right cover for you is important. The last thing you would want is for something to go wrong and find out you are not fully covered.

different types of boiler cover

You will be able to choose between a boiler breakdown cover that focuses solely on your boiler, a full central heating cover, or a boiler, central heating, drains, plumbing, and home electrics cover that covers absolutely everything.

Which Gas Boiler Cover Should You Get?

Check out gas boiler cover plans from some of the most well know providers such as Homeserve boiler cover and British Gas HomeCare. These are two of the biggest companies, and there are alternatives to British Gas Homecare that offer this service, however, that does come at a price and you can get the same if not better service with boiler cover here.

Boiler breakdown cover

A boiler-only breakdown cover is the cheapest option available and will only cover the repair of the boiler and the boiler controls should something go wrong. Boiler insurance alone is excellent for those with comprehensive home insurance policies that can cover any other issues such as central heating repairs.

Full central heating cover

Gas boiler and central heating cover policies will cover the repair of your boiler and its controls, as well as any issues with your central heating system, including the pumps, radiators, or pipes.

Boiler, central heating, drains, plumbing, and home electrics cover


Boiler, central heating, drains, plumbing, and home electrics cover will be the most expensive choice, but for this, you will get full peace of mind knowing that you will be covered for all eventualities, including burst pipes and blocked drains.

Central heating repairs can prove to be extremely costly if they are not covered by home insurance, so the extra cover can provide greater peace of mind.

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What Types of Boilers Are Covered?

When shopping for boiler cover, you will need to enter details about the boiler you have, including the type, age, and make. Boiler cover tends to insure most boilers, but you will have to check this when searching for a new policy.

hydrogen boiler cover

With all boiler cover compare the market to make sure it is right for you, as the boiler may not be covered because it’s old, and there’s too much risk of it needing to be repaired soon.

To help give you a better idea of the type of boilers covered, here is a bit more information about the different kinds of boilers available that you will be able to get cover for.

Gas boilers

Gas boiler heating systems are the most common type in the UK. These boilers use combustion to heat the home. The gas fuel is burned to heat water which is then passed through pipes to radiators, heating the home.

Hot water can also be passed to a hot water cylinder to store the water for use or go directly to taps. there are also different types of gas boilers too such as combi, system and regular boilers.

Combi boilers

If you get hot water instantly when you turn on your taps and never have to wait then you have a combi obiler. Combi boilers are the most commonly used boiler systems in the UK. They don’t require hot water cylinders or tanks to store the hot water as they provide it on demand. Because of this, they need less space and are easier to install.

Condensing boilers


Almost every boiler in the UK is now a condensing boiler to ensure maximum efficiency. Condensing boilers are highly efficient boilers that condense the steam and vapour of the exhaust gasses in a “Flue Gas Heat Recovery System”. Other systems would lose this heat.

Oil boilers

Oil boilers work the same way as gas boilers, the only difference being the fuel that creates the combustion. If you have an oil boiler you will require an OFTEC registered engineer or similar to ensure that the work is done safely and legally.


Conventional boiler systems use both a hot and cold water storage cylinder in order to provide a large amount of water throughout a house. If you are looking for boiler cover, be aware that these parts may not be included in the cover and you may need to get central heating cover aswell.


LPG boilers or liquified petroleum gas boilers work in a similar way to gas and oil boilers. However, where gas and oil are provided by a mains supply, LPG boilers get their fuel from tanks that are brought into and stored in the home.

hydrogen ready boiler

Solid Fuel

Solid fuel boilers are another combustion-based boiler system. The fuel used is traditionally wood pellets or coal. Ensure that these types are covered before taking out any insurance or plans.


Electric boilers are very much like a large electric shower in the way that they work. Electric boilers use a heated element that water passes over. The heated water is then passed around the home’s heating system.


Biomass boilers can be expensive to install and maintain so we always suggest you check your policy. Biomass boilers use biological matter that is fed into the combustion chamber to heat the home. They can use logs, wood chips, wood pellets, and other biological materials.

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Compare the best boiler cover insurance and breakdown policies

When comparing cover and boiler breakdown policies there are plenty of companies ready to take your hard earned cash, therefore it is always best to use a comparison guide to ensure you get the best boiler cover deals.

Boiler Central Boiler Cover

The top rated on Trust PIlot and the top of our boiler cover comparison list is Boiler Central.

Boiler Central offers a range of boiler cover options that cover everything you need at great prices. If you choose Boiler Central you can get the following plans which all include a free boiler service every year.

boiler central trust pilot rating
  • Standard Boiler Cover
  • Boiler and Central Heating Cover
  • Complete cover including plumbing, drainage and lost keys
  • Landlord boiler cover

You should not need any more than this and you can get all these cover plans online now at Boiler Central to ensure that you are protected from any boiler breakdowns, and if your boiler is beyond economical repair, money towards a replacement boiler.

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British Gas HomeCare

British Gas HomeCare is one of the original home boiler cover plans. Widely offered alongside their installations and energy tariffs, British Gas HomeCare is one of the most taken out policies in the UK.

Here are some of the boiler cover plans on offer from British Gas:

british gas boiler cover trust pilot rating
  • HomeCare One
  • HomeCare Two
  • HomeCare Three
  • HomeCare Four

As you can imagine, the higher the number the better the cover is in terms of what is actually included in each plan such as central heating, electrics and more.

Homeserve boiler cover

Homeserve are also one of the largest providers of boiler insurance and breakdown cover in the UK. They offer a wider range of cover and have a large workforce available for repairs and breakdowns. Here are some of the main boiler breakdown cover plans from Homeserve which all include a free boiler service

Homeserve boiler cover trust pilot rating
  • Gas boiler
  • Gas boiler and central heating
  • Heating and plumbing
  • Heating, plumbing and electrics
  • Heating, plumbing and electrics Plus

Homeserve boiler cover plans offer a wider range of choice than most and you can also opt for a service plan too.

EDF Energy BoilerCare

EDF energy is another large energy company that offers boiler breakdown cover to their customers and non energy customers. EDF Boiler Care use the services of Domestic and General to subcontract out and complete their repairs and annual boiler servicing on their behalf.

EDF boiler cover trust pilot rating

EDF BoilerCare cover plans include the following:

  • BoilerCare Gold
  • BoilerCare Platinum
  • BoilerCare Total Insurance Policy

You will notice that the last one is an insurance policy which makes it slighly different to how the cover plans work, however, they are pretty much the same thing and still include breakdowns and boiler replacement.

Corgi HomePlan

You may have heard of Corgi in a previous lifetime as they were the previous go to register before there became some doubts in how the qualifications scheme was run. This has now been taken over by the gas Safe register but Corgi still offers their HomePlan cover across the UK.

Corgi boiler cover trust pilot rating

Here are the plans available:

  • Essential
  • Starter
  • Advanced
  • Complete

Every Corgi HomePlan comes with an annual boiler service included.


Hometree is one of the most recent companies to join the ranks in the UK boiler cover industry. Whereas the other larger companies specialise more in boiler installations or energy, Hometree specialises in cover.

Hometree boiler cover trust pilot rating

here are some of the plans that Hometree offer:

  • Your boiler
  • Your heating
  • Your home

All these Hometree boiler cover plans include an annual boiler service every year to maintain your boiler so you don’t forget.

Your repair

YourRepair is part of YourCare services Ltd and offers 3 levels of cover in the UK. This simplicity makes it easier to choose from however there may be too much or not enough covered in each plan for every different type of home in the UK:

Yourrepair boiler cover trust pilot rating

Here are the YourRepair options:

  • Boiler Cover
  • Home Cover
  • Landlord Cover

Every YourRepair plan offers a free boiler service every year.

Is boiler cover worth it? – The Pros and Cons

piggy bank for savings made with boiler cover

Taking out a boiler cover plan is an investment that you should consider before committing. As with any insurance plan or breakdown cover, you should always do your due diligence and ensure the product is right for you.

Take a look at the pros and cons provided below to get a better idea of whether a boiler cover plan suits your needs.


  • Peace of mind – One of the best reasons to take out the boiler cover is for the peace of mind it can provide. Knowing that if something goes wrong with your boiler system, you will be able to call someone to repair it without the expense can be an excellent investment for you and your family.
  • 24-hour cover – Many boiler cover plans offer 24-hour contact lines and call-out services so it doesn’t matter what time of day or night your boiler breaks down. You will be able to check when taking out your cover what services are offered.
  • Annual boiler service – Another significant benefit that comes with many boiler cover plans is the annual service. This helps to protect you against breakdowns by identifying any potential issues and repairing them before something goes wrong.
  • Cost-effective – Should you have to make a claim on your cover, the money you could potentially save on boiler repairs can be significantly higher than your annual boiler cover cost.


  • You might not need to claim – As with any insurance or breakdown cover policy, you might not actually use it.
  • Limited claims – There will be terms and conditions associated with your policy that you should always check before agreeing to it. One relatively common condition is that there will be a limit on how many times you will be able to make a claim within a year.
  • Excess fees – Nobody wants an expensive boiler cover plan, but going with cheaper plans can mean you will have to pay costly excess fees or call out charges if something goes wrong.
  • Some boilers won’t be covered – If you have a relatively new combi-boiler, there won’t be any problem getting cover for this. The problems start if you have a more complicated system or the boiler is older, and this is because it is much more likely for something to go wrong and for the provider to be called out for boiler repairs.

How Much Does Boiler Cover Cost?

Boiler cover costs will vary depending on the home heating system you have in place and the cover you want. Taking the time to explore your options can help to save you money or find a cover policy that suits all your needs.

money bag for boiler cover cost

Generally speaking, you will be able to find a cover policy that starts from around £2.50 per month, but this can rise to as much as £25 per month. Your monthly cost is not the only expense you need to consider when taking out a plan.

If you are planning on going for a cheaper policy, always check that you are happy with the excess amount or call out charges should you need to make a claim.

The excess you pay on a claim is an amount agreed that you must pay towards any work that needs to be carried out. Call-out charges can also turn a cheap boiler cover policy into an expensive one without the benefits

You can also include boiler cover with any pay monthly boiler if you choose boiler finance.

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How Can I Get the Best Boiler Cover?

The easiest way to get the best boiler cover policy is by making sure the policy suits your needs. Take the time to shop around and find out all the information you need about potential new cover plans.

10 year warranty

One of the most important things is to make sure you do not include coverage for things that are already covered by your home insurance. It can be pretty easy to have a crossover with the likes of drainage, pipe, or electrical issues, so always check what your home insurance policy covers first.

Paying monthly is a great way to spread the cost a little at a time, but providers will usually offer a better overall cost when you pay your annual amount in one go.

Look at how call-out fees and excess charges impact the overall price of your policy. Extra charges if something goes wrong can sound like a bad thing, and sometimes it won’t benefit you. In some cases, it may help to reduce the premium and make it a worthwhile choice. Premium covers, like Worcester Bosch boiler service, may be quite expensive as well, so maybe look to more local companies to try and get better costs.

Speaking directly with providers about their service and the claims process can be a great way to get the information you need and gauge the level of service they provide. If you find they are not particularly clear or helpful with a potential new customer, you might find they are not going to be helpful with someone that needs help that could cost them money.

Another more obvious way to ensure you get the best boiler cover is by comparing quotes and services.

Compare Boiler Cover Quotes Today

Comparing boiler cover quotes is the best way for you to find the best plan that suits your needs at the best price. Taking the time to scour through all the individual providers can be time-consuming though.

energy efficient boiler

First, you will have to find all the providers online, then comes the arduous task of entering your details into all the different systems to get individual quotes. Between work, family life, and social lives, finding the time to do this is difficult enough, and when you do find the time, it isn’t the most enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

Thankfully, compares some of the top boiler cover providers in a matter of seconds after you enter a few details about your boiler and heating.

This will let you review some of the best options and see the kind of prices you can expect to pay for your cover. You can then do a bit more in-depth research about the cover to find out more about the services included, claims procedures, and any other potential charges or fees.

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Where should I go if I want to find boiler cover comparison websites?

Look no further, we are a comparison site for boiler cover. We compared many other boiler brands and found that when it comes to a free annual boiler service, and a boiler cover plan that doesn’t change. We found out that Boiler Central are the best for boiler cover.

How soon can I claim after taking out the boiler cover?

The point you will be able to claim for a boiler breakdown after taking out the boiler cover will differ depending on the provider. This should be communicated to you and will be in the contract you agree to.

The majority of providers will have a no-claims period at the start of the policy to dissuade people with existing problems from signing up and claiming straight away.

No claims periods tend to be between the first 7 to 30 days of the cover, so if your boiler breaks within this period, you’ll have to fund the repairs yourself.

If I switch suppliers, will I lose my boiler cover?

You will be completely free to switch between energy suppliers at any point as your boiler cover runs totally independently from your energy supply, meaning you can continue to enjoy an annual boiler service too.

Your boiler cover will cover your home’s boiler and central heating system, so finding the best energy supplier for your needs will not impact this.

You might want to change energy supplier for a number of reasons, but the biggest two are poor customer service and expensive energy bills.

Shopping around for the best service is relatively straightforward, and you will be able to check review sites and seek recommendations from trusted sources.

Rising energy costs are another big reason that people will shop about for the best supplier. By doing independent research or using comparison sites, you will be able to find the best price and service to suit your needs, whether that is from one of the larger energy companies or a smaller independent one.

Renewable energy is growing in popularity as people try to live more environmentally-friendly lifestyles. Choosing a renewable energy source or an energy company that is providing this is another popular reason that people are considering who to get their home energy from.

What happens if my boiler can’t be repaired?

Sometimes an engineer will come out to repair a boiler problem only to discover that the parts needed are no longer available, or the boiler is beyond repair and needs to be replaced.

What happens next will depend on the level of cover you have for your boiler. Premium boiler cover policies can sometimes include the replacement of a boiler if it can’t be fixed. Others may offer a percentage towards a replacement or compensation for the amount it would have cost to repair the original boiler.

When taking out a new policy, it is always worth asking these questions to find out exactly what cover is provided.

Can I get cover for an older boiler?

When searching for a boiler cover, you will have to provide information about the boiler, including the make, model, and year it was installed.

Most companies will still cover older boilers but may require a service takes place to ascertain whether it is in a good enough condition to start with.

Brand new boilers will not require cover because they will be under warranty for a set period of time. To keep the warranty up, you will need an annual boiler service. By the time the warranty ends, you will be able to explore the boiler cover needed to protect your central heating system.

What happens to my boiler cover if I move house?

If you have a boiler cover plan in place and you are going to be moving home, you should contact your provider to ask them about making changes to your policy. Your provider will be able to advise you on what is needed to transfer an existing policy or whether the policy would need to be cancelled.

The transfer of an existing policy would usually require the service of the boiler and central heating in the new home, so look into what the boiler service cost could be before booking it.

Protecting your boiler all year round – Final Thoughts

Whether you are in the market for a home emergency cover or just want a simple boiler insurance cover, it can be an excellent way to ensure peace of mind.

You will be able to choose between low-cost policies that provide boiler only cover or premium boiler insurance that would offer a replacement boiler, home electrics cover, free boiler service and more.

You should always check the terms and conditions so you know whether there is an initial no-claims period and any other important information when taking out the new cover.

With significant savings on boiler repair and labour costs, cover can be an excellent investment when you select the most suitable policy for you.

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